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Are Standing Desks Worth the Money?

11 February 2022

Considering the fact that most of us spend hours in the day sitting and working, it might be fair to look for options that help counteract the negative health effects of sitting. This is where standing desks come in the picture. These desks have been gaining significant popularity over the past decade because they are beneficial and versatile.

Standing desks help fight off issues with back posture, neck strain, and eye strain. Not only that, but they also help you to stay active and burn calories. So, why not get this incredible desk for work?

In this guide, we dig deeper into the facts behind these desks to answer a simple question: are standing desks worth it?

What Are Standing Desks

What Are Standing Desks?

A standing desk is a versatile addition to any workplace that will instantly elevate it. These desks have an adjustable height, which means that they can be raised to a higher height so that you can work comfortably on them while standing.

These desks are extremely sturdy, which is why you can place your computer, monitor, files, and other office accessories without worrying about the risk of them falling and toppling over. In fact, your entire work experience will be the same except for the fact that you will now be standing while working.

Since sitting for long hours can increase your risk of getting diseases like diabetes and obesity, and it might lead to a sedentary lifestyle with minimal movement and exercise, it is important to counteract these effects by using a standing desk or an under desk bike. This way, you can work as you normally do while also burning calories.

For Whom is A Standing Desk

For Whom is A Standing Desk?

A standing desk is an excellent option for anyone looking to incorporate some movement into their daily life. If you have been leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle through your daily job, then a standing desk can help you change that.

A high-quality standing desk height adjustable, such as the one from FlexiSpot, will help you alternate between sitting and standing. Such desks provide you with a multitude of benefits; for instance, they will also help keep your mind alert and allow you to complete tasks more successfully.

Hence, standing desks are great for any employee looking to get rid of their sedentary habits and incorporate more movement, keep their mind alert and focused throughout the day and those who want to alleviate back pain, posture problems, and more.

Benefits of Standing Desks

The Benefits of Standing Desks to Consider

Now that you know what standing desks are and who they are most suitable for, it is also important to consider all the benefits these desks provide. Once you know them, you might be able to make a decision on whether to invest in them or not.

Take a look at the following health benefits of standing desks:

Reduces the Risk of Developing Health Problems and Diseases

Research dating back to decades ago has shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to the development of serious health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. So, what’s the solution to this? To counteract the risk of sitting all day, one should incorporate movement through exercise and standing.

Humans are built for moving during most of the day, not for sitting for at least eight hours every day. Doing so can also lead to issues such as back pain, neck strain, eye strain, and posture problems. Standing, instead of sitting, can help alleviate this issue.

Help You Burn More Calories

Another benefit of a standing desk to consider is the fact that it can help you burn more calories. Compared to sitting all day, if you stand while working, you will burn calories. Even fidgeting and shifting your weight between your feet can help you do that. In fact, standing while working regularly can even tone your back and leg muscles. Hence, they can contribute to a better posture.

Enhance Your Productivity

Standing while working can also help you enhance your productivity as an employee. This is because intervals of sitting and standing keep your mind alert and help you focus on your tasks without getting distracted. When you sit for long hours, your brain function slows down, which also reduces your productivity.

However, alternating between sitting and standing allows your muscles to work and increases the blood flow to your brain. This allows you to keep your mind alert and not fatigued. Doing so will also help you stay in a better mood throughout the day. Additionally, standing keeps your energy level and heart rates high, which means that you will feel less tired as well.

All of this allows you to complete tasks quickly and in a better manner.

Provides More Flexibility While Working

Height adjustable standing desks or under desk bikes from FlexiSpot can help your workers be more productive since they have the freedom and flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing. We already have autonomy over our office chairs wherein we can adjust the height of the chair and distance according to our needs, so why should our desks be any different?

Even when you stand or bike through an under desk bike while working, the ability to adjust your workplace according to your needs and preferences will also help with motivation.

Supports an Agile Workplace

Height adjustable standing desks and under desk bikes help incorporate more movement throughout the day. This will also increase collaboration and communication amongst employees, which will ultimately also contribute to the development of an agile workplace.

This will bring employees, productivity, and working methods together in one place and help with the completion of tasks and accomplishment of goals.

Cons of Standing Desks

Cons of Standing Desks to Consider

If you are considering getting a standing desk, you should also look at the cons to understand the full picture. This will help you understand whether they will be worth the investment for you. Here are some of the downsides of getting a standing desk:

Higher Cost

A significant con that you should consider if you are thinking about investing in a standing desk is the cost. Most of them can be quite expensive compared to regular office desks. However, though the upfront cost of these desks is high, it will be worthwhile considering all the benefits they provide in the long term.

It is Not Necessarily a Good Idea to Stand All Day

Another thing to consider is that standing for long hours while working can bring with it its own set of problems, including backache, feeling tired, and clogged arteries. If you spend the entire day standing, you might find yourself developing these issues.

However, this is why most standing desks are height adjustable. This allows you to alternate between sitting and standing so that you can alleviate these issues that arise from prolonged standing. It is not beneficial to stand or sit all day, but rather to alternate between them.

They Can Pose Risks When Improperly Used

When you get a standing desk without proper knowledge of what they are and how they should be used, such desks can pose serious risks. For example, workers might simply stand for hours or most of the day, which can be problematic.

However, the great thing is that standing desks are incredibly easy to use. You simply need to know how the height can be adjusted, and you must create a schedule for yourself that includes intervals of sitting and standing.

Are Standing Desks Worth It

Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Now that you know about the pros and cons of using standing desks, you might be wondering whether they are worth it. While the initial cost of standing desks might be high, they are considerably worthwhile since they provide you with so many benefits. In fact, with a standing desk, you might be saving yourself from future medical expenses arising from health problems due to sitting all day.

In the end, the answer to whether standing desks are worth it entirely depends on your needs, preferences, and your budget.

If standing is not particularly something you enjoy, you can consider other alternatives, such as an under desk bike from FlexiSpot. They replace your office chair so that you can comfortably bike while working.

Under the desk, bikes might be the more affordable option for you. They also bring even more health benefits with them since you incorporate exercise while working. Therefore, you will burn even more calories, tone your muscles, and alleviate health risks and problems.

Final Words

Standing desks are a great addition to a workplace because they enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of employees while simultaneously making them more productive. Whether you choose to go with a standing desk or an under desk bike, we recommend you consider getting them from FlexiSpot.

They curate high-quality desks and under desk bikes to suit all your needs so that you can work comfortably and reap all their benefits. For more information, visit their website today!