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Cheap Standing Desks: Avoid at all costs!

27 August 2021

Anyone who shops online continuously is aware that it may be a maze. How do you know you're getting decent quality, and how do you avoid buying low-cost things made in bulk using poor materials? The truth is that you generally get what you pay for if you're with the cheapest bidder. As a result, things are more likely to break, have the poor build quality, lack key functionality, and feel flimsy or substandard.

As promising as it is to hunt for cheap standing desks, there's still the risk that lesser cost means inferior quality in the long run. With the rapid growth of the electric standing desk industry, you're bound to run with height-adjustable standing desk companies striving to offer the best deal. But be cautious. Many cheap electric standing desks have most of the following flaws, so cutting corners when creating your home office is usually not the best choice. Here are some pointers to prevent inexpensive standing desk dangers, whether you're seated or standing.

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Stability is an essential factor to consider while using a standing desk. A standing desk has several parts that can significantly affect its stability. More significant issues like ill-fitting glides, the lack of a typical cross bracing, and substandard metal components have all contributed to instability. Low-cost suppliers have only one goal: to keep prices as low as possible. It's not inexpensive to make a solid standing desk, so it's no shock that these low-cost alternatives are all unsteady.

Motor Consistency

Electric motors in standing desks are frequently of varying quality, which might create a product concern. People would not want to hear odd groaning sounds as you get up from a chair. You don't want your height-adjustable desk to slow down when you're hauling your monitors and computer, either. Overworking a motor will undoubtedly limit its life expectancy, and repairing or replacing a part will take time. You would spend a long time sitting all day instead of switching between standing and sitting.

Glide Systems

Glide mechanisms can be found inside all columns of standing desks. This section of a standing desk will be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear throughout its life. It's critical that the gliding systems in your standing desk are of excellent quality and can survive the high load counts that your desk will see throughout its lifetime. Often, the glides on low-quality desks will show irregular wear. Natural binding will begin inside the columns as a result of this. This binding causes a false positive because most standing desks have an anti-collision mechanism. As the desk is elevated, the binding will be perceived as a collision and reverse direction to avoid harm.

Load Capacity

Load Capacity

Because of the lack of power coming from the control box, poor quality motors unavoidably result in lower lifting capability. You must avoid a standing desk with a lifting capacity of less than 50kg. The majority of them are inefficient. Some of these desks can lift more than the indicated capacity, but most of them will start to fail after the engine wears out. This difficulty will be exacerbated with a robust solid wood desk and a heavy computer monitor. When you surpass a desk's specified weight capacity, you risk destabilizing it or, worse, shattering it. Customers who have misused their desks are known to makers, which would come under the abuse clause of the warranty.


Some brands have one-year guarantees. Even devices with a two-year warranty duration should be considered questionable. If a manufacturer can only show enough trust in their product to issue a one- or two-year warranty, you should be able to tell it isn't a high-quality item. By the time you've finished repairing broken components, you may have spent more than you would have if you had invested in a high-quality standing desk. Consider an electric standing desk with a three to five-year warranty at the very least.

Adjustment Speed

Some people may wait for their standing desk to change from sitting to standing, but most people will not. It's a significant issue for quality when desks have a sluggish adjustment speed and a limited lifting capacity. This combination of features is in some of the worst standing desks.

Quality Control

All of this could almost certainly be prevented if your new standing desk had gone through stringent quality control inspections before being sent. Splotchy paintwork, sloppy, unprofessional welding, or excessive lubrication on the columns must be some of the simplest things to rectify and clearly indicate that the maker has taken their eye off the ball. It's hard to believe that these low-cost manufacturers allow such terrible craft to fall through the cracks. Getting the volume out the door is more important than anything. It is not a joke to spend your hard-earned money on a new standing desk.

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How Can You Avoid Poorly-Made Standing Desks?

Do your research!

Choose reputable brands

You should begin by researching the manufacturer and their track record. First, see if you can locate the name of the maker. Many low-cost overseas manufacturers will develop "generic" standing desks offered through resellers without any branding. The drawback is that you typically have no direct contact with the maker, which might influence warranties and customer service if something goes wrong. Unbranded standing desks should be avoided at all costs. The next step is to go to the company's website and see what they have to offer. You should also check their portfolio in addition to the reviews. Companies that sell standing desks will be pleased to brag about successful projects.

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Look past the cost

Many office leaders are faced with the initial cost of installing standing desks in their workplace. While this is a significant consideration, it isn't the only one; regard standing desks in the same way you would a new computer or printer. This necessitates a shift in focus from price to value. You should pay special attention to details like height constraints, lifting speed, and tabletop width. Check through user ratings to see what other people have said about their experiences with standing desks. If you notice many client complaints, this is an obvious red indicator that you should pay attention to.

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Make sure to order a standing desk that comes with a good warranty. That way, if your standing desk breaks, you may get it fixed for free, avoiding the financial stress that comes with a damaged desk. It would be preferable if you didn't have to be concerned about your desk malfunctioning in the first place. Fortunately, a warranty can also be an indicator of this. A warranty not only protects you if something goes wrong with your desk, but it also shows that the maker of your standing desk is sure about their product.

On all new FlexiSpot products, we're happy to provide a limited guarantee that covers deficiencies in material or workmanship. The frame, motor, and other mechanisms on all height-adjustable standing desks are covered by a 5-year warranty, while the controller and switch, as well as the electronics, are covered by a 2-year warranty. The frame and desktop of desk converters are covered by a 5-year warranty, while a 3-year warranty covers the gas spring system and other mechanics.

You or your money should not be taken advantage of. Finally, our goal at FlexiSpot is to offer customers superior-quality standing desks that come with a component replacement guarantee. Consider a FlexiSpot standing desk as your next investment in your health and posture for yourself or your employees in the office or when working from home if you're seeking a fair price tag with no sacrifice on quality or dependability.