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Avoid Retail Traps & Find Your Dream Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Buy A Kickscooter

03 July 2023

Are you looking for the perfect kickscooter to add some fun and convenience to your daily commute? It can be difficult to find the right model. With so many different brands, models, and prices on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options.

That's why we've put together this ultimate. We want to help you make an informed decision that will leave you with a ride that meets all of your needs – without getting caught in any retail traps along the way!

We'll cover everything from how much power is best for your needs, what safety features are important when selecting a scooter, which accessories can enhance your ride experience and even tips on saving money while buying one. By following our guide step-by-step, you'll be able to find the perfect kickscooter for you -- at just the right price!

How Much Power Is Best for You?

The power of the kickscooter you buy will depend on your needs and the type of terrain you'll be riding on most often. If you plan to take it off-road, then a higher-watt motor might be best. Similarly, if you'll mostly be using it for short commutes around town, then a lower-watt motor should do the trick.

It's important to consider your weight as well – heavier riders may need more powerful motors so they can get up hills with ease. Finally, think about battery life – how long do you need the scooter to last on a single charge? This will help you decide which type of battery is right for you.

Research Different Types of Kickscooters

There are several types of kickscooters available, each with its own unique features and benefits. The most common types are:

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, portability, and environmental friendliness. Most electric scooters today are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which makes them lightweight and easy to charge. Electric scooters typically have an average range of 10-15 miles per charge and can reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

Manual Kickscooters

Manual kickscooters are a great option for those who want to get physical exercise while riding. These require you to use your own body weight and leg muscles to power the scooter forward.

Folding Kickscooters

These scooters are designed for convenience and portability. They often come with a folding mechanism that makes them small enough to fit into cars and other tight spaces. They usually have a smaller motor than electric scooters but still, provide plenty of power for short commutes or leisurely rides around town.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget before you start shopping for a kickscooter is essential to ensuring you don't overspend. It's important to consider not only the price of the scooter itself but also additional costs like taxes, registration fees, and accessories. When setting your budget, it's helpful to do some research on pricing and features so that you can get an idea of the type of kickscooter you'll be able to afford.

The best way to ensure that you stay within your budget is to decide how much you are willing to spend before beginning your search. This will help ensure that you don't get carried away with all the exciting options out there and end up spending more than necessary. Decide how much you're willing to spend on a kickscooter and stick to it – that way, you won't be tempted by higher-priced models or flashy accessories.

Read Reviews

Reading product reviews is an important part of the shopping process. It's important to research different models and read what other people have to say about them before buying. Reviews can help you identify which kickscooters are well-made, reliable, and worth the price tag – and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

They can also provide helpful advice on battery life, range, portability, and other features that may not be immediately obvious when comparing scooter models. A good review will give you a comprehensive picture of how the scooter performs in real-world conditions – so make sure to take some time to read reviews before making your purchase.

Consider The Weight

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a kickscooter is its weight. The weight of a scooter can drastically affect how easy it is to transport, as well as its overall maneuverability and performance.

Lightweight scooters tend to be easier to pick up and carry around, making them ideal for those who don't want to deal with too much bulk when transporting their scooter. They also tend to be more agile and responsive than heavier models – making them great for urban commuters who want to zip through tight spaces and quickly weave in and out of traffic.

On the other hand, heavier scooters can offer greater stability on rougher surfaces and are less likely to be affected by wind and other environmental factors. This makes them a better choice for off-roaders or riders who frequently encounter bumpy terrain. Additionally, heavier scooters usually have stronger frames which can help ensure they will last longer.

Safety Features: What To Look For

It's essential that any kickscooter you consider has enough safety features to keep you safe while riding it. Aim for models that have disc brakes or electronic brakes in addition to hand-operated ones – this will give you more control and make sure you can stop quickly if needed.

Make sure there is an anti-skid surface on the standing platform so that your feet won't slip off during a ride, and look for lights and reflectors so that other drivers can see where you are when riding at night or in dark conditions. Also, pick out one with the suspension to help make sure your ride is smooth and comfortable no matter what terrain lies ahead of you!

Accessories To Enhance Your Ride

There are lots of accessories available that can enhance your rides even further! Consider buying a backpack holder so that all your belongings stay secure while riding, or install a bell or horn so people know when they should move out of your way!

A handlebar bag can provide easy access to small items like phones or wallets as well as extra storage for larger items like books or groceries – plus, it looks great too! If speed appeals to you, then invest in some handlebar extensions so that leaning forward shifts more weight onto the front wheel, giving an extra power boost during acceleration from stops.

Saving Money On Your Kickscooter Purchase

Buying a new kickscooter doesn't have to break the bank! There are lots of ways to save money when purchasing one, such as looking for sales at certain times throughout the year or taking advantage of deals offered by certain retailers online or in stores near you. You could also try looking into used scooters –ensure they haven't been damaged before making your purchase!

Another option would be renting one instead of buying – this could be especially helpful if you only want it for short-term use or if affordability is an issue right now but won't be in the future since rental agreements usually don't require long-term commitments like buying does!

Our Recommendation: KQi3 Sport NIU Kick Scooter from Flexispot

Our top recommendation for a kickscooter is the KQi3 Sport from Flexispot. It's lightweight, durable and has plenty of features to keep you safe and comfortable during rides! The scooter has an adjustable handlebar height so that it can be customized to fit any rider's size and an anti-slip surface on the standing platform that ensures your feet stay put while riding.

It also has mechanical disc brakes and electronic braking systems for added safety and control. The NIU mobile app allows you to lock and unlock the scooter remotely and customize your ride, while its LED headlight ensures you'll be seen during night rides. Plus, it has a top speed of 17.4 miles/hr, which is plenty fast enough for most riders!

So, if you're looking for a quality kickscooter at an affordable price point - without sacrificing safety or features – then the KQi3 Sport NIU Kick Scooter from Flexispot is the perfect choice!

Wrapping Up: Making The Right Decision

Making the right decision when purchasing a new kickscooter isn't always easy – but with our guide, we hope we've made things easier for anyone who's considering buying one soon! Always weigh up all factors carefully before making a purchase; from power output and safety features to budgeting and accessories - there's plenty more than meets the eye when finding your perfect dream ride! Good luck shopping around - we hope our guide has helped steer things in the right direction for finding exactly what works best for YOU!