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Back to School: Creating a Cozy Study Nook for Enhanced Studying

13 August 2021

Making an adequate back to school plan

With August gradually setting the pace for September and Summer coming to an end, going back to school becomes the dominant tune in every family. Every child wants to make adequate back-to-school plans from kids in kindergarten, middle school students, high school teens, and even college students.

You do not want to be caught slouching or looking at a mess on your first day back in school. Like they say, your first day in school can either make or break you; middle school especially.

Resumption is thus a big deal for most families.

However, we sometimes forget the most important thing in a rush to set things in motion for school. And that's a study space. We either forget or underestimate the importance of checking a common study space off our list.

Well, that's not happening this school year. This piece is rich with tips on hitting your books with a bang in a properly organized study space. It includes info on how FlexiSpot can help you achieve this. Take a look.

Covid & its impact on sitting arrangements

Before the pandemic, schools had flexible seating arrangements for kids. Whether their seats were arranged in rows, semi-circles, or a slightly organized cluster didn't matter.

But with the Coronavirus still ravaging the globe, schools have begun to pay more attention to sitting arrangements with no hopes of leaving soon, and you should pay attention to it too. You should ensure the comfort and safety of kids while at school.

And what better way to do that than with the FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Kids Desk.

kids desk

Why is a study space necessary?

A study space is more than necessary for every student or any student looking to score good grades. There's little any person can achieve in middle school, high school, college, or even post-grad studies without a dedicated study space.

Why? One would ask. Can't I freestyle my reading in any part of my room? 

Well, here's why.

First, a dedicated space for studying is known to aid optimal focus and attention. Reading in the same spot every single time registers in the memory. Over time your memory adapts to the serenity you require whenever you settle down in that position. It immediately assumes that once you sit in that designated space, you intend to read. 

It's like walking into a buzzing club; even before taking your first shot for the night, your mind already realizes that you're there to party, and your body starts producing adrenaline almost immediately. The same goes for reading. It's your brain's way of aiding your reading process.

Also, a study area gives you the privacy and quiet you need when reading, especially for people who live with so many people. When you sit at your study desk, people realize that you intend to study, and as long as they are reasonable persons, they'll give you enough room to read. So with a reading space, you'll most likely experience less disturbance from the period around you.

The absence of distractions will result in the production of quality work. In essence, with study space comes lesser distractions, and without distractions, you'll be completely immersed in your work. This level of immersion will help you have an in-depth understanding of whatever you're reading. You'll also be able to notice and fix errors in your work.

kids desk

How to create a cozy reading space for your kids

If you expect academic excellence from your kids (as any good parent should), you owe it to them to provide them with the best reading space. It is one of the best gifts you can ever give them. It relieves them of some of their academic pressures and shows that you support their academic growth.

While kids tend to grow fast and can sort out things for themselves at an early age, study space is still something you should not just leave to a kid to do. If you have a proactive child who thinks they can take care of themselves, you can work on a study area together with that child. This is because reading and the atmosphere that works is peculiar to every individual.

So even in applying this guide, be sure to understand the academic needs of your child first.

Make it snug

There is nothing as cool as reading in a cozy space. The study room should be suitable for all weather conditions. In other words, the study space should not be stuffy when the weather is hot and too cold when it's raining.

This is because where the space is not weather conscious, the child will either lose concentration or find a way to avoid it altogether. If this happens, it foils the essence of the study space in the first instance. So you can install a humidifier in cold and dry seasons and a sort of coolant when the heat is rising.

Keep it tidy

Researchers have been able to establish a link between cleanliness and mental ease. It has been proven that due to man's need to control his environment, a dirty room can make him feel less in control, consequently distracting him and impeding his focus.

The study space aims to add a child's focus; at least you would want your child to exhibit as much focus with books as they would when playing video games or dressing a Barbie doll. If a clean space is what the child needs to attain that level of focus, you should be all out to give it. A tidy room and less cluttered space will cost almost nothing.

To take the stress of cleaning you off, you can teach your child how to clean up after himself.

Create a comfy space

The first rule of quality study spaces is comfortability. A study space should be a comfort zone. It should appeal to the child every time he wants or needs to read. In other words, the more comfortable a child feels in his study space, the more heightened his willingness to read will be.

However, the concept of comfortability is relative to each child. While some kids will prefer to read in a well-lit room, with natural light seeping in and a view of the outdoors, others will read better in a dark room with a study lamp serving as the only source of light.

Note that comfort should not be at the expense of what you intend to achieve with the study space. It should not be comfortable enough to sleep in. In other words, as much as the room should give warmth, it should register a serious atmosphere every time your kid walks in.

Get them something to nibble.

Munching on something while reading has proved to enhance brain function. According to Unicaf, eating healthy foods while studying can help increase focus and retain learned information. Thus, your child should always have something to nibble on while he reads.

Note, however, that there are certain foods one should avoid while reading. Snacks, for example, should be avoided as much as possible to protect your child from obesity or from developing lower belly fat; the calories in snacks can be unhealthy.

It is best to opt for wholesome meals, like soup, chicken broth, veggies, milkshakes, and smoothies. They should be served and eaten in small quantities since the aim is not to eat a proper meal but to nibble on something. If your child cannot handle soup unsupervised, a protein bar will be nice. You can also try eggs, cheese, and nuts.

Additionally, fresh fruits are a good option; in most cases, they are the best option; you can take them at any time of the day.

Remember always to keep your child hydrated when studying. Dehydration can reduce a child's ability to focus and process things. It can also lead to fatigue. So always keep a bottle of water close by. Lemon or any other citrus-infused water is best. It'll encourage the child to drink more and increase mental alertness.

Essential furniture for an effective study corner

In piecing a quality study corner, certain things must be present. A study corner isn't complete without the following furniture:

Study desk

You can have a complete study without a chair, but never without a desk. A desk adds a serious tone to a room. Studying in awkward positions on your bed, sofa, or kitchen stool can affect your concentration.

A desk, however, helps you maintain the right posture when reading. You sit or stand (if it's a tall desk) without bending your spine. That way, you enhance your focus and stay productive.

Also, a desk helps you stay organized. You can keep your notebooks and stationery in a neat pile and coming back to meet things exactly the way you left them. It's known to help you check your stress levels and impact your sleep patterns.

Ergonomic chair

More than improving your focus, study furniture helps improve your body posture. There's so much damage a bad chair or bad posture can cause. And that's what Ergonomic Chairs are designed to fix.

An Ergonomic Chair is a chair designed by a field of science known as human engineering. It aims to provide the body with the necessary support that can help enhance posture, health & comfort. These chairs are built to be used by persons of different heights and sizes. They are easily adjustable and allow you to customize your preferred settings.

task lamp TA1004BK

Table lamp

Table lamps, in their way, aid concentration, especially in the dark. They light up the part of your desk to which the lamp is set and help you focus on that part.

Lamps are also easily adjustable. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can flex the lamp to suit your writing position; that way, your hand does not cast shadows on your book, distracting you in the process.


Desk converter

A desk converter is a makeshift table-topper or riser. It works for situations where you've been sitting for so long and would prefer to stand to ease your spine.

Desktop risers are an excellent addition to your study space as they complement your reading table. In this pandemic, where most offices require employees to work from home, you could use one desk converter. It could serve as an elevator for your desktop when you intend to make a virtual pitch. They are good for the spine, easy to assemble, portable, and price-friendly.

FlexiSpot's back to school checklist

When it comes to work and study spaces, FlexiSpot wields the market power. The company has found a way to fit body fitness and spine health into traditional office furniture. Here are a few of their products that can serve as an amazing addition to your back to school checklist:

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

Height-adjustable ergonomic study desk

The FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk is built to serve the purpose of kids between the heights 4'8"- 6'3". The table has an electric height adjustment system that allows you to adjust the height up and down with the flick of two buttons.

It also has a should build that gives the table a firm grip on the floor. It is wide, spacious, and has a surface that is made from the best of chipboards.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/Kids Desk -40"W

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/Kids Desk -40"W

Have you seen a desk that your child never outgrows? A desk that can serve your child from cradle to college? Well, you're about to find one.

The FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Kids Desk is designed to grow with your child. From kindergarten to college, the desk adapts to your child's height with just the push of a button.

It is waterproof and is built with a bag hook to hold your child's bag in place, no matter how heavy. The rounded corners of the table and its anti-collision sensors make the table child-conscious. A powerful motor also helps stabilize the table, preventing any accident.

It comes in colors white, blue and pink.

Soutien Ergonomic Chair

Soutien Ergonomic Chair

While you look out for your kids, you should also check something off the list for yourself. A change of your office chair will be a good start. And what better replacement than the FlexiSpot Soutien Ergonomic Chair.

The chair's backrest is made from a breathable mesh fabric that promises optimal ventilation. It comes with a 4D cushioned armrest that flexes in all positions to suit your arm and elbow needs.

The Soutien Chair's backrest also serves you on lunch breaks or whenever you need a quick nap as it can recline as much as 45° backward. The 360° casters at the chair's base are noiseless, and they move on all floor types.

If these products are not on your checklist, I don't know what is. Log on to the FlexiSpot official site and check these products off your list today. Enjoy!