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Can Bamboo Standing Desk Withstand Heavy Use?

31 August 2021

Health problems are common among people who work long hours and sit at their desks all day. Sedentary lifestyles cause far more harm than active lifestyles. 

Those who sit for long periods have more significant blood pressure, obesity, and other cardiovascular health issues.

While there are various remedies for you to avoid the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you can make safety measures and adjustments to prevent it. 

Aside from regular posture exercises and taking brief breaks at work, many businesses premium employee health and productivity. They have given each of their employees a standing desk.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Working from a Standing Desk

Standing desks in the office keep you healthier since they allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, depending on your preference. 

They are durable and may be lifted and lowered by manually altering the settings or using electric motors. 

Blood flow rises as your body moves, and your muscles change positions, loosening up. Benefits include increased metabolism, more minor aches, and pains, and more, according to studies.

They are also known as standing electric desks when an electric motor powers them. The eight most potent electric standing desks are reviewed here.

Material Composition

Particleboard or engineered board, maple wood, wood veneer, powder-coated wood, bamboo desk surface, wooden laminates, and other wood products are among the options. Metals such as steel, polished aluminum, and paint are available, albeit less common, due to their hefty price tag.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Bamboo: The Main Star

Is a bamboo desk top suitable for use as a standing office desk surface? Is it going to last? Is it going to spoil if it gets wet? When you talk about using bamboo for a standing electric desk, you will get a lot of these kinds of queries.

Let us have a look at this in more depth. You can find bamboo all across the world, but especially in East Asia and South Asia. It is widely utilized in the building industry.

Bamboo is popular in construction because of its great tensile strength. It is soft but robust, has high tensile strength, and is less expensive than other construction materials. Bamboo office desk surfaces are frequently made of bamboo engineered wood.

Engineered bamboo wood is fashionable and affordable, and its natural wood for solid bamboo tabletop is delightful. Do not miss our roundup of bamboo desk setup ideas.

Bamboo Durability Tests

It is crucial to know how long a bamboo-standing desktop electric desk will last you before purchasing one. 

During a typical day, the standing desk is put to various tests as you set a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of water on it. Here are a few scenarios that will put your wooden desk's durability to the test.

1. Water Spillage

Water spills on a desk are typical, and the water remains on the surface until it is wiped away with tissue paper. On a standing workstation with a bamboo desk surface, a water spillage test was conducted with water on the desk for about a minute.

There were no signs of irreversible damage on the wooden bamboo surface. Why? Bamboo is softwood that absorbs and dries water quickly.

2. The Effect of Condensation on Bamboo and Cold Drinks

You frequently carry cans of aerated drinks and juices with you, sipping them to keep yourself hydrated as you work long hours. 

Can these cans, bottles, or plastic cups affect the bamboo wood surface of your standing desk? A reasonable inquiry that you should not ask unless you have made a financial investment in the desk. It is, after all, your money.

What would happen to bamboo wood if a chilled can was left on the desk for a weekend or a day?

The natural qualities of bamboo absorb the condensation from the can, according to the results. The capillary motion may have spread the water from condensed drips across the wooden surface, leaving the overall feeling intact. It is time to move on!

3. Are You Wet and Drenched?

After soaking the wooden bamboo surface for 24 hours, the wet end wood swelled up. When working in environments where the desk surfaces could be damp or saturated, bamboo could use a chemical treatment to prevent swelling.

4. Impressions in Writing

There are times when you pull out a yellow stick to write a note or a reminder for yourself while working at your desk (wooden surface made of bamboo). What effect would this have on the bamboo desk's surface? When used with a single sheet of paper, will it leave impressions or imprints?

Sadly, it did indeed happen that way! A single piece of paper was held on the wooden surface, and something was written with the same pressure as when writing.

When subjected to normal writing pressure, bamboo is not a suitable surface. It needs to be laminated or chemically treated before it may be used in a productive office environment.

Weight Displacement

The majority of us use our office desks to prop our bags or heavy paperwork on. Is it possible for a bamboo desk surface to withstand this kind of abuse?

As a ten-pound dumbbell was dragged across the bamboo desk surface, the braid of the dumbbell did not leave. It left its imprint!

Loss of Weight

You may drop a cup of coffee, a paperweight, a memento, or a hefty fine on the bamboo desk's surface at work. How durable would the bamboo be?

The results were comparable to those of the previous test. When the bamboo was dropped from six inches above the bamboo desk's surface and subjected to a weight drop (two and a half pounds), it left visible deep impressions on the surface. Not particularly impressive.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk


In conclusion, while sturdy and commonly used in buildings, wood has a high resistance as a primary attribute. However, it would require some caution and attention if utilized in an office setting! If you think you can handle it, go for it!

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