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Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneur

11 November 2019

Many teens start out their career making money from cleaning their room and completing chores. But teens now days have the availability to start a business from their home and become entrepreneurs from a young age. In this article, there are a few business ideas for your teen entrepreneur, and tips to help them stay productive and healthy.

When choosing which business is for them, teens should consider their talents, interests, passions and ideas. What might be a good fit for one teen, may not work for another. Don’t be afraid to pursue ideas that are more outside of the box than others. They can learn how to monetize the ideas they have, and provide

Local Services:

  • Yard work – Nothing is wrong with the idea that teens can make money from the local community by doing lawn and yard work. Make a Facebook page, flyers, and post it on social media. They will be able to start with just a little experience and some hard work. In the winter months, advertise that they will shovel driveways and walk ways for a small fee.
  • Dog Walking/Sitting – Many people work full time and are not able to come home during the day to walk their dog. If you are good with animals, and have a love for them, this could be a good way to make some extra money, and stay active at the same time. It is important to build up a good reputation for dog walking and sitting. Many animal owners view their pet as a member of their family, and will only work with people they know they can trust.

Crafts/Homemade Goods:

Teens that are more creatively inclined, can sell their creations online through social media, at local farmers markets, and even Etsy. To make a profit, they will need to learn how to find low-cost materials, and price their items to cover their time and expenses. This helps them to learn how profits and margins works and can prepare them for future entrepreneurial quests. Some things for them to create and sell are:

  • Jewelry
  • Mugs or glasses
  • Soaps and bath bombs
  • Decorated Totes
  • Pillows and home décor

Digital Services:

Now days, kids/teens are growing up in a digital world. At school they are learning basic programming and technical skills.  Teens won’t need a degree to offer these services, they will need some experience and skill. Some ideas include:

  • Web Design and Programming
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Influencer

Most teens already follow influencers on social media and have learned basic web and graphic design skills in school. They can build a portfolio, and then start marketing their work to get jobs.

Staying Active and Healthy

Your teens health and activity levels are important. If they decide to pursue a business that will require a lot of time on their computer, consider investing in a desk bike. Flexispot offers a great All-in-one Desk Bike that they can use to stay active while working. The Desk Bike is adjustable, and they can easily adjust between sitting and biking while they work. They can also use it as a standing desk. The desktop is moveable, adjusts quietly and easily, and is assembled in 1-minute. It will help them stay active while pursuing their new business as an entrepreneur.  

Local Laws and Taxes

All businesses, run by a teen or anyone else, are subject to regulations, laws, and taxes. To start a home business, they will need to:

  • Obtain the required licenses and permits in the city, county or state they are in.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and set aside money for self-employment taxes.
  • Some businesses also will require the parents’ consent to set up and obtain the needed business licenses and other permits required. It is best practice to know what the requirements are in the city, county or state they are in.

Like all businesses, the success of the business will come from providing great quality work or services. The teen should create a business plan and come up with a marketing strategy for the business. This is a great opportunity for the teen to make extra money, tap into their interests, and learn business practices and gain experience.