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Best ways to enjoy cold winter days when working from home

08 December 2021

Winter wonderland. Beautiful to look at but especially cold and uncomfortable, especially when you still have to work. If we’re all honest, the first few days of the cold season are a welcome change, but it gets annoying real quick. For most workers, winter is the most challenging time of the year as you’ve got to deal with the pressures of work in addition to the cold days.

Despite the distaste for winter amongst workers, you cannot avoid the season. Winter is fast approaching, and as everyone indulges in the joys of the coming holiday season, many workers are dreading the cold and shorter days.

Winter doesn’t have to leave a bad taste in your mouth, though. If you’re sufficiently prepared for it, you can easily brave the cold and boost your productivity while at it. We’ll tell you how below!

Staying warm while working during winter

Our attention spans are quite short, which means that any slight distraction can get us off track. This means that even the slightest discomfort can make you abandon your work for the day. Therefore, if you don’t have the proper workstation, especially for at-home workers, then you will struggle.

To start you off, you need a dedicated work area; somewhere you can switch your mind off everything else and focus on work. It is essential that you work to make that space warm and comfortable through the winter months.

The good news is that it is possible to transform your home working space into a comfortable and cozy space during winter. In fact, it is easy to keep warm while working from home, and that doesn’t mean running up your electric and heating bills.

So, how do you keep warm while working at home?

Consume hot foods

Consume hot foods

A hot cup of tea or coffee will go a long way to help you preserve heat and keep warm. Hot beverages throughout the day will boost your morale and help you keep going. Don’t forget to have a hot meal for lunch. Usually, in a rush to get things done faster, most people neglect meals in favor of getting straight to work without taking breaks. However, most times, people end up spending even longer at work because their body doesn’t have the energy to get the job done. When you add that to the cold and gloom of winter, you can barely function. Therefore, it is important to consume hot beverages and foods throughout your workday.

An extra tip on this, when cooking or heating up your meals, ensure to use the stove or oven as it will help heat the room. Once done, leave the oven door open to let that heat sip into the room.

Take hot showers… or cold showers.

A quick hot shower is a great way to warm up. However, you need to thoroughly dry off once you are done to ensure that you don’t lose the warmth. It is also crucial that you dry off in the bathroom where it is still warm because once you venture out into the cold rooms, that warmth disappears quite fast.

As for cold showers…

If you want to shock your body into activity, this is the way to go about it. A splash of cold water will stimulate your circulation; your blood will pump faster, which will prompt your body to heat up. This tried and tested method is only recommended for those who trust the process.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair

Workout during the day

A workout routine to help you beat the cold is important. It will help you boost your energy levels, get your blood pumping and temperature rising. You can slot in a good workout right before you settle in for work or in the middle of your workday. Most people abandon their workout routines during winter because they don’t want to be tired on top of being cold. However, it is precisely what you need to get you hyped for work.

It is vital that you never work out in your work clothes. When you get some exercise in, you work up a sweat, and if that moisture will keep you cold longer if you are in your work clothes. Therefore, remember to change from your work clothes to workout clothes.

If you’re not feeling up to a workout, you can also invest in home office furniture that allows you to exercise while you work. Take, for instance, a standing desk or the Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair. With this chair, you can get your work done as you comfortably pedal, giving you an endless supply of heat and energy throughout your workday. Working out as your work will also keep you active when all you want is to cuddle up with a warm mug and some Hallmark classics.

Wear warm clothes

This is the first step in keeping your body warm. Choosing the right clothes is very important. Most people get cold in their hands and feet; therefore, you should invest in some wool socks, house slippers, gloves, and hats for warmth. During the winter months, wearing woolen clothes will help you preserve as much heat as possible. You should avoid jeans as they’re poor at insulation.

When it gets extremely cold, consider layering up, jackets, scarves, thermal wear, etc. Start with silk or polyester for the first layer of clothes you wear. These are comfortable and will keep you from getting too sweaty. After that, add as many layers of clothes as you need to stay warm; however, ensure your clothes are not restricting your movement or comfort.

Set up your workstation in a warmer room

Set up your workstation in a warmer room

Admittedly, some rooms in your house will be warmer than others. Therefore, setting up your workstation in a warmer room might help. Since this might not be an option with your already set up home office, you can find ways to heat up your office.

Let’s walk through both options!

First, setting up your workstation in a warmer room doesn’t mean that you carry your laptop to your cozy living room or bedroom. That is a surefire way of getting very little done. When you get too comfortable, your productivity will significantly drop. Therefore, if you are just now setting up your home office space, consider doing it in a warmer room. Upper floors tend to be warmer since heat rises and heats up their floors. Therefore, consider an upstairs room if you can.

If you already have a workstation setup or don’t have an upstairs room to set up for work, you can easily find ways to heat up your office space. One of the best ways is adding rugs to your floors. Thick carpets under your feet will help preserve heat longer. Other affordable ways to heat up your space include using thick or thermal curtains if you have a window in your office, heated gloves, heating pads, hand-warming mouse, etc. You can also use a heater – which might be a costly option.

Invest in winter accessories

Most of what we’ve discussed so far requires some form of accessory added. Therefore, this goes without saying. As you prepare for the months ahead, make a list of winter accessories you’ll need like gloves, beanies, scarves, coats, earmuffs, footwarmers, etc.

How to enjoy working from home during winter

You’ve got the base covered with keeping warm while you work. Now, it is time to figure out how you can enjoy a winter workday.

Take regular breaks

1. Take regular breaks

Taking breaks is very important for your productivity. Though your office space might be warm and cozy, you need to get up for your breaks, walk around your house or go outside. This helps your mind and body rest for a little bit before you get back to work.

2. Don’t forget self-care

It is easy to slip into the depressing gloom of the cold winter days. To avoid this, don’t forget to look after your health and wellbeing even as you work. Eat right, exercise, take time off, and do things you enjoy.

Invest in ergonomic work equipment

3. Invest in ergonomic work equipment

Whether you get a standing desk, ergonomic chair, or accessories, using these kinds of furniture will help you enjoy your workday a bit more. With a standing desk, the switch from sit to stand gives you something to do and keeps you focused. Ergonomic workstations also help you keep healthy and fit.

To sum up

With so many people now working from home, it is taking a bit of time for them to adjust to working through the various seasons. When you combine the stress and pressure from work with the cold and gloom of winter, you have so many people operating at less than optimal productivity. However, it is possible to boost your performance and actually enjoy working from home over the winter.

Winter has been known to have some of the most brutal months for workers overall. To beat that this year, follow the above tips to help you enjoy working at home through the winter.