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Be More Ergonomified as a Nursing Mother

08 July 2021

The Hurdles of Nursing Moms

Nothing seems to be exhausting for a working nursing mom. She's the kind of woman who faces a lot of challenges at work while she nurtures her infant child. A lot of mothers these days are like that. They juggle one work on the left while singing the lullaby and breastfeeding her child on the right. Being snowed under is just one of the things nursing moms experience. As they stay focused, alert, and strong, they inevitably experience ergonomic problems along the way such as:

  • Spine strain: 

You might be one of those mothers who suddenly feel the stab-like pain on the spine. At times, this goes along with snap and crack. This usually happens when you lift your child in an incorrect position. This is dangerous both for you and your baby because if you keep doing it, you might hurt your bones badly or you might lose balance and lose grip on your baby.

  • Knee pain:

So, talking still about lifting. When you try to carry your baby and lift him from the crib. You sometimes forget to do the proper posture. If you notice, there is also a snapping sound on the knees that might give you pain. This is still dangerous and could give you severe pain. It gets harder especially when you are nursing a child. 

  • Severe shoulder and arm pain:

You might notice this but shrug your shoulders on it. This is an ergonomic problem when you juggle a lot of tasks at the same time. Even when you simply carry your baby, you could feel this pain around your shoulders. This is because the weight is accumulating on one side of the shoulders which leaves you numb most of the time. Thus, you must be able to sit on a piece of equipment that can stimulate the circulation of your blood and could help you avoid the numbness on your shoulder. This is because it could affect you while you are carrying your baby. 

So, these are the most common ergonomic pain that a nursing mother like you experience. Nursing a child is very rewarding because you could take care of your child and you could see his development. However, it's not that easy to spend long hours nursing him and making sure that he would not cry the whole night. This could mean shorter hours of sleep and a blow to your immune system. So, you need to take care of yourself as you nurture your child. One of the best ways to maintain your health and boost your immune system is to do it ergonomically. This could be possible through the ergo products from Flexispot. 

The Ergonomic Solutions Dedicated to the Nursing Mothers

At Flexispot, they don't just dedicate their superb service to the office workers alone but to all clients who need a speedy and efficient ergonomic solutions. Hence, they create ergo products that could cater to most potential patrons in the market. Indeed, you are one of those people whom Flexispot wants to serve through a wide selection of ergonomically designed standing desks and ergo chairs. 

These standing desks and ergo chairs are well-engineered and crafted with precise measurements. Every side and curve is made to ensure the safety of your whole system. So, if you use the ergonomic chair from Flexispot, you may ensure that while you nurse your child, you may find the right sitting position and your spine would maintain its correct posture.

If you compare these ergo products to ordinary swivel chairs, you would notice that the Flexispot ergo products are superior in design and functionalities. Most ergo products from Flexispot are patented which means the creators from this company innovate products that are truly suitable for the clients. It's like they check the market and the pulse of the prospective clients. They research to come up with the newest and most effective ergonomic equipment in the market. This makes Flexispot a prime producer of the most sought-after ergo products in the market. 

Aside from these, when you use the ergo chairs from Flexispot, you would not worry that you and your baby might fall off the chair. This is because, at Flexispot, you can ensure the durability and flexibility of these products. This is because the steels used for these chairs are high-grade. 

So, even when the weight exceeds 190lbs, you can be confident that you and your baby would not get hurt from these chairs. What's also remarkable about the ergo chairs from Flexispot is they have functions unique from other swivel chairs. An example of these functions is the massage feature. One of the Flexispot ergo chairs has heating patterns that could relax your whole body and press your weak points. So, it means that when you sit on this kind of chair, you just need to press the remote buttons and feel relaxed. So, while your baby is asleep in the crib, you can sit on it and feel the utmost comfort you deserve after spending the whole night pacifying him and making sure he is fine. 

At Flexispot as well, there are ergo chairs that have the most suitable curves around the armrest and seating area. They have waterfall-like curves to ensure that your hips, legs, arm, and shoulder could relax on the chair. This shape also helps stimulate the blood circulation in your body and helps you rejuvenate after a whole night of nursing the baby. 

Indeed, the Flexispot ergo chairs are made to protect you from the potential injuries that might happen to you and your baby that's why the shape and size of these chairs are big and have enough capacity to carry extra weight. These are what make Flexispot your number one ergonomic brand. 

Final Thoughts

Bringing a tiny life on earth is something precious. Having the chance to embrace them and nourish them is a reward after months of carrying him in your womb so it's also a gift for you to ensure your safety while you nurture your baby because you deserve the best ergonomic solutions from Flexispot.