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Are You Trained for Proper Pet Care?

18 June 2021

Do you own a pet at home? I bet almost everybody has one, whether it’s a dog or cat or any other animal. According to the 2022 National Pet Owners survey administered by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 70% of US households or approximately 90.5 million families own a pet.

But how many of us know how to really take care of our pets properly each day of their lives?

Every day, we can watch on videos astray animals such as dogs and cats on the streets and even on freeways that are in peril due to possible car accidents, they are malnourished and emaciated, in sorry conditions. I think we must do something about this before it is too late. Taking care of pets is a kind of responsibility that we have to take as long as we have them.

Compared to humans, they also need tender loving care, a good and loving family to take care of them. There are also cases that they just leave their pets anywhere because they can no longer sustain them, especially these days that a member of a family has lost their job and as such, they can no longer support a pet.

If this is the case, we can just take them to an animal welfare center where they can be fed, taken care of properly, and not be dumped anywhere to let them die in cruel ways. We have to have some responsibilities and even a little love and compassion for our pets.

In some other countries, the animals such as dogs and cats, and even wildlife are at risk of being famished due to our financial situation brought about by the pandemic. However, we can do some things to alleviate their plight:

  • When you accept to take care of any pet at home, be sure that you do it responsibly as much as possible, feeding, giving love and attention, and giving a good shelter at home.  
  • If a situation arises that we can no longer have them at home, have the animal shelter take care of them rather than dumping them anywhere that would expose them to danger. We must have compassion for animals. Anyway, we were the ones who initiated adopting and taking care of them
  • There must be a limited number of pets at home depending on your capacity to sustain and take care of them at home. There are times that we may be in financial difficulty, so, we must just make sure that we will only one or two pets to take care of
  • Love your pets and be compassionate with them as they love us. Remember the saying, dogs are man’s best friend. Truly, they are our best and loyal friends. Sometimes they are better than humans.
  • Do not let cruelty occupy your mind and behavior to your pets. Be patient and try to train them properly with gentleness and care.
  • A proper pet care training initiative could be suggested within the neighborhood with the help of a veterinarian who will be a good resource speaker on this training. 

Overall, we humans do not want cruelty and maltreatment in any form done to us.

So, it is also just proper that animals should also be given good treatment from us because while we take care of these animals at home, they do take care of us also by making us safe and making us happy all the time.

I think advocacy and initiative about proper pet care training may be done with the cooperation of the whole neighborhood and city government so that we can learn all the things about how to take care of our pets properly. We can suggest having a private veterinarian of the city veterinarian to help in this endeavor. We can also go to the nearest university that has a school for veterinary medicine wherein students from the college can be resource speakers about animals and pets.

In addition, pets or animals also have the right to live and have to be given proper care and protection. Admittedly, we cannot rely only on plants and vegetables for our food. We also need animals to support us with meat as part of our daily food sustenance. They also love us, especially our pets at home, unconditionally no matter what happens. I think there are videos and movies too that could attest to this.

As such, it is my wish that everyone could take initiative on this project because we really need it and to make animals and pets properly taken care of with compassion and without cruelty.

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