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Are Standing Desks Worth the Hype? Exhaustive Discussion and More

01 July 2022

Almost every business outfit is shifting towards standing desks, but can you trust this ergonomic furniture? That's probably what you're thinking. But instead of getting yourself overwhelmed, let's take you through the journey of what a standing desk is and what you stand to enjoy.

And we're pretty sure that when you finish reading this piece, that question and other ones you might have will be answered on all levels. In our contemporary age, you must have seen office workers getting rumpled in different uncomfortable positions.

And that's one of the reasons why our generation seems to have a high number of people suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Before we move further, there is a wrong impression that needs to be corrected.

While we often think about our office interior design, desk decors, and desk setup ideas, we don't put the same energy into finding a perfect office desk that'll buy us a pain-free life. Now that we've set the record straight, let's get to the meat of the matter.

Standing Desk is a Must-have

Why Standing Desk is a Must-have for Every Workplace and Home Office

If you're very familiar with people using standing desks in their home office or workplace, you must have observed that they sing the praises of this classy piece of furniture every day. Meanwhile, as you consider purchasing a standing desk or work from home, you should not fall into the error of getting it from any brand you see online.

On that note, we've decided to make it easier by giving you a balanced understanding of standing desks and what you'll benefit from when you pitch your tent with Flexispot. With that said, let us run through some key spots through which having a standing desk will boost the quality of your lifestyle, both at work and anywhere else.


Obesity is one of the most dangerous challenges the world is facing today. And the worrisome part is that it's always accompanied by various long-term heart conditions. So the next question we will be answering is - is a standing desk an ideal suggestion for a friend or co-worker suffering from obesity?

The answer is affirmative and you can always depend on it, unlike a sitting desk. Biologically speaking, your body is built to burn a certain number of calories per time but using a sitting desk defeats that purpose.

The purpose is defeated in the sense that your body will be too relaxed and inactive anytime you're working on your seat. So when we compare the amounts burned while sitting to when you stand, the difference is always clear.

Without underestimating the place of regular exercise, medical research has shown that when compared with hours of the afternoon working on a seat, spending the same number of hours standing must have allowed you to burn between 150 to 200 additional calories.

Can you see why we said a standing desk is one of the best gifts an obese patient can get himself? Think of that huge difference. That's close to 1,000 additional calories burned per week for merely standing at your desk every afternoon.

So this heavy margin of calories may be one of the reasons why obesity and other metabolic diseases are strongly linked to sitting for long periods.

Orthopedic Benefits

Considering the most severe orthopedic challenges in an office without standing desk ergonomics will make you understand why you need to join this healthy campaign. Without a standing desk, you risk being exposed to neck strain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and posture challenges, among others.

So we can agree that offices using traditional furniture are sitting on a keg of gunpowder and the only way out is by prioritizing the health of their workers. Imagine how hectic your day was, only to get home and you couldn't have a good sleep because of body pain.

That's a turn-off point and it'll surely affect your productivity the next day but using a standing desk? It'll pitch you far away from body aches. Depending on the number of hours you spend sitting in the office, there's also an accumulated load of pressure being forced onto your muscle discs and spinal cord.

We have also gone the extra mile to show you that these height-adjustable standing desks can improve your physical and mental well-being. Thankfully, we have some studies conducted by reputable agencies that'll help you understand our sincerity.

In a recent survey by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US, respondents reported more than 35% robustness after some weeks of using standing desks both at their workplace and home office. In another report by the CDC, it was discovered that the use of standing desks helps in the reduction of neck pain and lower back pain by 55% after every 4 weeks.

This means that staying committed to standing desks for five months or more should help you live without fear of any orthopedic problems. However, you should be conscious of not switching back to a regular office desk because removing sit-stand desks is capable of reversing these improvements within a 2-week window.

Increased Energy and Efficiency

When you maintain a sitting position for some time, you'll soon find yourself feeling unresponsive and draggy. It should not surprise you because it's what you feed your mental domain it will work with.

But introducing a standing desk will help you feel stronger and more revived than usual. It'll also improve your stamina, cardiovascular health, and muscular endurance, and you'll have much energy to execute all your projects.

However, all these benefits will be yours if you cultivate the habit of moving around from your desk. And that's another advantage of a standing desk. You won't have to go undergo the stress of slipping your chair backward before leaving your space.

Let's hear what CDC has to say again. Between January and February 2022, it conducted a 7-week survey which shows that respondents using standing desks experienced lesser fatigue and stress than those sitting through the day. It also continued that almost 90% of office workers using standing desks enjoy increased energy and vigor while working.

This explains the general belief that anxiety and depression are the products of sedentary life. Above all, using a standing desk is more likely to promote your productivity rather than obstruct it.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Do you know that the idea that standing is more beneficial than standing started in 1953? Let's take a walk down memory lane. A study was conducted that year and it showed that bus conductors who spent the larger part of each day standing as they call passengers had half of the deaths from heart disease as their counterparts in the driver's seats.

Since then, medical experts have developed a deeper understanding of the impacts of excessive sitting on our heart health. It has also been shown that a sedentary lifestyle increases the dangers of heart disease and other related conditions by 147%.

The impact is so adverse that even an intensive exercise of one hour can't overturn the effects of sitting the whole day. So why don't you get your standing desk today?

Sitting is the New Poison

Is it True that Sitting is the New Poison?

Since we've discussed the benefits of standing desks, let's talk about this age-long debate between standing and sitting in the office. You must have heard the popular saying that "sitting is the new poison". Why such a sharp comparison? Is it not another gimmick by standing desk manufacturers to record more sales?

All your questions will soon be answered. Our answer to that question is "not necessarily". That might be a surprising revelation since you've been expecting us to outrightly say that a standing desk is better than the regular one. Well, standing desks are better due to the potential it carries. However, that's not the question we're answering here.

This is about comparing and contrasting the acts of standing and sitting. You should note that sitting has its fair portion of benefits, and so also is standing. All you need to understand is that the human body is built for movement instead of sitting or standing for long hours.

Are you following? So what is expected of you is to strike a balance between the two by introducing more movement into your daily schedule. In other words, both standing and sitting are important to living a healthy life but one should not outweigh the other.

So this is where you want to start getting height-adjustable standing desks. This type of office desk will help you transition between standing and sitting positions at will. Through that method, you'll be able to move between each direction and angle at regular intervals.

If you could observe these ideas religiously, you'll enjoy both the perks of standing and sitting without getting faithful to either. At this point, we believe that you understand what we mean by sitting is the new smoking or poison.

Desk Workout

All You Need to Move Around Your Workstation Optimally

Now that you get the idea of consistent movement, we're pretty sure that you'll be more curious about how to achieve it. We have worked on some ways that will help you incorporate enough of it into your daily schedule and they are:

Joining Your Colleagues for Lunch

Many office workers have a bad habit of getting completely swept off by their work. Some don't even know that it's time for lunch until a colleague comes knocking on his door. However, we're not trying to criticize you for being dedicated to your work. That's very laudable and we also identify ourselves with you.

But it doesn't have to be extreme to the point that you don't pay attention to your health. So you need to let it sink - your lunchtime is for you and you alone. And you're expected to eat, relax, and get mentally prepared before resuming the pool of tasks on your desk.

Therefore, you should see your lunchtime as an avenue to escape your workstation and enjoy the moment. During this period, you can sleep your computer, or lock it in your storage and go somewhere else. You can even take a walk around.

Are you working from home? This also applies to you. Remember that you're neither a drone nor a robot that doesn't get tired, so you should learn to give yourself attention as and when due.

Desk Workout

You can't launch into an intense workout while at your desk. Even if you have a place where the desk can give you enough space to workout in mind, it might eventually tell on your efficiency for putting such energy into a workout session. Instead of that, we will advise that you go for a couple of mild desk exercises, but you have to be consistent with them.

You can hit some desk push-ups or squats that will not wear you out. And 5 to 10 minutes should be enough since you would not want to start feeling uncomfortable as a result of sweats. This idea will sustain your vigor and keep you active throughout the day.

Regular Breaks

As expected, you cannot be going on recess from your desk every 2 to 5 minutes. Some offices even operate a strict policy where you are not allowed to walk around except it is lunchtime. But as an employer, you can incorporate coffee breaks as well. The idea is to give them a chance to leave their station, stretch a little bit, and take a few steps around the office.

It will keep their blood in proper circulation, and they'll feel stronger and better when they come back to their desks. Even if you're working from home, it's not productive to be having breaks at inauspicious times.

Notwithstanding, micro brakes should work with your calendar perfectly. At times, you might get absorbed in your work that you won't know that it's time to go on a break. To stay faithful, you can set an alarm to remind you whenever it's time to take a small breather.

The transition from Sitting to Standing

If you're following closely, you'll remember that we briefly mentioned this point while introducing the idea of height-adjustable standing desks. These desks give you all the ease needed - you can switch between sitting and standing heights.

Apart from this, our standing desks at Flexispot have memory features, so you can use that feature to save any height that you love maintaining in the desk's memory. In other words, you can return to the heights at your convenience.

However, you should note that the desk's memory slots are finite and you don't often get more than 2 or 4 heights. So you need to dot your I's and cross your T's about the heights before storing them in the memory.

Again, all that's needed is to set an alarm for when you want the desk to change position. Once the alarm rings, there'll be a switch to a sitting position if you are standing and vice versa.

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Wooden Top-48" W

Must You Get a Standing Desk?

We're back to this question. Does it make sense to stay with that old desk in your office, or you should get a standing desk? Well, based on what we have discussed so far, it's apparent that you cannot enjoy the benefits of a standing desk if you choose to go for a traditional desk.

On the other hand, if you could purchase a standing desk, you'll have access to all these benefits and even more. That's because you'll experience everything a sitting desk has to offer since you have the grace of setting your preferred height.

With that said, our answer is clear. You certainly need to buy a height-adjustable standing desk. And if you need our recommendation, that's where Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk surfaces.

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Wooden Top-48" W

The Comhar All-in-one Wooden Desk is your best choice if you want an all-around ergonomic satisfaction. It takes a little floor space while giving you a spacious and comfortable desktop to work on.

It comes with 3 USB charging ports (2 type A & 1 type C) where you can charge your mobile phone and other gadgets. And it is available in different sizes between 28.3" and 47.6" alongside a very spacious drawer for storage.

The Comhar Wooden Desk is designed with powder-coated steel tubing and it maintains perfect stability, even when you're at the highest level. Apart from these, you'll also enjoy a discreet anti-collision feature that prevents the desk from collapsing and damaging other devices on it.


Is it a mere facade when you see standing desks receive massive promotions? Or it's truly worth the hype? We believe that you've learned a lot but we're not stopping here. You can learn more by going through the catalog for height-adjustable standing desks by Flexispot.

Apart from the Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk, you'll be enthralled to see other standing desks we have for you.

Click here to see for yourself.