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Benefits of Gaming Chairs

19 April 2021

Game Like a Pro: Gaming Chairs are Not for Vanity

Gaming for hours on end is a dream for many and an actual career for some. Before the innovation and introduction of computer gaming chairs, people have just settled on using a regular computer or swivel chair. But unfortunately, using regular types of chairs often leaves its users with pain and fatigue. Many dismiss it and absolve the chair of possible fault. Yes, it’s true, gaming chairs are actually quite expensive—but! They provide a long list of benefits that will easily outweigh the cost. Unfortunately, many are still not convinced and the only thing that this is nothing more than marketing hype that serves nothing else than simple vanity. So let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

Benefits of a Gaming Chair

  • Absorbs your weight – unlike all other chairs, your lower body will still need to support your whole body weight when you’re sitting. A gaming chair does the opposite; it will support your entire upper body weight and alleviate your torso, hips, and thighs the unnecessary burden.

  • Provides good support for your neck – we have the tendency to hunch over and put our heads in an awkward position. Doing this for too long will encourage pain and possible neck injuries to develop. Using an ergonomic gaming chair will give your head and neck the support it needs to keep it stable with the adjustable neck pillow that you can place at the ideal spot around the curves of your spine and neck. 

  • Good for your eyes – eye strain is pretty common for computer users that stare at a screen for hours on end every single day. This usually happens because most chairs will force its users to adjust their heads and eyes to an angle that works for them—not necessarily ideal for long periods. With good head and neck support, you can keep your eyes focused while at a proper angle that will prevent eye fatigue. 

  • Lean back without worry – leaning back on the chair while working isn’t always ideal because it promotes bad posture. But with a gaming computer chair, you’ll find yourself to have the ability to rest comfortably against the backrest as opposed to leaning forward while you play. And you won’t need to worry either, leaning back on a computer chair allows your body to relax while providing full support and not compromising posture.

  • Good posture – you probably saw this coming, and this is because a gaming chair provides good support for your upper body, it also naturally promotes good and proper posture. Because these chairs come with ergonomically placed cushions, you’ll get the right support for each part of your body from head to thighs. Your muscles that tend to be tight most—if not all the time when using other chairs or while you’re doing other activities will relax and loosen. 

With good ergonomics come more benefits than just good posture and a pain-free experience. With prolonged use of a gaming computer chair, you’ll find yourself reaping the following: 

  • Greater productivity – because you won’t be experiencing any pain, strain, or stress, you’ll be much more productive than you were using your old chair. 

  • Better stamina – if you’re a career gamer, you’ll need to stay in your seat for very long hours. And when you’re comfortable, you won’t feel tired or sore that will ruin your momentum. This means you’ll have more energy to burn to get to your goals.

  • Increased focus – you might be focused when you begin but this will eventually wane when you’re tired. Having a good gaming chair that minimizes chances of fatigue and stabilizes your energy levels will also increase your spatial awareness and focus. You’ll probably even find yourself strategizing better with your gameplay.

  • Improved air circulation – when you’re using a gaming chair, you’ll tend to breather deeper without difficulty. And this will promote better air circulation in your body that will help better oxygenate your blood. 

  • Good blood circulation – despite the idea of having to sit for long hours in a chair that typically constricts body flow, a gaming chair that promotes good posture will allow your body to reap better blood flow throughout the rest of your body.

  • Mood boost – when you’re comfortable, you’re not anxious. And when you’re not anxious, you’ll have a better mood. You may not be happy enough to jump up and down, but you’ll be optimistic and practically zen. And this is indeed important when you need to focus on what’s in front of you. If you’re in a bad mood, you tend to make mistakes and put more pressure on yourself than is necessary. 

Shifting from a regular computer chair to a gaming computer chair won’t be easy at first. You’ll be so used to the idea of you slouching or sitting lopsided that sitting properly will feel uncomfortable. But it doesn’t take long to feel accustomed to the chair and feel the difference in comfort. In a day or two, you’ll find yourself forgetting about your old chair that when you try sitting on it, it’ll feel totally alien to your body and quite uncomfortable. You won’t be willing to part with these chairs in no time.

Let’s say you’re not so much into gaming but are still using a computer for long periods. You can use a gaming computer chair as your work chair. And you’ll still reap the same rewards and benefits we’ve listed above. If you’ve got your time management all worked out, you can spend half your day on the gaming chair for work and the other half for recreation such as gaming or other hobbies that require sitting. 

So as you can see, these chairs are not built for vanity, but the way they’re designed and the color options available aren’t an eyesore either, and would make a lovely but professional addition to your workspace. Start browsing for a gaming chair that will pique your fancy today and start visualizing where you want to place it and how comfortable it will feel.