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Benefits of Adjustable Tables

19 April 2021

Adjustable Tables: Do Your Craft Like a Pro

A standing desk is often misunderstood when it comes to serving a specific purpose. Many of us have hobbies that require a decent work surface. Whether it’s designing, crafting, working on electronics, or other types of creative work, a flat and stable surface is integral to completing the task. Working on these crafts are often done while you’re comfortably seated in a chair. But certain tasks are better done when you have a bird’s eye view of the materials you’re using.  And you can only achieve this advantage when you’re standing. 

What are the Advantages of Standing Desks?

  • Good visual angle – you’ll be able to take in the whole surface and what’s on it so you’ll have a better idea of how you can put your projects together. Instead of adjusting your head to see what’s on the far end of the table, or leaning over from side to side while partially lifting yourself from your chair, you can easily see everything from your spot without giving your neck, legs, back, or feet the extra strain that can cause you pain.

  • Easy access – because it’s a standing table, you won’t have to worry about getting up from your seat to go around the other end of the table. This means you’re free to move about to access what you need from any part of the table especially if it’s not placed against a wall. If there are no obstructions around, you’ll have the advantage to move freely and easily. 

  • Better leverage – for activities that require cutting, installation, or measuring, you’ll need to have a good angle to work with in order to get the leverage you need to perform the task properly and efficiently. Using a standing table will give you that advantage as opposed to doing the same task while sitting, which often results in awkward body or limb positions that not only eventually leads to pain, but also provides less efficiency in the task and gets you poor results. 

  • Promotes good posture – you’ll likely be leaning over, so how is that good posture? Unlike leaning over while sitting where half your body is hunched over, you’ll tend to keep your back straight when you’re using a standing desk. And keeping your back and neck straight with your arms parallel to the floor will prevent muscle stiffness and pain from developing. This will allow you to work for longer without feeling fatigued. 

  • Good blood circulation – your blood will flow better and oxygenate better when your body is not bent or constricted. This allows your body to relax and work at optimum conditions without sacrificing comfort. You won’t worry about the idea of possibly dealing with pain in your calves or lower back pain because your blood will be constantly flowing and circulating. 

  • Get some subtle exercise in – this is a huge plus. While you’re working on your projects, you’ll likely tend to move quite a bit while you’re standing (comfortably, of course). Those little steps you take, leaning over, or body shifts will burn calories and even give your body a good stretching. And if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you can even dance around and have even more fun while you complete your work. 

What Kinds of Standing Tables are Available?

When you hear the words “Standing Table” you’ll just think of a table that is higher than the typical work surface. But you should know that these are not fixed in height or position. There’s actually a wide variety of table models you can choose from that can be adjusted to what’s most suitable for your needs. People who have been using this would often just use two settings: Normal height that you can comfortably use with your favorite chair, or a specific height that will conform to the user’s height. 

Below is a list of various types of standing tables:

  • Manual adjustment – this kind of table has preset heights that you can use. While it’s relatively simple to use, you don’t have the flexibility to set it to a specific height that is most comfortable to you. You will need to make do with the closest possible setting it has. If you’re too tall or too short for the settings available, you’ll need to decide between the only available options.

  • Hydraulic adjustment – much like standard computer chairs, you can lift or drop the height according to your preference. This is a better option for people who prefer a specific height that will best suit their needs. 

  • Electronic adjustment – this is practically the same with hydraulic/pneumatic adjustment tables. The only difference is the ease of use. With a simple push of a button, your table will automatically go up or down until you find the setting that you prefer most. 

The great thing about these tables is the fact that it’s versatile enough to use according to your needs. You can use it not just for your craft projects or hobbies, you can also use it for working with a computer. And if you’re entertaining guests, you can convert your adjustable table from a worktable to a surface to hold food or drinks. Finally, if you have kids around, you can share the use of the table for other activities such as playing games, doing crafts, or even schoolwork. 

Above all, the efficiency of use is not the only thing that an adjustable table can bring. The physical and psychological benefits are also a great addition. You only need to pay for the table, but it’ll pay for itself quickly with the efficiency and all the other great advantages that you’ll reap. If you’d like to know more about these tables and see the different types of models that will be suitable to your needs and budget, it would be wise to check out the website to see all the available variations. And when you find one that piques your interest and checks all your boxes, don’t wait too long before you get it. You won’t regret making the change especially if you’re constantly busy doing activities on a table.