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Bedroom Furniture Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom

11 July 2022

There is no denying a bedroom is usually the most important part of a house because this is where you go to rest and re-energize after a long day as you prepare for the next productive day. Considering a schedule full of family and work commitments, having a cozy place to unwind is not negotiable. For this reason, looking for inspiration in decorating and redecorating your bedroom is crucial.

A good bedroom depends on simple redecorating tips like inviting paint colors, statement lighting, stylish headboards, and window treatments. There is also room for placing interior design trends in your bedrooms, such as graphic wallpaper and non-traditional pieces of furniture. One factor you need to consider before re-decorating or decorating is the size of your bedroom. It is essential to focus on size for you to do it well. If you have a spacious bedroom, it is crucial to settle on the right amount of furniture since too little can result in a sterile design scheme, while too much can give your room a crowded feel. However, if your bedroom is small, you should be strategic with your choice of furniture to ensure your space does not look cluttered.

Your bedroom has several design potentials; all you need is more creativity to make the most of your bedroom space and turn it into a comfortable, safe space. If you are eager to begin redecorating, stick with us and learn new budget-friendly ideas that will change your way bedroom lifestyle.

Here are bedroom furniture tips that you need to redecorate your bedroom.

Pick good painting colors.

1. Pick good painting colors.

One of the most important things you should start with before everything else is your paint colors. You should pick from colors that give you a sense of comfort and calm. Some popular bedroom paint colors are white, gray, blues, beige, soft greens, and browns. You can also choose toned-down versions of your favorite colors, such as using copper instead of tangerine or blush instead of bright pink. It is necessary but not limited to avoiding bright colors since they increase energy, making it difficult for you to sleep. Colors are necessary and important as they blend in with every other thing in your bedroom, including furniture.

Keep your décor simple.

2. Keep your décor simple.

If you decide to redecorate your bedroom, you should make it look elegant, cozy, and sophisticated regardless of your decorating style. For easy movement around your room, you need to leave a minimum of three feet between low furniture like dressers or tables and your bed. If you need to walk around the bed to get from the bathroom or closet, you should think of moving the bed to streamline things.

To avoid clutter, you should also furnish your bedroom with necessary things and no extras. A bed, dresser, bedside table, and chair are necessities that should be present in your room. Anything beyond that can be considered clutter and may easily take up space in your bedroom or add to the feeling of chaos. You should also consider keeping accessories to a minimum.

Choose the right furniture.

3. Choose the right furniture.

When you want to buy bedroom furniture, you should start with a floor plan and measured drawing of your space. Furniture needs to fit the room it lives in, especially in your bedroom. You should not choose a large, heavy bed and dresser if your room is small. The most crucial piece of bedroom furniture is the bed. You can choose beds with exposed legs or platforms if you want a minimalist bedroom design. You can also go for canopy beds, a trendy option that complements any aesthetic or interior design. If the bedroom is smaller, go for a storage bed that has drawers or which lifts to make more bedroom storage.

It is simple to find such beds because Flexispot cares for its customers. The Flexispot adjustable bed base EB011 offers good sleep and perfect comfort and relaxation. The bed base has under-bed storage that goes up to 9” maximum height, which allows you to store personal belonging and avoid decluttering your room. Additional information about this Flexispot product is that you can put two XL twin beds together to form a split king bed and position your mattress the way you want, making the bed base suitable for different sleeping positions. The right bed base with under-bed storage for decorating your bedroom is just a click away for as low as $249.99. finally, picking the right bed does not necessarily mean having under-bed storage; you can also go for the comfort and height adjustment features that the EB011 offers.

Hang wall décor above your bed.

4. Hang wall décor above your bed.

Since the bed is the focal point of your room, hanging a piece of art over the bed can help in styling your bedroom design. Such a bedroom redecorating idea can bring personality into your room that you had hidden while decorating for the first time. The art you hang should match the painting on your bedroom walls, or it shouldn’t be entirely out of line. Apart from art, you can also hang plants in your bedroom to give a more natural or garden feel. You can use natural flowers if you can afford to change them regularly and keep them fresh, or you can go for plastic flowers.

If you love to read before getting to sleep, you can also have books in your room. One way to keep your bedside table clear is to use floating shelves to keep your books. A piece of furniture that can help hang all these is the Flexispot WSF1 floating shelves. It can quickly bend in any room aesthetic and can hold up to 44 pounds of items. This Flexispot furniture comes in three pieces, with the shelves being 17.7” long, 6.67” wide, and 0.98” thick. You can have enough room for your plants and books in your bedroom.

Add a bench or ottoman.

5. Add a bench or ottoman.

A great way of redecorating your bedroom is by adding a bench or ottoman in front of your bed. This accent décor is usually made from tufted upholstered fabric or wood and can be used for different purposes. They can function as a place you can use to sit while dressing up in the morning, or you can use it as an area to lay your clothes for the next day. Several Ottomans offer storage space that can allow you to store your blankets or beddings in general. If you decide to use one, look for the one that matches the materials and color schemes in the rest of your room.

Invest in bedside tables.

6. Invest in bedside tables.

A bedside table is a staple of a well-designed bedroom because they give you a place and storage to put bedtime necessities. A bedside table and a nightstand should go hand in hand. When picking a nightstand, consider the rule of height, which means the top of your nightstand needs to be level with the top of your mattress. When selecting tables for your bedroom, you should consider the rest of the furniture or décor. One consideration should be whether the rest of the furniture is rounded or squared, as this can help you choose a good bedside table or a dressing table. As for nightstands, you can go for that which conforms with the rest of your furniture, or you can mix shapes to get contrast.

You can use the Theodore Flexispot height adjustable table to redecorate your room. This table is mainly known as a coffee table, but it can serve as a bedside table with its features. The table can elegantly tie your bedroom with its beautifully finished centerpiece. It can blend rustic elements with elegant touches for the best look. Its height can be adjusted to satisfy daily activity needs, and its height adjustment makes it work well with various sizes of chairs, sofas, or beds. Finally, the table has spacious storage drawers which you can use to place your bedtime necessities, books, and other accessories. Visit the Flexispot and be able to redecorate your room with this table for $499.99 only.

Brighten up your bedroom.

7. Brighten up your bedroom.

You should think of soft and gentle while looking for bedroom lighting. Lights provide visibility for moving around at night; hence you should consider mixing different lighting fixtures like table lamps, chandeliers, and recessed lights. During the day, you need natural light for productivity. For that reason, you should ensure you have not blocked your windows. One way to attain this is by placing furniture in the right places. If you have a headboard, for example, put it away from the window. Place your chairs or sofas away from spaces that produce light. By ensuring your furniture is well placed, you can be sure to brighten up your bedroom.

If you haven’t decorated your bedroom with a headboard, this is a sign that you should try redecorating. A headboard is among the first things you notice when entering a bedroom as it gives your room a perfect look. You, however, need to consider size, function, style, and creativity before getting one. If you don’t want a headboard, another alternative is a shelf that allows you to display personal items like books, artwork, and pictures.

With Flexispot, you can redecorate your bedroom and make it comfortable and classy. You can get the mentioned Flexispot products on our website. Flexispot cares for your health and outlook.