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Choosing the Right Table is Easier than You Think

22 July 2021

The “great resignation” is undoubtedly coming and more employees are re-thinking their careers and other options that they would like to venture into.

When the pandemic struck several countries, the employees or workers were the ones who suffered first the consequences as numerous business establishments closed down as customers were getting fewer each day. Lockdowns and quarantine were imposed to avoid the spread of Covid.

During lockdowns, many workers worked from home and the length of confinement to a new work environment such as the home, made some workers ponder about career shifts such as putting up a business or just doing freelancing work. That is why they thought of resigning from their current jobs instead of reporting to continue working in the bricks-and-mortar office buildings.

They came to realize that there are so many options and other job offers to take advantage of even during the pandemic and they were not attracted to the new offers of higher salaries or added fringe benefits from employers. It seemed that they are really determined to push through with their new plans career-wise or in business ventures.

Some workers and their families have also chosen to move from the city to the suburban part of the country to avoid expensive living in the city. In the suburbs, there are other opportunities for self-improvement and income-generating ideas such as starting a small business. There are other reasons for quitting their jobs but for sure nothing can change their minds when it comes to looking for greener pastures that are available at the moment.

Because of the lockdowns, more workers opted to engage in teleworking as it is more advantageous as they can be doing their jobs remotely instead of working inside the office building. As such, the demand for home office furniture is increasing especially those that are created and ergonomically designed to fit in the worker’s needs and lifestyle as a teleworker.

Many manufacturing companies are banking on the demand that the market is almost saturated with different brands and various kinds of ergonomic home office furniture with individual features and designs to attract more customers or consumers. The prices differ as more features are offered. However, many consumers still consider the price as the number one factor in buying a piece of furniture for their workstations.  

The next thing they consider is the brand name. Some buyers are brand-conscious that they only buy popular brands and those that can be trusted as far as durability is concerned. These buyers usually are the loyal customers who have tried and tested the brand as an excellent one for them.

Another thing consumers consider is the layout or space where the pieces of furniture will be placed or mounted. For example, when the space at home is small, it also follows that they buy those that will fit into their workspace.

Other things to consider when specifically buying or choosing an ergonomic desk for the home office are (

  • Figure out first how you will use the desk:

For mostly computing work, choose a desk specifically designed for computer use. That is, it can hold or has a space for the CPU underneath. There should also be wiring holes for electrical connections for the computer allowing safety and avoiding risks with entangled chords.

  • The desk should provide enough space for your legs; standard desk heights of 29 to 30 inches from the floor are sufficient for most users.
  • When sitting behind the desk, there should be at least three and a half feet of space for optimal movements and comfort and a minimum of three feet in-between the desk and another piece of furniture 
  • Desktop equipment and materials should be within easy and comfortable reach and should have sufficient space to avoid overloading the desktop.
  • For computer users, keyboards need to be located at a comfortable height. Keyboards placed on traditional desks may be at too high a height and may result in significant discomfort or muscle strain for the user.
  • Computer desks should either be equipped with a keyboard platform, or legs that can be adjusted. Be sure that any keyboard platform is large enough to hold a mouse.
  • Desk surfaces could have different materials such as metal or steel, wood or veneer, with plastic lamination to maintain smoothness for working more efficiently.
  • Quality and durability should not be a second fiddle over its price or cost.

Sometimes we may be attracted to buying a piece of furniture because it is cheaper without considering the quality and the sturdiness of that furniture.

  • Choose an adjustable standing desk with which you can sit or stand while working. It is already proved that excessive sitting can cause musculoskeletal disorders such as neck or lower back pains. There must be an opportunity for you to work in a standing posture to avoid the discomfort and pain of sedentary experience in the workplace.

If you are confused with selecting the right desk for your home office, I highly recommend that you purchase an Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from Flexispot which has a dual motor-lifting system that boosts weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. It ensures maximum stability even when it is changed to the highest setting. 

It also has an energy-efficient LED display with an advanced keypad that has three (3) memory height presents and a programmable sit/stand reminder system. As such, it is easier for you to change your posture when the time calls for it. The desk frame is also made with powder-coated steel tubing that resists scratches and stains.

This wonderful adjustable standing desk is also highly customizable with the cross-bar-free design that allows more legroom and flexibility. If you worry about assembly, you can do it in 15 minutes only.  

So all these wonderful features will be more than your money’s worth. In other words, it is a great buy that is economical because you get a lot of benefits from its exciting features. As such, choosing the right work table is easier than you think. It is just a click away.