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Bamboo Standing Desk: An Effective Workout Buddy

19 April 2021

As I mentioned in my previous article: The Effectivity of an Endomorph's Weight Loss with a Vibration Plate, endomorphs have bigger upper torso. I personally have the problem of shedding extra layers of fat on my chest, arms, and belly. It takes a lot of excruciating exercises such as planking, bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, and butt bridge to shed just 1.65 kilos in 7 days. That’s how difficult it is for me to overcome obesity. For years, I have experienced bullying and discrimination in public places such as in the public transportation. Long before body shaming was criticized, I had experienced paying a fare for two people in the public vehicle whenever I travel so that others would not feel uncomfortable being sandwiched beside me, staying at the last row of the room so people would not notice how plump my back was, wearing cardigans despite the hot weather in my country just to conceal the flab, and cropping the photo that I used to post on social networking sites ( I never applied filters though, haha) to avoid becoming a laughing stock for some. Living in a country where body shaming is still inevitable. In fact, it is rampant that an incident involving a celebrity and the division of the executive department that ensures the quality of education here had occurred after the latter called the actress an “obese person” which was illustrated in a module used by the students up to these days. Eventually, the department issued an apology and official statement. Sadly, it is still part of the norm because of the perception that beauty is limited to flat tummy, large bosoms, and small love handles. You would be forced to stay positive and at times pretend that you are not getting offended because it would just make those people laugh at you more. Hence, there are people who resort to abnormal eating habits which create havoc to the body. With this, it has become an advocacy for me to uplift people that experience difficulties losing weight by creating articles and sharing tips on how to lose weight based on my personal experiences (which I am still doing these days) in the weight loss journey. On this article too, I will share the product: Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco&Pro) which surprisingly could be an effective workout buddy. So Let’s begin.


The Inclined Pushups:

The target areas of this pushup are the chest and shoulders. For plump individuals, the chest fat is apparent on the chest area where the collar bones are found. When a person has much fat around the collar bones do not protrude much and the shoulder area is full and thick in appearance. The Inclined pushups is ideal for beginners that do the shoulder and upper body rehab. This is a good pre-exercise warm up routine or a form of stretching after the exercise. This also benefits other parts of the body such as hips, arms, legs which serve as stabilizers that prevent sagging. Compared to pushups on the floor, this one is more relaxed and would not need much heavy force. Usually beginners do this exercise so they could still lose weight without straining their spine and elbows. Too much force applied to the body parts that support the upper body is really dangerous so doing the light exercise is really recommendable if you’re a beginner. This exercise could be done on the surface of a chair (You might want to check this out: Scalloped Accent Chair 1049) or a desk ( Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series may also do the trick) or table. Find a product that is durable and can really support your arms when you do the inclined pushups.


The Reminders:

It might be the first day for someone who is in the weight loss journey hence there are just a few things to remember about what and not what to do when doing the inclined pushups:

Hand Placement:

Putting your hands far from each other may cause the range of motion of the workout be lessened and lose its effectiveness. So with that, placing them closer to each other.

Poor Alignment:

When doing the push up you should be free from slumping or bending knees and hips. In case of being unable to do the right alignment it shows that you have a weak abdominal and core muscles.

Observing Noises and Shoulder Pain

One of the dangers of doing the inclined push up is getting a worse pain if you got a shoulder injury. Clicking noise during the exercise is also a red flag. Please be cautious of these things to avoid severe injury. Stop the routine when you observe these things. You might not be aware that pain inflicted on the shoulder may affect the other parts of the body which supports your arms and elbows. It creates a domino effect once one of these parts is damaged or injured.

In order to ensure your safety, use a sturdy and durable desk or table product. Just like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk . You don’t have to worry about the suitable height for you because this product has buttons which you could click to adjust the frame of the product. It also has a weight capacity of 154 lbs. So imagine doing just the pushup with this product. You don’t need to worry about the creaking sound from the floor because of its operating noise that is just up to 50db. Lastly, with Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, you will be able to use an eco-friendly product which reduces carbon imprints.


Weight loss journey is always a very difficult one to take. It will need more than just a week to shed pounds (depending on how fast your metabolism is and how fast your body lose fat). In that journey as well, you would experience a lot of pain and fear but at the end of the day that change will always depend on you.

So, don’t lose hope. Aim for the abs and beautiful contours, you can do it!