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Believing the Law of Attraction With Water and a Standing Desk

29 April 2021

Do you feel that sometimes you all your dreams or desires do not manifest? Do you sometimes experience a chain of unfortunate events? What comes to your mind? Would you believe that by just believing and claiming it, you will be able to manifest it? In today’s article that will be possible. So, buckle up and we’re going to go through believing the law of attraction.

In this discussion, we will talk about:

  • The Law of Attraction

  • ways that the Law of Attraction can help you enhances your life

  • Ways to manifest dreams using water while using a standing desk

So, let us start the discussion now:

I. The Law of Attraction:

  • A philosophy based on the belief that both positive and negative mindsets create an impact on someone’s life.

  • It states that the thinking of a person might affect his accumulation of wealth, health and relationships either in a positive or negative way because this thought serves to be an energy that might be created through cognitive reframing techniques with affirmation coupled with creative visualization ( which you can improve through meditation ) which can help a person affirm that a certain desire or goal has already occurred or he already owned it.

  • This combination of positive thought and positive emotion lets a person attract positive energy and opportunities along the way which has resonance this energetic law called Law of Attraction.

  • Spiritual healers and masters indicate that when conviction and absolute surrender to the faith that your greatest goals in life was no accident at all but was really written in the stars.

The LOA (Law of Attraction) is widely practiced by a lot of philosophers and spiritual practitioners however it also gathers: 

a. Criticisms:

Experts question the validity of the LOA (Law of Attraction) because of the of lack of sufficient scientific basis of this law. They say it goes against the  scientific theory and it misinterprets the activity of brainwaves.

Here’s the catch:

If experts claim that this is part of pseudoscience, could we debunk the fact that everything vibrates on a certain frequency? Sir Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” In nature, all of us are made of atoms.In every atom, there is an underlying vibration which makes them move and react based on the geometrical figures in which, as a reaction to the process, builds up crystals which shapes the vibration and gives out a physical form. Looking at this, we may consider that the vibration is the energy which you may emancipate through a deeper understanding of your inner self because you are an energy; you are capable of shapingand reshaping your reality.

II. Ways that the Law of Attraction can Help you Enhance your Life:

a. You learn to realize the power of your dreams:

When you start to focus on yourself and start pondering of how great your dream is, the energy that comes within you start to work wonders and help you manifest. It doesn’t mean though that when you visualize a Lamborghini, it will suddenly appear like magic. What dream manifestation is like this: believe that it’s yours and the universe will give you endless ways to own a luxury car; that might not be the exact car you dream of but it’s very close to what you visualize.

b. Trust your Instinct:

This is the power that is attributed to Divine Feminine. It’s a feminine power that can be possessed both by the man and woman; it doesn’t depend on the gender but the energy that an individual has. Once you practice the LOA, you will be able to make your Divine Feminine power work well. You will start to surrender to your intuition.

c. Shifting your Focus but Learning to Acknowledge and Let Go

What makes the LOA a reality is one has the license to acknowledge a certain negative idea, for example. The person may feel angry or scared but with LOA, one will not dwell on that negative thought but will instead shift his focus or what we call “transmutation of negativity”. Once this is practiced regularly, one can always focus well on his goals without the fear of getting affected by the negativity which might affect his visions.

d. LOA Brings You Closer to Success:

Definitive and precise actions are what we need to make a vision a reality but with LOA, as creative visualization is needed, it will serve as your fuel to continue striving for your dreams.

e. LOA Transforms your Belief to Success:

Contrary to the belief that success if limited to the rich and more attractive people, LOA helps you reshape that idea and allows you to live by the rule that success is a commodity that everyone is entitled to experience.

III. Ways to manifest dreams using water while using a standing desk

An experiment done by the Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that water is the conductor of energy. In their experiment, they had found out that the structure of water is affected by the human voice, emotion and music.The result was pretty astonishing because after they had done the experiment, the molecular structure of water changed and the water arranged itself to make new crystalline structures depending on the stimulus projected. This goes to show that whatever emotion we downpour on the water will transform it and it will serve as a catalyst that can help you make your visions a reality.

Here are the steps on how to use water in Manifestations:

1. Visualize your goals and dreams first. Be clear and focus on it first.

2. Say it out loud or in your mind. You can place your mouth near the rim of the glass or tumbler.

3. You can add crystals which will can intensify the manifestation

4. You may place the vessel on top of a standing desk with a superb durability and elasticity of natural woods such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. This desk is infused with real grains of Bamboo strips which makes  it a suitable desk for your manifestation vessel because its natural properties.

5.After 10 minutes, you may start drinking your elixir and your manifestation is coming your way fast.

IV. Final Thoughts:

Indeed, it’s still a great debate whether the Law of Attraction has scientific bases or none. But, as they always say, the human mind achieves what it always perceives.Success will never be a 30-minute magic trick what makes it a magic is when you hold on to your faith no matter how impossible things may seem.

Keep dreaming!