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Children and Post Pandemic Anxiety

26 May 2021

Pandemics have changed the way we live. From the 165 A.D Antonine Plague to 2019's COVID-19 outbreak, humans, especially children, have always been affected by either contracting the disease, surviving, or even death.

Fortunately, widespread vaccinations are administered rapidly. As a result, the affected population is decreasing, and with the epidemic being eradicated in most countries, we are one step closer to returning to our old lives.

While numerous people are ecstatic about this victory and hope that the pain and suffering would be over, some people have a hard time accepting that normalcy is coming close as the pandemics draw to an end. Children are no strangers to feeling this way as some things need an adult explanation to be understood by developing minds. Rather than feel excitement or happiness, they might get stuck with a mindset that has clouded our thinking right when the pandemic started.

Do you recognize this? The term "reentry anxiety" refers to this state of mind.

This anxiety is the type that results from the stress associated with the prospect of reclaiming our regular pre-pandemic routine back. It could involve dissatisfaction with going back to school rather than staying and studying at home. It may be the thought or fear that playing outside can still be unsafe, making them miss out on what their other peers are doing without them. These thoughts may seem simple enough to solve, but you need to see eye-to-eye with your children to know how to deal with their emotions effectively.

Although the uncertainty is overwhelming for a child, here are a few ways to lighten their load as the world starts to recover.

1. Be the parent for your anxious child

After spending so much time cooped up in our homes, it's possible that children would miss the outside but have fears of going out. They may pull tantrums that would be exhausting for any parent to deal but that is a normal part of being a child. These tantrums are also a manifestation of their frustrations which makes sense as the world has changed and will continue to do so as we fight of the pandemic.

Rather than berating your children, teach them how to build trust in you. Tell them all of the great adventures that you can have once they are ready to go outside. You can remind them of the fun times they had at school and while they were with their buddies for them to see that the change is not bad at all.

Aside from getting them riled up and ready for the thrill of the outside, remind them that the scientists and healthcare workers are doing their best to keep the whole world safe once more.

Keep telling them about the positives but never downplay the negatives to have a balance that would never break their perceptions and heart. Convincing your children is a tedious process but it is worth every moment to give them a normal childhood that the pandemic has taken away before.

2. Not your boring routine

Setting up a post-pandemic routine enables you and your child to shift your focus away from imminent concerns and toward the beautiful experiences that await both of you, thus instilling a sense of purpose and optimism during your reintegration into society.

Setting up a post-pandemic routine enables you and your child to shift your focus away from imminent concerns and toward the wonderful experiences that await both of you, thus instilling a sense of purpose and optimism during your reintegration into society.

Your bucket list does not have to be excessive as it can be just as fun to put together a list of all the things and events you have been waiting for the past year.

This list may inspire your children to go forward and take advantage of all the world has to offer now that border controls are lifted and they have more time outside to enjoy with family and peers.

3. Improving Together

We've been stuck and bored in the house, and as a result, some children have not enjoyed what the outside world can offer.

If they have trouble about going out, why not concentrate on helping them make the first step outside with you. This will ensure that through the whole ordeal, they know that you are with them every step of the way.

While it may appear superficial and tedious, going out with them is more than a trip to the grocery or the mall. Spending some quality time outside with your child can help both of you bond together. For instance, develop a unique skill that your child also has an interest in. This way, you can be their teacher as you both take the time to get better with time. Not only would you see the improvement in your relationship but your kid would also have a new skill that can be helpful or even therapeutic for them in the future.

Apart from picking up a new talent, you can also improve their social skills by introducing them to new playmates As everyone is getting vaccinated, it is safe and calming to know that your child can have new friends while remaining safe. Letting your child have playmates will further develop their social skills that would be essential as they are growing up.

In addition to keeping their minds and social skills sharp, you can also teach them how to take care of themselves. Taking them to the mall can give them a brand new wardrobe that would make them feel good once they are ready to face the world. Make sure to never waste their old clothes by donating them to the less fortunate especially after the pandemic has hit our world.

Now that they are also going back to school, it is better to invest in a brand new study table. Luckily, FlexiSpot has a variety of ergonomic standing desks and chairs that they can utilize for a long time. Our offerings always bear the needs and want of the clients by having a golden guarantee that they would love to use it for a long time.

Now that you have an idea how to help your children as we re-enter society after the pandemic, everything would fall into place. With your love and support, your kids are on the way to a greater future that is free from COVID-19.