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Transform Your Workstation Into a Haven of Great Ideas with Flexispot

16 August 2021

The Usual Scenario at the Workstation

Are you feeling drained at the workstation? Do you find it challenging to keep the 9-5 job without getting exhausted? If you have experienced these things, then chances are, you don't get the ergonomic protection that you need at work. 

This incident happens when you do not use the right ergonomic pieces at work. In actuality, there are ways to know if the equipment that you use can give you the spine protection that you need. 

Ways to Identify Non-Ergonomic Equipment at your Workstation

When at work, it's also good to check every single piece of office equipment that you have, from the chairs to the desk that you use. Through this, you may assure that you will know which equipment needs to be replaced by ergonomic ones. 

One of the ways to know if the piece of equipment that you have is ergonomic or not is by observing the effects of the chair or table on your body. You must check the chair if its backseat could fully cover your back or if it only causes you back pain. If it causes you back pain as well as getting pain around the neck, then that chair is non-ergonomics. 

If you also notice that your chair makes your arms and shoulder numb or sore, then chances are your chair does not serve enough its purpose of giving you the convenience that you need to protect your shoulders. Tennis elbow and frozen shoulders are some of the ailments that take place when you do not observe the proper ergonomics. When you have the Tennis elbow and frozen shoulders, you might have pain around the elbows and shoulders that start with stiffness than the insurmountable pain when you try to flex your elbows or raise your shoulders. These are signs that your workstation might have a non-ergonomic chair. 

Another clear sign that the pieces of equipment in your workstation are non-ergonomic is if these do not give you the proper distance from your chair to your desk. Take a closer look at how you sit in front of the computer if you notice that your head is much pressured in front of the monitor, your shoulders stoop hard, and you feel the soreness begins to start at the back of your neck then it's a sign that your equipment is non-ergonomics. 

The level of your laptop should be chest-level. This could help you avoid leaning forward towards the monitor which is not good because this could lead you to have the hump neck or the volume of fat accumulating at the back of your neck. This hump does not look aesthetically pleasing. This could also indicate a more serious condition. Hence, if you notice that you sit on a chair that does not put you on a chest level with your keyboard then that piece of equipment is not good. 

So, here are some of the indications that could tell you if the pieces of equipment that you use are ergonomics or non-ergonomics. Thus, if you find these things in your workstation then it is advisable to the ergonomic equipment. The best pieces of ergonomic products are from Flexispot-the home of the superb standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, ergonomic chairs, and ergonomic office organizers. 

Flexispot - Your Ergonomic Companion 

When you feel a bit lost on the kind of equipment that you'd like to have in your workstation, trust the most ergonomic and economical. Indeed, Flexispot has got all the selections at the click of your thumb on the website, where you could choose the best pieces of ergonomic products for you.

If you feel like you want to keep yourself active and overcome the threats of a sedentary lifestyle, then ergo chairs like the Desk Bike V9U and the standing desks like the Kana Bamboo Standing desk would be the best pair for you. It's because the Under Desk Bike V9U is the best standing desk pair that you can have at the workstation. 

Imagine having an office chair and fitness equipment in one product! That means a lot of savings for you because right in front of your office desk is the answer to your sedentary pain problems; you can do your work while you cycle on the sturdy pedal of this desk bike! It's such a wonderful thing to think of. An innovation with the style. 

It's also wonderful to pair it up with a height-adjustable standing desk that is made of natural materials like bamboo. The Kana Bamboo Standing desk can adjust to the level of the Desk Bike V9U. Hence, working on your project is more exciting while cycling on this desk bike. 

If you feel like you have to keep a lot of office materials like writing tools and other small stuff, then the Esben Standing Desk UD4 is the best product for you. This desk is the best for you because it has a large drawer that could store your writing tools, scissors, markers, and notepads. Then it's best to pair the standing desk up with either the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 or the Wobble Chair BH2 that are aesthetically pleasing in the eyes and have the perfect curves that follow the shape of your spine. So, with these products, you could alleviate the sedentary pain and the headaches caused by a disorganized office desk. You don't just make your workstation look pleasing but you put your work environment on a classy vibe because these pieces of equipment have the simple but sophisticated designs that could make your work area look like a setting for Vogue magazine. 

Final Thoughts

That's the power of Flexispot. It transforms your workstation into a haven where you could come up with the most unique ideas that could emancipate a corporate empire while its pieces of ergo equipment protect you against the threats of sedentary pain and lifestyle. Hence, it's best to turn towards Flexispot and immerse yourself in the ergonomic vibe.