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Can Ergonomic Chairs Aid a Gamer who Undergoes "Chiropractic" Treatment

08 June 2021

I scrolled down my Social Media account last time. For several hours, I kept looking for some things to buy but what I saw was a clinic that offers a kind of physical therapy that I knew was groundbreaking. I have seen videos of people undergoing this treatment. As I watched it, I heard the bones cracking and patients were screaming in pain. I wondered what kind of physical therapy that was; I felt uneasy with it. Hence, I tried looking for the answer online and I knew the treatment was called "Chiropractic". The first person that came to my mind was my friend who is a gamer; I knew that he's into tournaments now and I noticed that his posture is becoming terrible as days go by and that's because of long hours in the gaming chair. I once told him that he needs to undergo this treatment. Thus. in today's discussion, we will talk about this treatment that most people these days take. We will also discuss:

● What chiropractic treatment is all about

● The advantages of having chiropractic treatment

● The benefits of ergonomic chairs for gamers who undergo chiropractic treatment 

So, let us begin the discussion now. 

According to Wikipedia, chiropractic is:

● A pseudoscientific alternative medicine

● Is focused on the treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system especially the spine: Chiropractors are the ones who do the treatment- they are not called doctors of medicine but they are referred to as a Chiropractic physician. They have proposed that when there is an ailment along the spine or the system, it affects other areas especially the nervous system. 

● Chiropractors do the conservative way of treating the neuromusculoskeletal system without the use of medicine or surgery: A Chiropractic physician usually does the spinal adjustment or the spinal manipulation. This technique is the most common treatment done by the Chiropractor. The Spinal manipulation includes the moving of the three-joint complex that is located along the spine. This is done to optimize the range of motion of the joint. This is done through a sudden force or the pressure applied to the back of the patient. This gives the cracking sound when the Chiropractor puts a dynamic thrust on the affected area. 

Although the WHO (World Health Organization ) indicated that the Chiropractic treatment does not impose grave effects on the patients and is safe when administered carefully and skillfully, a Chiropractor must still be well-versed in this field, must be licensed, and well-trained. It is because, in the records, there is no sufficient data that may consider the absolute safety of the Chiropractic manipulation

Despite these criticisms on Chiropractic treatment, it still has notable effectiveness when it comes to certain types of back pain. Hence, in this next part now, we will discuss the:

The Advantages of Having Chiropractic Treatment:

Although it has been widely debated whether Chiropractic treatment could be an effective spine treatment yet there are other notable effects just like the ones reported by Sara Butler in her online article. Despite the controversies about this treatment, there are more positive effects connected to Chiropractic treatment such as: 

● Improved Posture: When one decides to undergo this treatment, the Chiropractor would then diagnose the areas on the spine and lower torso that needs adjustment. In some online videos too, you would see patients who have bearing shoulder pain or a hunchback for decades but after they have undergone the Chiropractic treatment, their conditions improved and their decade-long pain has been alleviated.

● Patients can sleep better: As they say, when you have a tight spine, there is a tendency that you might have a condition that affects your sleep. But with this kind of treatment, your spine problem would be solved and would make your blood circulation good that could also make your sleep better. Imagine have problems with the back, it affects not just the neck, right? It also affects body parts like the shoulders and sides that give you improper breathing because of the pressure you get when there is a tight spine. 

● Improved Focus: According to Sara, when a person undergoes Chiropractic treatment, his system becomes aligned. Hence, the proper blood flow takes place and could send enough oxygen to the brain. When this happens, the brain function is optimized and the person can focus more on his activities instead of enduring pain because of a misaligned spine.

● You become aware of the Misalignment: When you go to the Chiropractor, you can know that there is something wrong with your posture, that your left foot is higher by a certain degree than your right foot, or certain parts of your spine are not perfectly aligned hence you experience the certain pain and discomfort. These are the examples of things that you might learn and be aware of when you go for Chiropractic treatment. 

These are the positive points of Chiropractic treatment. When one decides to undergo this treatment he can know what's wrong with his posture. Now, what if the Chiropractic patient is also a gamer? Now, in the last part of our discussion, we will talk about:

The Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chairs for Gamers Who Undergo Chiropractic

In some of the articles that were written, we have discussed the effects of long hours of playing games. This hobby could damage the spine and his nervous system in the long run. Hence, going to that said treatment could help him ease the strain and sprain caused by a stopped posture. Thus, that being said, it is recommendable that he also tries a product that is built with ergonomic solutions and the best ergo chairs are found in Flexispot. These chairs are built to support the lumbar- from the cushion that fits the hips and buttocks properly to the sturdy wheels. A gamer who goes for this treatment should also find products that could support his system. It is because it could help improve his condition when he finds a piece of equipment that he could rely on.