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Shop Now, Pay Later with Klarna
We've partnered with Klarna to provide you with easy payment options at checkout, so you can buy what you want when you want.
Aug 24, 2023|287
FlexiSpot 7th Anniversary Sale Buying Guide: Your Guide to the Best Discounts and Standing Desks
Check out our buying guide for the FlexiSpot 7th Anniversary Sale, featuring coupons and discounts for the E7 Pro standing desk and C7 ergonomic chair!
Aug 14, 2023|2173
Celebrate the FlexiSpot 525 Event with a Hologram Desk and Your Favorite Influencers: Linus, HackSmith, and Basically Homeless
FlexiSpot and influencers Linus, HackSmith, and Basically Homeless team up for Flexispot 525 Event with big sale discounts and standing desk charity auction.
May 23, 2023|761
Discover Incredible Value: Lowest Prices at FlexiSpot 525 Event!
Upgrade your workspace with exclusive discounts on standing desks at the FlexiSpot 525 Event. Discover unbeatable savings and create a comfortable and productive work environment. Don't miss out!
May 22, 2023|218
Warm Up for Flexispot 525 Event and Get Your Favorite Standing Desk at an Attractive Discount
If you have a FlexiSpot product on your wishlist, then the 525 event is the perfect avenue to make your dream come true - at a cheaper rate, no less.
May 17, 2023|261
FlexiSpot 525 Event: Get the Unbeatable Standing Desk Discount during this Anniversary
Join FlexiSpot’s 525-anniversary event to upgrade your workspace and enjoy an exclusive discount on the E5 standing desk and other products at different stages.
May 16, 2023|2115
Celebrate FlexiSpot's 525 Anniversary with the Mini Games Spin to Catch and Flexi-Word
Play Spin to Catch and Flexi-Word mini-games during the Flexispot 525 anniversary event to win special prizes like standing desks, coupons, and gift vouchers.
May 08, 2023|248
FlexiSpot's Comhar Pro Q8: One of the Top Winners of the IDA Design Awards and SIT Award
Our Comhar Pro Q8 is one of the best Flexispot standing desks breaking grounds. The latest awards to its name are IDA Awards and SIT Awards. Learn more here.
Apr 18, 2023|618
Yummy Flash Sale to Celebrate the World Sleep Day by FlexiSpot
World Sleep Day 2023 is around the corner and Flexispot is here to make it a worthwhile experience. You can get our standing desks at some incredibly discounted rates. Read on!
Mar 15, 2023|255