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Back to Work: Ergonomic Upgrades

23 June 2021

While working remotely may appear to be a nice decision, your health will bear the brunt of an unergonomic working station. Your workstation setup should, in theory, work as hard as you do. It means that every single aspect must be ergonomically designed for a seamless operation that encourages productivity and mental wellbeing, eliminates workplace threats, and, lastly, improves an employee's posture. Particularly now that we're returning to our own offices.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor published a guideline of what makes an office safe and favorable for permanent employees. As a result, most offices adhere to these stringent standards to ensure the health and safety of everybody in the area. This is a crucial phase because the valued personnel is on the job for the majority of the day. However, these guidelines can be difficult to adhere to, therefore the next best option is to set up an ergonomic workplace the easy way.

The way to sit properly

Now that you're in the office, the importance of sitting properly has vanished. Admittedly, no one is going to come into your office and criticize you for how you sit, are they?

Though it's true that keeping perfect posture might be difficult, learning to sit properly has far more benefits than you might expect. For those who are skeptical, the appropriate sitting position preserves your bones and muscles in optimum balance, allowing you to focus on the muscles that need to be used.

Good posture also significantly reduces joint abuse, which can progress to osteoarthritis. You not only avoid the early beginnings of osteoarthritis, but you also reduce the strain on your column and prevent it from forming an abnormal posture that would require expert assistance to rectify.

Finally, because you are not in severe aches and pains, which is one of the primary impediments for office workers, appropriate posture will contribute to increased productivity.

So get out of your slouch because it's time to correct your stance and buy a decent chair, which is what we'll be doing now!

Your best chair and desk ever

Workplace seats and workstations are designed with each individual worker in consideration. This indicates that the elevation of both does not take into account the user's build; the user must probably deal with what is provided.

You could be hunching or leaning back for 8+ hours a day if you don't have an ergonomically designed desk chair and table, which can cause discomfort and injury. Although it is clear that an appropriate stance is essential, it might be difficult to remember when you are uncomfortable in your chair or your desk does not accommodate your build.

FlexiSpot is here to provide ergonomic office furniture that will help mitigate bad posture and body aches!

The majority of desks take a long time to install. That would be good and wonderful if it weren't for the impending deadlines you must meet in a single day. Do not forget to spend your weekends with your family. With the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Workstation from FlexiSpot, you will not only have more time at work and your loved ones, but you will also be getting a table that is beneficial for workplace health.

Simply put the Vici together by inserting the feet and the lifting pillars into the crossbeam. It's that effortless to have a standing desk with a large work area that can be quickly adjusted to your preferred elevation. Simply tap one of the programmed controls to select your preferred height and you'll be on your way to a more ergonomic workday.

An ergonomic table isn't complete unless it's teamed up with the ideal desk chair. FlexiSpot has the finest Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair to offer you. This includes a 3D Spinal Support System with 3 adjustable height settings and a rebounding mechanism smoother than butter.

The movable armrests pay attention to your arms as well by seamlessly contouring to the curve of your forearms and wrists while providing optimal ease of use/ When it comes to functionality, the Soutien's airy netting material allows for optimal airflow while still protecting your most expensive professional attire.

You'll never catch yourself hunching, straining, or craning at the office again if you use these ergonomic workplace tandems.

Switching the positions for you

It's also important to consider where you set your computer, cursor, and keyboard. The appropriate locations will ensure that everything flows efficiently at your desk.

Spend the effort to calibrate your monitor to commence your shift. One of the most primary triggers of sciatica is a monitor that is either too low or too upright. When the top of your display is parallel with your line of sight, it is the ideal monitor height. This eliminates the need to strain your neck to conform to the monitor, which might cause neck and back pain. While you're at it, make sure your screen is at arms distance so you don't have to stress your eyeballs or hunch forward to get into a comfortable viewing position.

Also, handle your keyboard and mouse as if they were your close mates. Position your keyboard wherever your wrists will land while seated at your ergonomic workstation and chair. Your shoulder and arm muscles will not be straining to reach the computer that is too far apart. Keep your mouse in close vicinity to the keyboard. Because the proper location just requires you to maneuver the mouse with your wrist, navigating your mouse around will be effortless for your shoulders.

Working remotely is a billion times more convenient and comfortable because you get to spend more time with family and have the freedom to customize your workspace any way you like. There are no coworkers to remind you that you are seated incorrectly on your sofa as well. However, we must now face the fact that we must return to our workplaces for work.

While those things are fine, maintaining proper posture and setting up an ergonomic desk may do wonders for your physical and mental health, as well as your work ethics. After all, striving for the finest version of yourself and your job is nothing to be embarrassed by.