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Are You Gamer?

19 May 2021

It is reported that as of last year, 2020, there are approximately 2.7 billion people who are into online games in the world. And this year the number may increase because most of us are still staying in the house most of the time due to the pandemic. And it is quite boring to just stay at home after you’ve done everything that you should do for the day. Unless you are working from home, then there must be something that will make you busy and entertained at the same time. 

Gamers are not only men. There are also women hooked into gaming basically because it is fun and, in some ways, stimulates the mind and keeps away from stress. Gaming does not discriminate against your age. Some gamers are in their 90’s and still active today. Gender issues are not part of the gaming industry such that women that are into gaming are reported to be approximately 41 % of all the gamers in the United States.

Advantages of Online Gaming 

● Improves social skills- when you are into gaming with others or players, you can improve your personality and rapport with others because as you go along, you try to adapt to other’s personalities and behavior as well. It is also a good means to improve your communication skills and interaction with other players

● Makes one a better problem solver – when you play with others, there are strategies and tactics that you have to think about, plan and devise to win the game. So, gaming sharpens the thinking skills that we can apply to our everyday lives later on.

● It is a learning process – gaming online or on the Internet allows us to learn new skills and strategies that are practical and could be relevant to tackle real challenges and problems that we encounter every day

● Improves your ability to use your hands in manipulating objects in precise ways. 

● Gaming can be financially rewarding – online or internet gamers can also join groups for challenges and tournaments that offer whopping amount of money in millions of dollars

While others shun the thought of gaming, there are a lot of benefits a player can harvest from playing games online or on the Internet. Thus, being absorbed in it has underlying reasons for doing so. And they are enticed to play games not only for entertainment but also for making money as well.

However, there are pitfalls that others see in playing online games. There are some advantages that they see in joining games with others such as:

● It deprives us of the chance to engage in real human interaction as we are engrossed most of the time in front of the monitor as we play games. We become oblivious to the things that are happening around us.

● It causes stress – while we enjoy playing online games, it also may bring about tension and stress while thinking of the moves we have to do to fight the opponents. Thinking about winning the game or a challenge is already stressful.

● It can be addictive – gaming if not being controlled will overcome the gamer. So, it just a smart idea to have control over the number of hours we spend gaming, otherwise, the game will control us.

● Gaming could make gamer lead a sedentary lifestyle - if left unchecked and with no control, we may end up sitting in from of the monitor or console for excessive hours that may cause certain physical illness and obesity

● There are pros and cons in gaming and it is up to you to decide if you are against gaming or you go for gaming. Unless otherwise, you do not take sides with any of the two.

If you decide to go for it, and you want to have a comfortable and good sitting posture, there are gaming chairs in the market that could fit your gaming chair needs. For example, at FlexiSpot, several gaming chairs are highly recommendable for a gamer like you. Take this one, the Ergonomic gaming chair A39635M that is designed in black and gray tone. 

Stunning Features of Ergonomic Gaming Chair A39635M

● The PU leather material is cool, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and breathable. It is also skin-friendly

● The armrest is padded so you rest your arms in between games and also during breaks when you are at work. (this gaming chair could be used for work as it is versatile)

● Customizable set up for seat height, tilt tension and tilt rock with five-star base and rolling casters, making it easy to move around.

● This gaming chair is heavy duty with a 250 lb. weight capacity for long-lasting use. Seating cushion dimension: 19.5" x 20" (L x W), backrest dimension: 23.5" x 19" (H x W), adjustable seat height: 19"- 23"

● All necessary hardware and instructions are included. Within the 12 months, for any product problems, please feel free to contact FlexiSpot.

● Available in black, gray, blue

The warranty for this product is for three (3) years and shipping to 48 states in the U.S. from 4 US warehouses via FedEx is for free.

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