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Are Gaming Chairs Beneficial for Your Posture?

20 July 2021

Gaming chairs are a popular tool for gamers who want to improve the ergonomics of their gaming setup. Are they, however, everything they are talked up to be? We look into some of the advantages of investing in an ergonomic gaming chair.

Perhaps, like the majority of people, you are wondering what the greatest office chair for back discomfort is. You are trying to decide between standard office chairs and gaming chairs with flashy features.

Even if you are not a gamer, there are a few compelling reasons to invest in a gaming chair, particularly if you have lower back pain. Poor posture is caused by sitting in an improper chair for long periods. 

Your mood is affected by poor sitting posture, as well as the location of your muscles, bones, and internal organs. 

This puts too much strain on your tendons and muscles, resulting in irreparable damage. You may eventually find it difficult to sit for long periods if you can sit at all.

Slouching is caused by sitting in an improper office chair, which leads to respiratory issues, poor blood circulation, and joint stiffness. All of this can contribute to chronic fatigue, which is a major health concern in today's society due to our sedentary lifestyle. 

Every day, the average person spends more than 13 hours sitting and 8 hours sleeping, totaling 21 hours of sedentary behavior. Let us look at when a gaming chair is preferable to a regular office chair for your back.

Gaming Chairs vs. Regular Office Chairs

Comparing the Two Chair Types

Modern gaming chairs are designed to look like racing car seats, which makes them stand out. We can see the features of the two as we read on.

Normal office chairs have no headrest or have a separate headrest piece, whereas gaming chairs feature a fixed headrest. When comparing a gaming chair to a conventional chair without a winged backrest, you can observe the difference in design.

A flat seat pan and a sloping seat edge are typical features of office chairs. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, feature a bucket seat with a small, raised seat edge.

It just goes to prove that gaming chairs are better ergonomically constructed when it comes to seating support.

Gaming chairs have a high level of backrest recline, whereas regular office chairs have none to a high level of recline.

When you see a gaming chair, you know it has good back support since it features a detachable lumbar support pillow, which typical office chairs lack.

Another advantage that gaming chairs have over ordinary office chairs is the 3D armrest feature, which allows the gaming chair's design to be more appealing to the eye while also exceeding the usefulness that most people expect.

A gaming chair is, in essence, an improvement due to its vibrant colors and aesthetics, whereas standard office chairs have muted colors and patterns.

Gaming chairs not only have interesting aesthetics, but they also have more features than standard office chairs.

Why Are Gaming Chairs a Good Choice to People Who Suffer from Back Pain?

Gaming chairs are better for your back than office or task chairs, especially when compared to the latter. 

Gaming chairs with features like a neck pillow and a high backrest are ideal for giving maximum back support. These layouts also promote proper seating posture.

Has a High Backrest

A high backrest is common in gaming seats, providing comprehensive support for your entire back, as well as your head, neck, and shoulders.

The spine, also known as the vertebral column, runs the length of your back. If you have back problems, a tall backrest office chair can support your complete vertebral column while you sit, rather than simply the lower back support that many typical office chairs provide.

The backrest height of gaming chairs varies from 30” to 33”. So, when you buy a gaming chair, make sure it is tall enough to support your full torso by measuring it.

Winged backrests are common in gaming chairs, and they are fashioned after those found in racing car seats, which keep the driver in place when the car spins left and right. 

If you are particularly large, though, a wingless backrest or one that is extra wide is recommended to ensure that your back has adequate wiggle area when you sit.

Has a Pillow for Lumbar Support

An external lumbar support pillow is commonly found on gaming seats to help support your lower back. A natural inward curve exists in the lowest section of your spine. Sitting for long periods fatigues your muscles, which keep your spine aligned, causing slouching, and making you lean forward in your chair. The pressure in the lumbar region eventually builds up, producing back pain.

The weight of these muscles and your lower back is relieved by using a lumbar support pillow. It also prevents you from slouching when working or gaming by filling the space between your lower back and the backrest. 

According to a 2010 study, even a simple lumbar support pillow can place your head and neck in a better postural alignment, lowering back discomfort.

Recline with a Sturdy Backrest

One of the most important aspects of most gaming seats is the ability to tilt and recline, which makes them excellent for your back. The backrest of a gaming chair can be tilted, rocked, and reclined past 135 degrees, and some even to near 180 degrees horizontal. 

However, most office chairs, even the costliest ones, have a mid-backrest that only tilts around 10–15 degrees back.

It is crucial not to mix up reclining and slouching. Your entire body falls forward when you slouch, crushing your neck, chest, and lower back. One of the worst postures for back discomfort is slouching.

Slouching and bad sitting posture are encouraged by non-reclining office chairs, which compel you to move forward to relieve strain on your back, unknowingly adding to it.


Using a gaming chair or an ergonomic office chair can help you protect your back, improve your posture, and lower your risk of suffering back and neck problems in the long run.

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