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Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office - Review (2021)

16 September 2021

Simply owning an ergonomic chair isn’t enough to stay healthy because sitting all day poses a threat to your well-being. The dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle have never been more glaring. Apart from chronic health conditions, the immediate back or neck pain it causes is unpleasant. That’s why you need a standing desk. You need a flawless, adjustable standing desk that switches between these two postures fluidly.

To help you find the best standing desks for the office, this is an all-inclusive review of standing desks. In addition to this review is a buyer guide to navigate the sheer number of standing desks and pick the best. 

Ready to find the best standing desks to work long shifts? Let’s dive in.

Comhar all-in-one Standing desk

Best Overall: Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk

Our top pick for the best standing desk is the Comhar all in one standing desk. This workstation prides itself on its versatility and classy design. 

The versatility is responsible for its peculiar customization features. However, the customization isn't particular to one user; multiple users can preset their height preferences on this standing desk. This feature makes it a good port of call for a shared work environment.   

The Comhar standing desk offers height adjustability options. So, you can adjust the height from 28.3 to 47.6, thereby making it a convenient choice for the whole family.

Besides the multiple user structure, a smooth transition from sitting to standing facilitates focus even while changing posture. It also has integrated pull-out drawers. These drawers can keep your office accessories out of sight and well organized. 

Flexispot constructed combat standing desk with stability in mind. It's has a powder-coated steel desk frame. 

Furthermore, there are two types of comhar standing desks. This one has a glass top while the other features a wooden top. Depending on your preferred choice, they both offer similar features. 

Combined with this mix of features are 3 USB charging ports. These ports are compatible with different electronic devices helping you avoid messy cords. Overall, it’s fair to conclude Comhar standing desk is well worth the price. 

Theodore Standing Desk

Theodore Standing Desk - Best Elegant Desk

Need a sit-stand desk that flexibly combines retro design with modernized features? The Theodore standing desk should be your next stop. Channeling traditional American design style, it adopts cutting-edge ergo technology for maximum comfort.

Don’t get it wrong; the traditional design is far from sloppy. It portrays an elegant retro appearance and has a widely adjustable height to go with it. This standing desk makes working from home hassle-free and healthy. 

Are you trying to manage a small workspace? Not to worry, the Theodore standing desk has a minimalist structure that fits into a compact space. Like the comhar standing desk, it has a pull-out drawer embedded in it to house your stationaries.

Furthermore, it includes a built-in USB port for a smooth and clutter-free charging experience. All these for $499.99- you certainly get a bang for your buck. And since it has only three steps installation process, you won’t break a sweat with this adjustable desk.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk- Best Eco-friendly Desk

Our potent lateral compression technology deserves the credit for preserving the bamboo elegance of this desk. 

This desk delivers nothing short of a luxurious bamboo appearance—as expected. That’s just a fragment of the features that adorn the kana bamboo standing desk. The bamboo material doesn’t just provide an elegant appearance, it’s also responsible for durability. 

Nothing beats the comfort that comes with having a variety of choices. Flexispot thought of this and made the Kanaa bamboo standing desk in 3 different sizes. That’s not all; you can also choose between a rectangular-shaped board and a stylish curved board to suit both traditional and conventional tastes. 

What’s not to like about having a say in the keypad you’d like to have on your standing desk? You can decide to pick a simple up and down keypad to switch from sitting to standing. Or you can stick with an all-in-one keypad with preset functions. This preset function allows you to choose your favorite sit and stand height.

The advanced keypad also has an LED display for viewing your exact desk height. When the desk stays stationary for a while, the LED display enters sleep mode. Moreover, if you are a workaholic that forgets to switch position, you can schedule sit and stand alerts as a reminder. 

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk-Best L-shaped standing desk

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk - Best L-shaped Standing Desk

If you have a light budget and a heavy taste for quality, you shouldn’t miss this. The Seiffen is a bestselling Flexispot standing desk—it’s not hard to figure out why. 

This sit and stand desk have all you need to avoid spine issues. And let’s not forget that it’s budget-friendly at $239.99.

It has an eco-frame that tends to several users without a misfit complaint. Furthermore, you get a chance to pick from 3 different frame types. 

The first one has a capacity that can hold your monitor and other accessories without buckling under the weight. 

The second frame prides itself in heavier weight capacity and rock-solid stability. In addition, it has a dual-motor lifting system. With this dual-motor system, transitioning from sitting to standing has never been faster. This frame type is for hardcore players and people in need of a sky-high ergonomic performance.

The third frame allows for extensive height adjustability with a faster lifting speed. It combines all these features to give an ultimate standing desk adventure. It’s best suited for kids and people who require more extended height adjustability. 

It also works for various scenarios like live streaming and crafting. And to cap it all, you get to pick from different eco-friendly desktops. 

Standing Desk Pro series extra-large Desk Top

Standing Desk Pro Series Extra Large Desktop - Best Spacious Desk

Enhanced stability and lifting speed, whisper-quiet noise level, high loading capacity; all these are distinctive features of the Standing Desk Pro Series extra-large desktop. As the name suggests, this standing desk is an extra-large standing desk able to carry 275 lbs. weight. 

And like a friendly little buddy, it alerts you of sit and stands sessions with its all-in-one keypad. It also features three memories preset to program your preferred desk heights. Providing silence, stability, and speed, the dual-motor lifting system delivers a hitch-free service all day long. 

This standing desk offers three distinct types of desktops. You can either buy one with a bamboo top, solid wood top, or a laminated desktop. Seeing as flexispot has generously offered a myriad of features with the standing desk pro series, it’s no surprise that it costs a whopping $559.00.  

Considering the powder-coated steel coating, durability, and all these ergonomic features, it’s worth the price.

Electric Height-adjustable gaming desk 55” W

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 55” W - Best Gaming Desk

The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk is a worthy contender for the best gaming standing desks. Flexispot created this piece of furniture with a remarkable gaming experience in mind. Hence, the comfort and ergonomic technology in this gaming desk is proof of the project’s success.

You can now play your favorite games for long hours without any sitting discomfort. Furthermore, you can also make a speed-like adjustment from sitting to standing anytime. With its swift and quiet movement, our Electric Height-adjustable gaming desk keeps up a nifty performance with ease.

The desktop is thick and eco-friendly; plus, there’s a plethora of sizes and colors for diversity's sake. It has a stable frame capable of handling the jostle that comes with gaming. So, when you get overly excited, the table can withstand an occasional shake. For a $339.99 desk, it delivers impressive features.

Willow solid wood standing desk

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk - Best Solid Desk

The Willow Solid Wood standing desk’s versatility is rooted in its ability to fit into any décor. If you love classic furniture, this affordable standing desk hits the mark. 

Borrowing a few features from its predecessor, willow solid wood is flexible and sustainable with eco-friendly materials. The quality of the frame is worth mentioning. You can be sure that this desk is durable because it’s made of high-grade steel.

And for what it’s worth, you’ll encounter no wobbling while using this desk—not even at the peak of its height. This desk has an impeccable transitioning system that ensures that all your sit and stand transitions are smooth.

Like the Kana bamboo standing desk, you can decide on your keypad type. But remember that an all-in-one keypad has a fusion of advanced features that are not present in the basic keypad.

Furthermore, in a bid to facilitate sustainability, Flexispot makes this desk with two wood types. These wood types are solid wood veneer and rubberwood. Not to worry, these woods are durable.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

Esben Standing Desk UD4 - Best Flexible Desk

Creating a comfortable workspace starts with an ideal and comfy standing desk. When a piece of office furniture mixes comfort with a stately design, it delivers an appealing and productive result. One look at Esben standing desk UD4, and you can feel the elegance it oozes. If you pay enough attention, it might even brighten your mood and boost your focus.

But that’s not the best part. The fact that it is a standing desk with pull-out drawers makes it even more appealing. The two drawers help create an organized workspace. Surprisingly, it still manages to stay compact enough to fit into any small space.

The height adjustability works well to help you change from sitting to standing. Moreover, you can mount this standing desk in 3 simple installation steps—no installation hassles. 

Adjustable standing desk pro series EC5

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 - Best with Anti-collision Function

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 is known for its quick and vast adjustability features. You can access a quiet and steady switch from sitting to standing position. Even 220 lbs. weight capacity isn’t enough to slow down the speedy height adjustment.

It features an anti-collusion function that prevents it from ramming into an object while it’s in motion. This function indirectly assures you of a durable standing desk even with the lifting speed.

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 has an all-natural bamboo top that makes it stylish. The innovative coating on the tabletop makes it insect resistant and moisture-free. It has a highly customizable frame that can hold multiple desktop sizes and the crossbar design helps create more under desk room for your legs.

Assembling this standing desk will take about 10 minutes and requires minor stress. At $399.99, it’s a worthy investment.

Electric height adjustable standing desk E2AL

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL - Best with a Self-leveling System

The Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL undoubtedly delivers superior ergonomic value seamlessly. You get to experience steady and hasty height movement courtesy of its quality dual motor. You can trust this office desk with about 220 lbs. weight which it would lift gracefully.

At a wallet-friendly price, you get unlimited access to a splendid and productive workstation. Regardless of the positioning of this standing desk, it keeps up its steady and straight nature. Like a host of other standing desks on this list, it allows you to preset your favorite desk heights. 

Coupled with the lineup of features is the multifunctional advanced keypad design. That comes with a convenient LED display and a sit-stand alert that rings at intervals unless you turn it off.

You can pick your choice of desktop ranging from mahogany to maple to whitewood grain and others. 

6 tips to find the best ergonomic standing desk:

One of the numerous benefits of a standing desk is that it relieves you of the stress that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. However, finding the best ergonomic standing desk is a daunting task without the right guide.

Today seems to be your lucky day, as we have a few tips on picking the best standing desks. 

  • Decide on the motor type you prefer

You can decide to buy a standing desk with a single motor or dual motor. The main difference between these two is that one has a faster lifting speed than the other. 

A single-speed doesn’t necessarily mean a standing desk is below standard. With the right brand, a single motor represents affordable comfort. Simply put, single motor standing desks are cheaper.

  • Get a durable standing desk 

Long service years is one feature that’s peculiar to quality standing desks. You can use a durable office desk for years without stress. Ensure you do your due diligence before buying a desk.

  • Opt for a stable desk

Working with a wobbling desk is the best way to kill productivity and focus. How can you focus when you fear picking up your monitor after a fall? Ensure you get a desk with a solid frame.

  • Easy installation matters

Buying a desk with a complex assembling process is frustrating. Imagine You spending hours trying to figure out which screw goes to where? We have a couple of standing desks with three simple installation steps. This way you can mount your new office desk, and get to work immediately.

  • Check the noise level

If noise tampers with your focus, you can’t ignore the noise level of a standing desk. Before you buy an adjustable standing desk, make sure the noise level is below 50 decibels.

Flexispot has tons of whisper-silent standing desks without distraction tendencies. 

  • Buy a standing desk that appeals to your aesthetic tastes

Ergonomics is pivotal; so is aesthetics. If your standing desk doesn’t reflect your personality, there might be a slight problem. 

Hence, we offer a wide range of customization options with our standing desks—feel free to create your dream sit-stand desk.

5 factors that should affect your choice of ergonomic standing desk:

These 5 factors are essential, so you must consider them when it’s time to buy an ergonomic standing desk.

  • Effortless usability
  • Size of the desktop
  • Customization options
  • Height adjustment system
  • Stability

Verdict: Best Standing Desk 2021

With the right tips on how to pick the best standing desks, the task becomes a no-brainer. We have given you insight into our top 10 picks as far as standing desks are concerned. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision when needed. 

The best standing desk gives much more than an ergonomically correct posture; it hikes your productivity.