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Best Spots that Fire Up Creativity and Sustain Employee Efficiency

21 September 2022

Being productive at work requires that you're inspired and without this breath of inspiration, you can't reach your maximum capacity.

Especially in professions where you need to be very focused and creative, you need to feel inspired from within for your mind to be well-equipped to supply your brain with the needed vigor to prove itself.

Meanwhile, there can be various challenges on the path of inspiration. And on the top of the list is your immediate environment. Your surrounding might not be favorable to push your mind into that beast mode.

So what's the way out? You need to pay attention to your surroundings if you want to get a little push that'll keep the juices flowing. On that note, this article will walk you through the major and common places that can promote your inspiration and keep you creative.

List of the Best and Common Spots

This isn't a mere say. It has been proven by medical practitioners and psychologists that where you work determines the output or efficiency of your delivery. Hence, our goal is to offer you a robust and productive work-life. So here are the best places you should explore to live your dream!

Outdoor Office

Outdoor Office

Now that you know that your environment designs your mind and pattern of thoughts, it's best advised that you're surrounded by natural beauty and greenery. There's no doubt that nature has a magical way of relieving the mind and promoting physical and mental wellness. So you should cultivate the habit of working close to where you can catch a view of the sky and appreciate its soothing scenic comfort.

This will help your mind flow more freely and you will start to work with a deeper sense of clarity of purpose. And it also works perfectly as an alternative to taking a hike. For instance, if you're a writer or designer, working in proximity to a pure and glittering scene will trigger creative writing or let the artistic bug in you come to its fullest capacity.

Personalized Office

If you understand the science behind how employee efficiency works, you should agree with us that having a customized office for yourself is a trigger for productivity. And this comes in handy if you're in the creative specialization. A personalized office will afford you the grace and luxury to surround yourself with items or accessories that motivate or inspire you to work more effectively.

Sure, it's quite challenging to build a space exclusive for your use, especially when you've been familiar with the conventional workplace setting. But it's a cause worth investing in

Therefore, our token for you here's that you purchase an indoor office pod or a prefab studio. This will give you the perfect platform to design your space in the most appealing way to you. And in no time, the office will become your source of creativity and inspiration.

Bookstores and Libraries

Bookstores and Libraries

Words are such a beautiful blessing given by nature and civilization. They're also wonderful that you can rearrange the same set of letters to produce a combo of words that'll tickle your fancy.

So making a bookstore or library your workstation will push you into reading almost anything you lay your hands on. And that's a strong way of staying productive.

That's because reading makes you more curious, curiosity makes you feel more open and receptive to learning, and the readiness will make your body and mind fully on alert to do something worthwhile. Can you see that?

Taking a light book could be likened to landing a mini vacation on a cruise ship or a beach. You can use it to relax and pump your agility during the lunch hour or recess. So if you're a creative, why not check online and explore the top-rated sellers in your genre? It'll put your feet in the right direction.


Sometimes, all your mind and body need is a change of environment. And in that state, you need to go for scenery that's way more relaxing than your regular workstation.

And that's where hotels pop up. Hotels are somewhat purgatory in the sense that you can carry out "home-like" activities such as taking your bath, sleeping, and brushing your teeth, among others. But even at that, you can't feel 100% comfortable there.

Hence, you can use the sudden change in scenery to push you out of your habit's autopilot, broaden your reach at that moment, and improve your awareness. Once there's full awareness, there's hardly no way you won't feel the ready-to-work part of you coming into play.

The change in daily routine will also cause a shift - living in the present and making the best use of it.

Old Places

Old Places

Probably before you got married, had kids, or while in your former line of work, is there a specific place you loved visiting? Great, and it's been a while since you visited the spot? You need to hit the road and reminisce the happy and old memories that the place exudes. It can even be the restaurant you loved patronizing while in college.

It can be an ice cream parlor you can't do without, the spot where you first tasted Italian dishes, or something as simple as your school or town library. All you have to do is check these places out again and relish in the memories until you can feel the positive vibes overwhelming you.

Early Mornings or Late Nights

Do you know that nothing is more therapeutic than waking up to the sounds and chirpings of birds? It's deeply soothing and amazing. It's also an avenue for you to appreciate the beauty of nature. As the sun sets from the east and is getting ready for the brand new day, you can execute your tasks.

Besides, your mind, at that moment, is free from obstructions. And you can also feel more motivated by the sound of crickets nearby, the glowing moon, and the owl hooting afar off.

And if it's late at the night, the scenery doesn't change. After all, there's this special feeling of accomplishment that runs through one's veins as he works while the rest of the world is fast asleep. So whether you're an early bird or a nocturnal specie like an owl, this hack should work for you.

Wooden Office

Wooden Office

Do you feel great and active anytime you're within the reach of tall trees and branches around your home? That means your mental acuity is drawn to wood. Anyway, wood is known to be a natural material with healing tips for the soul. So working in a wooden workstation, living in a wooden house, or incorporating wood into your home office in any way is a perfect way to feel the healing touch of nature while indoors.

Going for a wooden office will also help you stay warm during winter and cold during summer. So what form of insulation can be better than this? So if you're ready and willing to unlock the secret to constant inspiration and creativity, a wooden pod located in the middle of your garden should have all your answers.

Additionally, you can also customize the pod and spice it up to your preferred state.

Parks and Hiking Trails

As humans, we easily forget that we're only a small constituent of life and organisms treading the surface of the world. So why not go on a fun trail and keep a watch for animal life?

Yes, it's an adventure that you'll love to practice every time you feel fatigued. You can go a notch higher by exploring the unique features and behavioral patterns of every animal friend that comes your way. That's you taking yourself on some deep therapeutic session. Interesting!

All you need to do is pay close attention, open up your inner ears, and bask in the euphoria that this part of life that you're now a part of offers.

Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters

You don't have to be a movie buff to know that films are the favorite form of art for some folks. So if you feel revived by movies, you should go catch some flicks. And to make it more worthwhile, you can make it a date with your friends and loved ones.

While on a Trip

Some of the greatest ideas and inventions were birthed while in the air or train. So if you found yourself in the condition of excessive thinking without any creative idea to show forth, it's probably time you hit the road!

As you journey, you can spend the time on that task you're having a hard time executing. It'll also pitch you far away from the distractions and usual hustling and bustling associated with your usual life.

Final Words

Life is beautiful, so you should find inspiration in everything that surrounds you. And the best and most important way to find it is in you - your very existence. Every minute spent is a huge draw of the grand story that's about to unfold, so you need to remind yourself every time fatigue is about to kick in.