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Busy is Not An Excuse: Eat Healthy at Work

20 July 2021

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is challenging enough; doing so while managing a business can feel close to impossible. We've grown accustomed to working through breaks, eating from convenience stores, and hoarding bags of chips in our workstations to complete our tasks without interruption. But productivity demands health, and you won't be healthy for long if you eat like that.

Busy workers cannot afford to spend even a single moment of their time. Our bodies require energy to continue moving at that speed. If you frequently work through lunchtime and go hours without even taking a break for a snack, you may have difficulty focusing and getting results from the task you're doing.

There are a few things you can do to be healthy while rushing through your day. A few minor modifications can have a significant impact on your energy levels as well as your general health. But before we get to everything about the healthy food and beverages tips, I'd like to add in about how easy it is to keep fit in the workplace no matter how busy you are by using a height-adjustable standing desk. What better way to stay healthy along with eating healthy but by staying physically active rather than just sitting behind your desk all day. How dull and harmful could that be? Very. Using a height-adjustable standing desk, plus throw in an under-desk bike to use your standing desk with may just be your ultimate mini workout and workstation right in your workspace! Click here to learn more about ergonomic solutions via FlexiSpot.

Here are some quick and easy strategies to make better eating habits, no matter how busy you are.

Make sure to have breakfast

When you're rushing out the door for an urgent appointment, the last thing on your mind is pausing for breakfast. However, skipping breakfast has been associated with an increased risk of diabetes and obesity, and morning irritability. Make your breakfast the evening before so it's ready to go in the morning. Overnight oats, chia pudding, and fruit yogurt are delicious examples. Another quick and healthy breakfast is smoothies! Nothing is easier to make, and you can enjoy it on your way to work. Here are more quick, healthy breakfast recipes you can make at home or the office.

Keep a supply of healthy snacks in your workstation

When you're tethered to your desk, you're inclined to grab the first snack you could get your hands on, regardless of how close the local Whole Foods is. A hectic schedule almost always results in convenience trumps nutrition, so make it simpler for yourself by prepping ahead of time and making healthy options convenient as well.

Start stockpiling on dried fruit, nuts, pre-cut veggies, and hummus, or even dark chocolate. Sign up for a paid snack membership if you're easily bored. Having a variety of nutritious goodies gives us a reason to forgo the soda machine, but it also makes it much simpler to say no to the sugary treats commonly shared around the workplace.

Make use of a slow cooker and blender

A slow cooker might be your best buddy if you work long hours. Simply toss in your veggies and protein in the morning, and you'll have a nutritious, tasty dinner waiting for you when you get home. A blender, like a slow cooker, is another gadget that makes it simple to eat healthily. A high-quality blender will enable you to make nut butter, breakfast smoothies, and nutritious treats like an expert. Nondairy milk, including almond, cashew, hemp milk, coconut or almond flour, pureed fruits and vegetables, and even homemade pizza dough, can all be prepared in a blender.

Go grocery shopping online

Having your groceries delivered to you saves you a lot of time. Online grocery delivery service providers make it extremely simple. Online grocery shopping is one of the most straightforward ways to eat healthily since it tackles two problems: it helps you save time and ensures you don't stop if you're hungry, which leads to junk food wound up in your basket.

Eat your meals away from your work

Whether it's a nutritious lunch or not, don't eat it at your desk: Multitasking has been shown in studies to be harmful to your waistline. When you're engaged in replying to emails and writing reports, you're less likely to notice how much you're taking and are more likely to overeat. Dedicate at least 30 minutes every day for work so you can concentrate on eating the healthy food you've spent time making (or have delivered). If you get the chance, go one step further, eat your lunch outside, and get some fresh air.

Keep yourself hydrated

Whether you enjoy the taste of this or not, water is an essential component of good health. Consider purchasing an office water fountain to help you and your team stay hydrated all through the day. If this is not an option, have a small fridge in your office to store bottled water.

Final Word

We understand how difficult it may be to eat properly when you have a hectic schedule. From buying groceries to meal preparations, it may appear to be overwhelming. But we're here to encourage you that there are simple methods to eat better and even incorporate healthy habits such as staying active at least one step at a time that goes into even the busiest of schedules—without adding to your stress. As your to-do list expands, eating well can feel like the last option. However, nourishing your body with essential foods will make it much easier to tick everything off your list of tasks. You'll have more energy (which means you'll be more effective) and feel much better, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.