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Can You Use Ergonomics as a Strategy for Business Improvement?

27 June 2024

When we think of business improvement, we probably think about it in terms of finances – increasing profits and reducing costs, taking steps to improve efficiency and productivity, and reputation management; all of these are the more commonly understood approaches to improving your business.

And these aren't wrong, because the core purpose of business improvement is to improve revenues and efficiency. But there are a number of other ways to go about doing the same thing.

One way is to focus on the output, such as by maximizing the revenues, sales, or total production. The other way is to focus on the input. Reducing the cost of materials or labor, or perhaps improving the quality of input to help maximize productivity and thus, revenues.

Ergonomics can be one such strategy. Improving workplace ergonomics has had a proven positive effect on employees in terms of productivity, creativity, and cost reduction.

The Benefits of Ergonomics For a Company

Most managers and executives will think of ergonomics as something to do with occupational health and safety, and not business performance. In some companies, health and safety also take a backseat to business, so these are often overlooked as a way to reduce expenses.

In reality, ergonomics can have a significant positive impact on a business's performance. Let's consider some of the ways this works.

Improved Health

Ergonomics revolves around occupational health, so it is a given that incorporating good ergonomics practices in the workplace will result in better employee health. There are proven benefits for the cardiovascular system and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, among other things.

How does this tie in with business improvement? Well, when the workforce is not healthy, they are unable to work as productively as they would be able to otherwise. Good health would mean that they are able to get more work done within a smaller amount of time than if their health was compromised.

On top of that, because they’d be in good shape, they'd take fewer days off than if they were not doing so well. This will also help improve productivity.

Boosting Mental Insights

When one feels uncomfortable, they are more likely to be focused on the discomfort they are feeling, than the actual task at hand. This reduces the likelihood of their time being spent productively. On top of just the physical discomfort, there is also likely to be some mental distress associated with being uncomfortable, especially if the discomfort is persistent.

By improving workplace ergonomics, employees will have fewer concerns about their physical health, which can improve their mood, focus, and concentration. More focus and concentration will naturally lead to better efficiency.

Higher Productivity Levels

We've talked about how mental and physical conditions tie in with productivity, but there is more to ergonomics than just that. The focus of ergonomics is to make the workstation a more natural place to work. Employees should not find themselves in strange positions while getting work done.

While not every unnatural position causes immediate pain, it does put pressure on the body. This pressure may not necessarily translate into any sort of discomfort, and may even go unnoticed, but it does have a negative effect on employee productivity.

By making the workplace a space where employees feel good about their work and can get it done easily, they are more likely to want to produce more, and will eventually produce more.

In fact, getting things done at a good, productive speed also helps people feel better about themselves and the work they do, so this can have the added benefit of extra productivity as well.

Increased Employee Engagement

Something about ergonomic changes that most employers forget to consider is the way these changes affect the employees. Anyone wants to know that their well-being is valued, and your employees would be no different. When they feel discomfort and fatigue but feel like their health is not being valued, they may get discouraged to continue working hard.

On the flip side, if they see that their employers are making an effort to improve workplace conditions with their benefit in mind, they will feel valued and a stronger sense of loyalty towards the company.

This will inevitably drive their motivation to work harder. This also reduces the turnover rate and makes the business one that people want to work with. By showing concern about employees, the engagement they have with your company and their positive feelings go up and ultimately help the business perform better.

Reduced Costs

When employees get hurt on the job, the company is to be held responsible for it, because they did not provide enough safety and security to protect their employees. The same can be said for ergonomics. If workplace ergonomics are not considered carefully and employees end up with chronic pains as a result, the company is held responsible.

By focusing on ergonomics, the company can reduce the cost of compensation in case any employees do get injured, as well as the cost of delays in work. Employees in pain will work less and take more days off, which is a cost in its own right. On top of that, if any employees happen to leave their post due to being unable to continue working, new employees will have to be trained for the position, which can also be costly.

Good workplace ergonomics reduces all these costs and results in improvement in business operations.

Attracting New Talent

As an organization, you always need new people coming in as old ones leave – whether because they resigned or retired, there are always going to be empty spots to fill. When an organization is known for taking care of its employees, new members of the workforce will want to work with them, and this makes it easier for the business to attract top talent.

Without intrinsic motivation, the organization will have to offer higher pay and benefits to attract those same employees. At the end of the day, everyone wants to work with someone who values them. With top talent on your payroll, you can be sure your business will be doing much better.

Incorporating Ergonomics In the Workplace

The most obvious way to make sure you get ergonomic contributions to company strategies is to use good, ergonomic furniture. The most objective ergonomic problem in the workspace is that of the employee's physical health, after all. FlexiSpot’s Premium Standing Desk (E7) is an excellent ergonomic addition to your workspace.

The desk has an adjustable height, which helps with keeping yourself positioned at the ideal height level to make sure that you don't end up straining your neck or hurting your wrist. You can also work while standing to reduce some of the negative effects of staying seated for long periods of time.

Because the desk is designed with the entire family in mind, it comes with a wider height range than many others. Because you will likely have employees of all statues and heights, you can be sure that you're addressing everyone's needs with this desk.

The height adjustment becomes easier with the advanced control panel. Since there are height preset options, you can simply choose the height you want to set the desk at, without having to fiddle around every time to find the right setting. The desk also comes with a sit-stand reminder to make sure you don't stay seated for too long.

With the control panel and the dual motor system, adjusting the height also takes very little time, and you can go from sitting to standing in no time, with minimum noise. When the desk remains stationary, the control panel will go into automatic sleep mode to save power.

The desk has a very stable and enhanced structure. The advanced lifting system means that the desk has a good weight capacity, and can hold a wide range of objects without losing its stability. The tubing is power-coated, and made of steel, which helps ensure that the desk does not get scratched or stained easily.

Workspaces will often require lots of electronic items, like laptops, chargers, connecting cables, etc. The Premium Standing Desk (E7) comes with a cable tray, which is a groove installed underneath the desk. This is where you can put all your cables as you connect them to their ports and keep your desk clean and decluttered.

The desk also comes with a number of tabletop options. You can choose from bamboo, laminated wood in different colors, and solid wood. Whatever fits your workspace décor, the desk will be sure to match!

In fact, because the desk also takes up minimum floor space, you can fit it in even the smallest space. The Pro Plus desk is not just perfect for workplace ergonomics, it is also stylish and elegant and will make your office space look much better.

FlexiSpot is dedicated to providing such solutions to make workspaces better and more ergonomic to work in. With good furniture on hand, you can make sure your employees remain satisfied and your business is flourishing!