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Breaking Down the Motorized Aesthetic Sit-Stand Workstation

02 September 2021

Picture this: You’re a computer programmer who just started working from home since the pandemic hit. You’ve been wanting to reward yourself with something you’ve always wanted and, at the same time, be able to use it on a daily basis. You already have a standing desk converter but then you came across the EM6M, the Motorized Aesthetic Sit-Stand Workstation from Flexispot. You blinked twice and you started pondering. Do you need the upgrade? Will it be worth the buck? Are you just drawn by the design?

We’re here to kill all of those doubts as we break down the features of the EM6M, one by one. 

Multi-Functional Design

Multi-Functional Design

The EM6M serves as a workstation, storage for desk items, and a charging hub for your devices. These different functions were strategically placed that using one—for example, charging a phone—won’t obstruct from using the other—storing desk essentials. 

The EM6M can be installed in three ways. The first is to have two storage boxes on both ends of the unit. Second is if there are not too many items to store, one storage box on the right side will do and one extended panel pad on the left side may be added for a laptop or a smaller monitor. The third and last set-up is to go away with the storage boxes and instead have two extended panel pads on both the right and left sides. 

This design was crafted by American designers who filed and secured a patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Comes in white and grey, the EM6M has a modern sleek design that is perfect for any aesthetic of space as it won’t draw attention in terms of color. 

Unintimidating Control Panel

Unintimidating Control Panel

The EM6M comes with a touchscreen control panel that’s easy to understand for any age bracket who might use the standing desk converter unit. It simply has up (to lift the desk) and down (to lower the desk) buttons in black rectangular space on the front side of the converter. It’s easy to access whenever you want to change the height and switch modes from sitting to standing. 

Unconventional Stand

Unconventional Stand 

The EM6M has an X-shaped base not only for the aesthetic but more so for its function. One leg stays in place with its end secured to the bottom; another leg glides smoothly to the other side to form an X-shape that ensures the converter’s stability at any given height. It has a gas spring hovering system that makes it change heights smoothly. 

For people shorter than 6’1”, the 28” desk height is recommended while the 31’ desk height is suitable for people shorter than 6’5.” 

Integrated Charging Station

Integrated Charging Station 

The EM6M really levels up the game with its charging station of 3 USB Charging Ports and a Wireless Charging Pad. Usually, devices are placed on the desktop with charging cords dangling below the desk to reach the wall sockets or a power unit system. With the EM6M, there won’t be any need for wall outlets and you could say goodbye to tangled cords because everything is in one place. You may charge multiple gadgets at the same time. 

Pre-drilled Monitor Mounting Holes

Pre-drilled Monitor Mounting Holes 

The designers could have thought of any possible scenario or use for the EM6M, and they did. With a spacious desktop area, the upper layer can actually accommodate two monitors. A space-saver, you may use a dual-monitor mount by simply inserting it in the pre-drilled monitor mounting holes of the EM6M. 

Note: Flexispot also carries a dual-monitor mount or the F7D/F8LD. You may place the monitors side-by-side, spaced evenly apart, back to back, or top to bottom. The monitors can be rotated from landscape to portrait orientation. Its maximum height reaches up to 15.55 inches and it could be extended forward up to 20 inches. What’s great about the F7 is that it has a cable management system that hides the wires of your devices to make the deskspace even more clutter-free. 

Cords organization system

Cord Organization System 

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more organized, the EM6M provides you with another detail. It comes with a cord organization system that you may clip the wires dangling from the upper surface to the X-shaped leg. Overall, this makes up for a neat and tidy place of work. 

As with every other Flexispot product, the EM6M is certified to the highest industry standard, obtaining certifications from different entities.  

Motorized Aesthetic Sit-Stand Workstation EM6M

Worth the Price? 

The EM6M is currently priced at $379.99. It’s almost double the price of the other standing desk converter units which makes a client question whether or not the additional bucks is worth the investment. The answer to the question boils down to priorities. There’s a price to pay for style, accessibility, convenience, and function---all of which the EM6M has. Yes, other standing desk converters at a lower price point will also give the benefit of improving a person’s workflow and efficiency but if you’re looking to upgrade the style and function of your workstation, the EM6M is an excellent choice. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need and won’t give you any hassle in terms of height adjustment, stability, clutter management, weight capacity, and desk area. 

Final Thoughts 

The EM6M is worth the extra bucks if your priority is to upgrade your current workstation. It provides multiple functions such as a charging pad and storage area while also serving its main purpose to carry your laptop or desktop device. Its sleek design is versatile and can instantly add modern sophistication to your workstation.