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Chair Dips: A Simple to do Workout You Can Do While Working

12 May 2021

Working a sedentary job should not hinder you from squeezing in a simple workout. Even if you are bombarded with job responsibilities, you should still be able to stay active in little ways you can. 

True enough, It's difficult to strike a balance between our work schedules and our social and personal lives. To be frank, staying on top of your work life always necessitates sacrificing several items. Because of how important work is to your income, job, and livelihood, it's critical to prioritize it. However, there are certain aspects you can not give up, such as your health.

This article focuses on the importance of staying active even while working from home. We will also talk about an amazing exercise you can do in the comfort of your workstation. You have an office chair and desk but if not yet, try checking out FlexiSpot's website. For now, study and practice this while waiting for your office equipment. This exercise can be done anywhere you wish but to ensure overall work comfort and stability, it is nice to have your work from home items.

Knowing the Importance of Staying Physically Active Even While Working From Home

Working from home has its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to your health. Fatigue, weight gain, sleep disorders, social anxiety, depression, and long-term health issues are all caused by a lack of movement.

Exercise daily can help with anything from energy levels to sleep quality and overall health.

Exercise can improve brain function, improve memory, train the brain to manage stress more efficiently, give you glowing skin, improve your social life, and help you break up the monotony of working from home.

Working from home can seem to be a fantasy – avoiding rush hour and taking calls from the sofa – but it can easily lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you work from home, staying active is vital for your physical and mental health. It can require some imaginative thinking and self-discipline.

To get started, you should be able to create a routine that you can follow and you can customize so that you can add in this workout that we are featuring in this article. Once you have laid out your time allotment for certain tasks and as well as a quick workout, you can start right away.

Featured Exercise: The Chair Dips

They are also known as triceps dips. This is a fantastic bodyweight exercise for increasing arm and shoulder strength. This easy exercise can be performed almost anywhere and comes in a variety of variations to suit your fitness level. Use it as part of a strength-training routine for the upper body.

The tricep muscles in the back of the upper arms are worked with chair dips. Chair dips, according to some researchers, are the most powerful exercise for this muscle.

The triceps are vital in daily movements that require the elbow and forearm to be extended. When lifting objects, you use them. This muscle also aids in the stabilization of the shoulder joint.

The muscles in the back of the upper arms are targeted by chair dips. While the front biceps get a lot of coverage, you should concentrate on the whole arm for the best strength and sound.

The best part? Most people can comfortably do chair dips at home. You can also increase the difficulty by experimenting with various modifications.

How to Do the Chair Dips?

As you lift your hips off the ground, you must engage your core. Pushing is done with the triceps, and you'll use them in any everyday tasks that include pushing. Having said that, you want to maintain your body's balance. If you compete in sports that include a lot of pulling, you'll want to keep your triceps strong to avoid injury and muscle imbalances.

Instructions in a Step-by-Step Format

To start, you should be able to find a stable chair, bench, or step.

1. Sit on the chair's edge and hold the edge against your hips. The tips of your fingers should be pointing down at your feet. Your legs should be spread and your feet should be hip-width apart, with your toes on the ground. Keep your chin up and look straight ahead.

2. Press your hands together to raise your body and roll forward just far enough so that your back clears the chair's edge.

3. Lower yourself to the point that your elbows are bent at 45 to 90 degrees.

4. Repeat by slowly pushing yourself back up to the starting spot. Throughout the range of motion, maintain control of the movement.

5. Start with three sets of ten repetitions and gradually raise your sets and reps as your triceps gain muscle and strength.

What You Should Remember When Doing This Exercise

It is necessary to do this in proper form. This way, you can avoid causing injuries to your body, especially your wrist, ankles, and elbows. 

What You Could Do:

● Make sure your elbows are straight behind you rather than splayed outward.

● Hold your shoulders neutral and your neck relaxed rather than shrugging them.

● Straighten your legs and place just your heels on the floor instead of your whole foot to make this exercise more challenging.

Most people can safely do chair dips because they imitate how these muscles move in daily life. If you've had a previous shoulder injury, see your doctor because this movement can put a strain on the anterior shoulder. This exercise can be avoided by people who don't have a lot of shoulder flexibility.


The chair dip is designed to give your triceps and legs an intense workout, two muscles that you need to keep busy while sitting at a desk for an extended time. It will seem ridiculous if your colleagues do not exercise at their desks, but if you share this article with them, maybe a few of them will join you.

You're promising yourself that you care for your body by using your triceps and legs in chair dips. These exercises use muscles that are vital to your well-being.