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Celebrating the 4th of July with Flexispot

04 July 2021

Now that parades are back on the 4th of July menu, the excitement for the day is almost palpable, especially after the months of no social connection due to the pandemic. July 4 is always a significant summer celebration when Americans celebrate Independence Day. While everyone has a different way of marking the day, backyard barbecues and fireworks are almost an unspoken rule of the holiday.

With businesses reopening, July 4th is ready for take-off. Americans are ready for a worry-free day punctuated by pool parties, beach trips, lots of food, and even more festivities. Modern-day America celebrates independence with lots of fun and sunshine. Thanks to social media, the 4th of July celebrations reach every corner of the world.

Of course, for some people, the day means much-needed rest from work and busy schedules. Whichever way you choose to spend your July 4, enjoying the day and having a great time is incredibly important. So, have you made your July 4th plans yet?

Even as the excitement builds, the pandemic is still lurking in the shadows. Therefore, it is important to be heedful and safe even during the celebratory high that most will be caught in on this fateful day. More good news, July 5 is an extension of rest as it’s National workaholic day.

Making Independence Day celebrations personal is also crucial. It is easy to get swept in the wave of celebration, but if you just want a slow, quiet, restful day, don’t hesitate to take the break, enjoy some downtime.

A 4th of July guide

The annual American holiday gives Americans a three-day weekend this year, and so many people have made plans to fit this weekend. However, July 4 is a significant day in American history; it is the day when the USA became a nation in 1776, also known as the birth of America. As you may know, before Independence, America comprised 13 colonies established by Great Britain. Fast forward to 1776, when America became its own nation.

To answer the question on how to celebrate 4th July, there is no wrong or right way of making this day. That is why the day is filled with a mixture of activities and events. However, some popular activities have become traditions over time. These include:

  • Fireworks – it would hardly seem like a 4th of July celebration without fireworks. Whether you get your own or watch a firework display, it has become a long-standing tradition. It signifies celebrating Independence Day with a bang, and many people enjoy lighting fireworks.
  • Sparklers – These are hand-held fireworks that are considered safer and more accessible to all. The colored flames and sparks make for a great party environment, adding to the excitement.
  • Barbecues – We’ve mentioned barbecues, and they’ve become a tradition because what’s a 4th of July party without a backyard barbecue, firing up the grill for hotdogs and burgers, and enjoying a beer with family and friends.
  • Parades – Nothing says celebration like a parade. This commands the attention of everyone in the area and the participation of most. You’ve got to admit that parades are a ton of fun. Imagine floats, music, and a whole lot of people waving the American flag. Festivals, carnivals, and fairs often accompany parades for this holiday.
  • Colors of the flag – It is a patriotic act that most people dress in red, white, and blue, the flag's colors.

Brands on 4th of July

Away from personal and group celebrations, American brands also dip their toes in the festivities. As a matter of fact, brands from all parts of the world, especially those with a presence in America, join in the celebrations. So 4th of July to brands means finding a way to become a top-of-mind brand on the day.

As a result, many brands come up with campaigns geared towards enticing Americans to favor their brands. Though it is a marketing strategy, the 4th of July wouldn’t be the same without brands' involvement. Tapping into popular traditions is a favorite for brands, big and small.

Understandably, being relevant on a day that everyone is celebrating can be difficult. This is why some brands bomb their attempts, and others bring out the big guns to ensure they’re the talk of the nation, or at least the town. 

Independence Day on social media

The age of social media has amplified this holiday. So whether you’re American or not, you have an understanding of what the 4th of July is, or at least you know it’s an important holiday. Additionally, this has seen the holiday become a global celebration, with non-Americans joining in the festivities.

Social media has also helped people document their backyard parties, and brands reach more people with their campaigns. However, it is a tough time for brands because the internet is not a very forgiving space. You can either be the trendy brand or individual, and the next minute, you’re getting ‘canceled.’

Social media has been good for the 4th of July celebrations. People from different parts of the USA get to share their activities, and it feels like one big backyard celebration for all.

Flexispot on 4th July

Picture this, in addition to a three-day weekend; you also get great deals on a variety of products from brands. Flexispot is one such brand that is offering fantastic summer sales on its products. As ergonomic furniture manufacturers, Flexispot is dedicated to ensuring that every modern worker has access to innovative and safe furniture for use.

This 4th of July, Flexispot is here to remind you that after the festivities, you’ll be back at work, and you need a healthy and comfortable work environment. Flexispot products are designed with active living in mind. They are aimed at prompting people to ditch their sedentary lifestyles.

Why Flexispot?

Well, the Flexispot promise ensures that all their products adhere to their vision on innovation and design as well as function. With products ranging from standing desks to storage racks, the products are created to:

  • Improve health

Sitting for prolonged hours has been linked to many ailments like poor circulation, heart disease, indigestion, and other body pains. Using ergonomic products can help ease this pain and improve your overall health. This is especially true when you use standing desks as they encourage movement.

  • Helps with posture

Prolonged sitting leads to poor posture, which then means achy muscles and joints. Slouching alters the spine’s alignment. Maintaining good posture is important to keep your body healthy.

  • Increased productivity

The comfort zone. When you sit too long that you find that seemingly comfortable position, you tend to slow down your productivity. Using standing desks or desk bikes can help you increase your productivity as they keep you active during your work.

  • Weight loss and fitness

The Sit2Go fitness chair by Flexispot is one of the most sought-after desk bikes as it helps with painless exercise. Standing desks also help with circulation and digestion, making it easier to lose weight and attain your fitness goals.

  • Better organization

Flexispot also has storage racks to help organize your spaces. So if you’re planning on organizing or cleaning this July 4, consider the Flexispot storage racks for your needs.

Gift yourself this Independence Day

At the end of the July 4th celebration, work will be waiting for you, and if you’ve not made the switch to a standing desk or a fitness chair, it is time you do. If you’re concerned about the cost of a standing desk, consider some of the affordable products from Flexispot, like the Seiffen laminated standing desk. Flexispot Seiffen standing desk is built to beat a sedentary lifestyle and help you adjust to active living seamlessly. It is spacious and sturdy enough to fit gaming and work equipment. It has a weight capacity of 154lbs, and the Eco version utilizes a single motor. You can also opt for a standing table converter like the Flexispot ClassicRiser desk converter. This is an affordable but functional alternative, especially if you already have an existing work desk.

The Flexispot Comhar standing desk is an all-time favorite, complete with a glass top. It is height-adjustable and has a spacious storage drawer. The desk is also fitted with USB charging ports, 1 type C, and two Type-A ports. In addition, it has a height range of 28.3 to 47.6 inches. So as you settle down for your 4th of July festivities, peruse through products on Flexispot to find additions you need for your workspace to make your work life healthier and better.

To wrap up

The 4th of July celebration is dear to Americans. It marks America’s independence, and celebrations of all kinds fill the day. The American spirit is potent, and brands squeeze in for the celebration too. As you get ready to get the Independence party on the road, remember to think about your workspace, where you’ll be going back once it's over. Is it an active workspace or not? How can you better your work-life after the 4th of July? Ponder these questions over the weekend and have a great time with friends and family. 

Happy Independence Day, USA!