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Best Workplace Perk: Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

25 July 2021

Corporate perks are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Who can say no to complimentary nibbles and beverages at work? They're a terrific way to kickstart the day and offer you a much-needed pick-me-up in the afternoons, correct?

If you genuinely care about your employees and want to foster an invigorating workplace culture, you should opt for workplace perks that benefit both your employees and your business. Sitting at a desk all day is wreaking havoc on your employees' well-being, and they are well aware of it. Not only do their pains and discomforts at the end of the workday indicate it, but studies have been published by medical and business experts alike warning the public about the consequences of sitting.

Sitting for the majority of the day can be detrimental to your health and well-being, but it is something that many employees must endure daily. Most sedentary employees will not have the energy to engage in physical activity on the weekends after a long, hard week. Standing desks may be the solution you're looking for if that might seem like something you want to eliminate in your business office settings. Employees are looking for choices that will better their productivity and comfort levels while they are at work. Employers are taking notice, and corporations such as Facebook and Google increasingly provide electric height-adjustable desks as work incentives.

Standing desks can be adjusted electrically or manually, and they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations. They are also known as height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desks, standup desks, and simply adjustable desks. Electric standing desks are a simple method to get your employees up and moving while they work. Employees may move from sitting to standing at the press of a button, and if this becomes a habit, the following are the top reasons why standing desks may turn out to be the best perk employers could possibly offer to their workforce.

Standing can help with back discomfort

Sitting exerts up to 90% greater pressure on your lower spine than standing. Because of the increased strain, most employees who work at a desk the whole day suffer from back pain. Slumping shoulders and hunching over your desk impact your cervical vertebrae and shoulder muscles, resulting in neck pain and headaches.

Long-term back discomfort is a prevalent concern among adults who work full-time in an office setting. It's been on the rise, with as many as 4 in 5 persons complaining about back pain at some point. Standing for more than an hour out of an entire shift has been shown to lessen neck and back pain. Standing might be awkward for some people, which is where height-adjustable desks come in. If your back starts to feel fatigued or sore, simply lower the standing desk back to sitting height. Height-adjustable desks allow you to work without having to sit (or stand) for extended periods.

Standing can aid in calorie burn

Employees will still have the same tasks, and they will not be required to take additional breaks or walk the stairs rather than the elevator. The only change is that instead of sitting down, they will stand up for one afternoon. This minor modification will help you burn an extra 170 calories in a single workday.

Standing can help you concentrate

Sitting for an extended period not only affects your physical health but also causes your mental performance to decelerate. When your body is not active, your brain does not receive the fresh oxygenated blood it requires to stimulate the production of cognitive and mood-enhancing chemicals. Standing may increase productivity because it allows people to be more attentive and focused on their job than sitting and hunching over laptops. Standing requires the circulatory system to work more since it must sustain blood flow across a larger area.

Standing can help to reduce blood sugar levels

Following a meal, blood sugar levels typically rise. Participants in one research who had just completed their lunch were asked to sit or stand while working. They were also instructed to take the same amount of steps, allowing the researchers to rule out any other exercise. They discovered that those who functioned while standing had lower blood sugar levels, while those who worked while sitting had more significant spikes.

Standing might help you gain energy

As an extra advantage, individuals who stood up for work reported an increase in energy. On the other hand, some sedentary non-activities, such as sitting for longer durations, have been associated with anxiety and depression. This means that simple tasks like standing up and strolling around the office can help maintain positive mental health.

Standing can help you relax

Many people link the word "stress" with the workplace. Many conventional workplace environments provide little comfort or flexibility to employees. This may result in an increase in their levels of stress while diminishing their job happiness. Standing up has been demonstrated to lessen tension since it allows an employee to stretch out fatigued muscles and keep the blood pumping.

Standing can help you function better at work

Standing while performing regular office tasks may appear strange initially, but it only takes a little getting used to. It can actually aid in enhancing work performance after you get used to doing your job while standing up and alternating between sitting and standing. You also work harder and faster while standing since you want to do more things done to sit down and relax again.

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Final Word

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular for a multitude of reasons. While some people believe that 'comfort' and 'standing desks' do not mix, offering employees the opportunity to work in both situations can improve their work and general well-being. Choose an electric height-adjustable standing desk if you're searching for office bonuses that will keep your employees pleased while also benefiting your company. Your staff will appreciate you as their health and energy levels improve, and your organization will profit from enhanced performance and satisfied employees.