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Best Furniture for Hot-Desking

24 April 2019

These days, as more and more employees are working remotely, companies are turning to a strategy for organizing the workplace — hot desking. In fact, it's estimated that two-thirds of companies will convert to this shared workstation trend by 2020, according to Financial Review.

While hot desking may maximize the use of space, it does require specialized equipment and hot desk furniture to make it work for your staff.

If you've decided to forgo the traditional office set-up and implement hot desking at work, how can you optimize your office space to meet the individual needs of your employees and the space-sharing needs of the company? What kind of hot desk furniture do you need? Here's what to consider:

Seating Variety

Switching to a co-working strategy doesn't mean that all your hot desk furniture should be bland cubicles. A hot desk office offers an opportunity to include different workspace configurations so employees can choose the best option to meet their and their team's needs.

For those who need a quiet working space, you can include modular desks with low partitions to maintain a sense of privacy. For teams that require more collaborative time together, long conference tables or cafe tables facilitate face-to-face interaction. Whatever work station set-up you choose, be sure there are plenty of power outlets available so your staff doesn't have to worry about their laptop or phone running out of battery!

Adjustable Height Desks and Chairs

Even though your workforce may be mobile, chances are they will still spend most of their time at a desk. Adjustable height desks offer employees the option to sit or stand during the work day. Adjustable office chairs are also important in an ergonomically correct workplace. Not only are they important for spine health, they're versatile and cost-efficient since they can be customized to meet the needs of the majority of workers.

Storage Space

Since employees no longer have a designated work station to call home in a hot desk office, they don't have space to store their belongings. It's important to offer a secure storage place for employees, like lockers, so they can feel comfortable and at-ease in the office. Bookshelves, cubbies and cabinets are other options to include throughout different work areas. Closets and coat racks are essential, too.

Common Area and Lounge Areas

Consider including more casual spaces throughout the office where staff members can relax, chat with colleagues or hold an impromptu brainstorming session. Comfortable couches, chairs or even high-top tables or bar seating can create an informal environment where creativity and collaboration can take place.

The Little Things

While employees won't have a home desk at the office, don't forget to provide accessories essential to an ergonomic work space such as adjustable keyboards, wrist cushions and anti-fatigue mat. They can help make the workplace more comfortable for everyone and promote good spine health. Keep office supplies on hand too so that employees don't have to lug materials and supplies back and forth.

With the variety of hot desk furniture available on the market, you have a number of options for converting your traditional office to a hot desk office. Keep these five considerations in mind and the transition will be smoother for you and your employees.