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Breaking Bad Habits with Ergo Chairs

18 June 2021

Attempts to Get Rid of Your Vices:

Smoking and drinking. These are the types of vices that most people could not avoid having. These are the worst habits that most people do that cause great damage to their bodies and immune system. Most of the time, these habits are the ones that cause them great harm because they tend to abuse their bodies with these activities. As a result, people develop illnesses that are not limited to the lungs or other organs but also the spine, neck, and legs. The whole body system gets weak especially when they do not practice proper posture and ergonomics. Most of them are workers who are severely stressed at work. Hence, some of the ways to rebuild their immune system are to make sure they get the proper nutrition and do physical activities. Now, the way to attain these is to maintain a healthy posture that could be done with the right ergonomics from Flexispot. 

Building a Healthy and Strong Body - The Flexispot Way:

Aside from the workout plan that you have consulted from your physician, there are other ways to build a healthy and strong body and that is through practicing the proper posture and ergonomics. In doing this, you can promote good blood circulation in your body that could send enough oxygen to the brain. It could also strengthen your bones and joints. Take a look at someone who does not practice the proper posture, some things severely happen to him such as: 

  • spine fatigue 
  • severe neck pain 
  • numbness around the legs and shoulder 
  • pain around the feet and ankles 

These are common in people who do not have the right posture and those who do not live a healthy and proper lifestyle. Hence, through Flexispot, people would be inspired to continue living healthily with the right ergo products such as the ergo chairs. Choosing these ergo products from Flexispot is the best choice for the following reasons: 

  • Flexispot ergo chairs could also be used as fitness equipment such as the desk bike and fitness chair that people utilize as office chairs too. 
  • This fitness equipment from Flexispot could be used while working. One could be able to divert his attention from smoking or other vices because the desk bike could make him have a quality time shedding pounds. As a result, he could maintain a healthy and beautiful physique because of the desk bike. 
  • These pieces of equipment could bear weight as heavy as 300lbs. Hence, one would not worry that he would lose balance with this equipment.
  • The fitness chair and desk bike from Flexispot could also make a person maintain an active posture without him getting strained and sprained because the cushions of these ergo chairs provide extra comfort despite the shape. Thus, one would be able to sit properly on these chairs and keep their balance as they cycle on these chairs. 
  • The fitness chair and desk bike from Flexispot have resistance levels that could be adjusted up to 8 levels. Hence, one could have control over the speed while working out and finishing the report for the meeting. This indeed could boost the confidence of someone who is fighting the urge to smoke or drink too much. 
  • These pieces of equipment have whisper-quiet operations that could maintain the silence in the workplace and would not disturb others who are working too. It is best used even when there are a lot of people working in the office.
  • Aside from the fitness chair and desk bike, Flexispot also offers accent chairs that might not be height-adjustable but could still accommodate a person who needs to work on his posture because these accent chairs are made to follow the curve of the spine and attain the proper alignment of the body. 
  • Accent chairs from Flexispot have cushions that are carefully created to increase the contact of the hips and these materials to achieve a posture with lesser pressure on the hips. 
  • The cushions of these accent chairs are carefully made insect-proof so bugs that cause skin irritation would not get in compared to other products that get easily intruded by bugs over time. 
  • The accent chairs have undergone many fatigue tests too so one could attest to the sturdiness of these products even when multiple users sit on these chairs compared to other products that after some time, the products get deformed because the materials are not as durable as the Flexipot accent chair materials. 
  • Buying ergo chairs from Flexispot is indeed smart because one could ensure that these are height adjustable. Usually, ergo chairs could reach up to 30". Hence, even a tall individual could sit on these products comfortably and could have a superb sitting experience on these products. 
  • Ergo chairs could also be adjusted at certain angles. This is because most of these chairs have adjusters that aid the product for a smoother transition. Hence, one who is getting strained could comfortably sit on this chair and find his best angle. This could help him relax more and feel comfortable sitting or rocking the chair.
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot have mesh brackets that support the lumbar and protect the spine. This one is helpful for someone who is undergoing a sedentary lifestyle. This is because when a person sits on a chair for a long time, it is possible that his posture beginning to be stooped which is harmful to the spine hence Flexispot offers the ergo chairs that have mesh brackets. 
  • The cushions of these ergo chairs also have the shape that supports the legs, unlike ordinary chairs. Some products could not support the legs and make them get sore more after long hours of sitting hence it's good that these chairs have this kind of cushion to protect the legs of users who sit on them. 

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, these features could help someone who is facing a battle on how to break the vice of smoking and drinking. Through the promotion of an active lifestyle, one could overcome these battles with the use of ergonomic chairs. As he builds an active lifestyle his attention may be diverted and he would be able to optimize a more energetic body.