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Thinking About an Ergonomic Standing Desk For Your Office?

28 May 2021

In a few months, the world would be rid of the pandemic. However, the aftermath would still be felt as moving on from something that shook our core will take some time. In the meantime, you need to prepare yourself for the impending return of the workers to their respective offices. 

These could be as simple as establishing a self-care routine or catching up with friends before the 9-to-5 hustle takes all of your free time once again. If you got those two on lock, then the next course of action is to upgrade your office equipment.

Here is a quick quiz for you to know which ergonomic standing desk from FlexiSpot you should get for the best upgrade of your life!

1. You would describe your personal style as:

A) Elegant with a mix of classic styles that exude luxury and a simpler approach to life. You are all about the functionality and comfort of a style rather than eclectic prints and trends.

B) Uniquely astonishing. Your style gets a double look from anyone who has ever met you. Those looks are not out of negative perception but with the thought that you look amazing pulling off such a dramatic or out-of-this-world piece.

C) Japanese-inspired. You draw inspiration from the cutesy and minimalist part of their culture. 

D) Anything made from sustainable materials would have your love in a heartbeat. There is something so refreshing about a cloth with a story and advocacy that you fully believe in. You also adore going to vintage shops to look for pieces while reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Your favorite part of working is:

A) The early time when you are the first one to enter the building. There is just something so soothing about the quiet stillness of an office before the chaos of our everyday busy lives take over.

B) Talking with your colleagues during breaks. You love catching up on their personal lives to take your mind off the stress of your workload. There is also rapport between you and your officemates as you exchange stories ranging from emotional to downright funny.

C) The meetings and presentations as it helps you develop your public speaking skills and gives you time to shine in front of your supervisor. It is also noteworthy to add that you love the praises after a well-done presentation.

D) Walking to and from work. You decided to live near your office to lessen the hassle of the morning commute and the gas that you will need for every trip. These daily walks have made you acquainted with everyone in the neighborhood. It also helps that the morning sunshine adds to your daily dose of vitamin D that perfectly compliments your favorite health drink.

3. Your ideal working station is:

A) Something tidy and minimalist. There is nothing that makes you more productive than a workstation that is clutter-free.

B) Somewhere where you have the freedom to style your own space. There is just something so refreshing about a workstation that lets your creativity run wild.

C) A workplace where everything has a purpose and all of the furniture is ergonomically crafted. Since you love working hard, you need your office equipment to work just as hard as you.

D) Somewhere you can look out and still see nature. You believe that having some piece greenery near your workstation can help you relax as you toil over the most complicated tasks.

4. Your perfect lunch break meal is:

A) Anything offered in the office pantry. You tend to eat anything as long as it tastes good and healthy.

B) A an exotic snack from a different country. Work may be preventing you from going anywhere but your taste buds are taking a tour around the world.

C) A Caprese salad with a side of green juice on the side. This meal guarantees you of being a well-oiled machine rather than a sugar-crashed mess throughout the day.

D) A homemade meal. You tend to plan your meals ahead and prepare them earlier for a fuss-free morning. Preparing your own meal also assures you of only using the freshest and highest quality of the ingredients.

5. You would not be caught _______ for/at work.:

A) Late for work! You value being on time that is why you carefully schedule your day ahead. Never in your history have you been late for any meeting without a due reason.

B) Looking drab at work. You take your time looking your best as you believe that it helps make your performance better. Not only can you confidently face your clients, but you can also look good even when you are having a hard time.

C) Sleeping at work. You know the value of a good night’s rest so you never let yourself sleep too late. This helps you be in your topnotch condition as you accomplish every task handed to you.

D) Wasting water and other energy resources at work. You loathe it when you take too much of what you need. That is why you make sure that you turn off your lights after work and keep the faucets closed whenever you are using it.

6. Your playlist, while working is/, are:

A) Anything that plays on the radio on the way to your office. You are not particularly picky with music that is why it is easy for you to listen to any genre.

B) Your prepared music playlist with all of your favorite tunes at the moment.

B) Self-improvement podcast to help you achieve another level of your being. You dislike being stagnant that is why you tend to optimize any time that you are spending at work.

C) None. You prefer the white noise that your computer unit provides along with the chirping of the birds outside. The office bossa nova playlist is also not bad. 

7. What do you look for in a desk?:

A) Something classy that would never look out of place in our office.

B) Something that would make everyone in the office take a double look.

C) Something that can accommodate all of your office equipment.

D) Something that has a touch of nature.

You will have an A+ desk if you pick A’s. The Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop is a great addition to your office cubicle as it stays stylishly classy while being greatly functional.

For those who chose B’s through it all, the brand new Esben Standing Desk UD4 is the upgrade that you were looking for. You will be the envy of your co-workers because this ergonomic standing desk is truly beautiful.

If you accumulated a lot of C’s, the Vici Duplex Standing Desk is the perfect desk for you. This dual-zone height adjustable desk is an ergonomic choice for those who want versatility and more space.

And lastly, if you got D’s, consider the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk Pro Series. With its elegant bamboo desktop, you would always have a piece of warmth and nature to your office space.

Anything you want, FlexiSpot will sure have for you!