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Benefits of Placing Cactus on Floating Shelves

19 April 2021

In other countries, there is a popular belief that putting cacti inside the house could bring bad luck because of its thorns. It’s a superstitious belief that placing them in your house wouldn’t make your place an auspicious one. Contrary to it, cacti have different properties that are surprisingly beneficial to our health and the place we dwell in. Today’s blog will be about the benefits of putting Cacti in the house and the product that is Floating Shelves WSF1 which can carry a heavy load once it is installed on the wall. Before you plan to purchase a dozen pots though, we’ll run you through the following information on desert plant. The other popular beliefs on its healing properties and the other cacti species which you may choose from.

Why do we need to choose a cactus plant?

According to an article ( posted online, a cactus plant is a plant that is not complicated. One doesn’t need to be a horticulturist to know grow this plant beautifully. It is low in maintenance and doesn’t need fertilizers or too much watering in order to thrive and survive. You can either put it outside the house or at the corner of the room where you can design it. Once you find the right place to put your cactus plant on, it’s easier for you make it give energy and color in your house. There are other species of cactus plants such as the Nopal Cactus that are considered to protect the nerve cells and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as mentioned in the research article ( published in Sept 17, 2014. If further research would be conducted, it would be a natural and effective ingredient to beauty and skin care products. It is beneficial as well because there are beauty products that are infused with harmful chemicals that could create adverse effects to the body. Another healing property of a cactus plant is it could be used as an ingredient to some dishes such as the ones cooked in Mexico and as a juice drink such as the

Prickly Pear Juice which can fight Diabetes. Given these facts above, it’s really a great idea to grow cacti in your place not just as a decoration but an ingredient for a refreshing drink with a healthy kick. However, despite the fact that it could be taken as food, source of antioxidant but it should still be taken into consideration because there are potential risks if this plant would be used as ingredients for food supplement. as some products with cactus plant extract has not undergone tests for purity, quality and packaging yet. The following statements above are not medically proven yet although research and studies were already done. Another benefit of cactus plants is it’s a natural air-purifier as it naturally absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night which helps us breathe easily in a surrounding with purified air inside. Its purifying property also eliminates bacteria and radiation in the environment hence it could be used to lessen the pollution in the air.

Places where Cactus Plants should not be Put On    

Now that we are discussing the health benefits and healing properties of cactus plants, we must also know some tips on the places that we need to avoid when decorating the house with cacti. It is because there are beliefs which state that putting a cactus plant on the wrong side of the house may bring bad luck. This is also to give options which could also be considered by those who wish to decorate their houses with cactus plants. So here are the following places:


In the Living Room:

This area of the house is a nook where you must feel at peace and comfortable. The spines of the Cactus plant may disturb the flow of good energy in the house; making the space free from those destruction is still the best way.

At the front side of the House especially the Main Door:

Putting a cactus plant at the front side of the house stops the flow of positive energy at the main part of the house is where energy begins to enter.

Office Space

According to the belief, the office space is an area where you must not put the cacti into because it would not attract the potential customers and clients but instead chase them off would not attract prosperity and good luck.

Despite these possibilities, it is still our freedom to weigh in options and choose which one is to be considered. Now, what comes to your mind when you think of designing a room or workplace with some cactus plants? Most workers especially the WFH individuals prefer to put the cacti on their work tables, some prefer them to be on shelves. However, it’s sometimes pretty hard to install the usual shelves that we buy in the market. At times, they are not sturdy and wouldn’t be able to carry heavy loads. So, in that case we got to find the right product for our lovely cacti such as Floating Shelves WSF1. Now, what makes Floating Shelves WSF1 the ideal product for our desert plants? Let’s know more about this product.


Floating Shelves WSF1


It is one of the innovative products that has a versatile design. The attached hook can help you organize the pots and other office stuff that you have. It’s also easy to install. Indeed, functionality and sophistication meet with its design. You don’t have to worry about the heavy load which is up to 44lbs. You can put the hardbound books or frames that are needing to be put near your work area. Whether your style is rustic or chic, the Floating Shelves WSF1can do the trick. This spacious product may also give you a minimalist impression which is better for people who are always on-the-go. It would help you welcome good vibes and positive energy in your home and work area. So, what are you waiting for, navigate and purchase your first Floating Shelves WSF1.