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Cleaning the House and Standing Desk: Should it Be Excessive or Timely

29 April 2021

Do you find yourself cleaning the same spot on a standing desk over and over? How do you find the littlest spot on the desk? Do you find it irritating or do you just try to ignore it? If yes, is the answer, then you might have the risk of experiencing the dangers of an ultra-clean lifestyle.

Today, we will discuss the:

  • definition of an ultra-clean lifestyle

  • the dangers of keeping an ultra-clean lifestyle

  • timely cleaning of furniture such as the standing desk

So, let’s start the discussion with:

I. Definition of an Ultra-Clean Lifestyle:

The need for an ultra-clean surrounding has sprung at the start of the Pandemic. Everyone had been panicky and resorted to keeping all the dirt at bay especially in their entire houses. Disinfectant products came out in the market with the promise of thorough cleaning and absolute protection of the whole family. On this part, we will define what makes an ultra-clean lifestyle.

You have an Ultra-Clean Lifestyle when:

  • you keep cleaning the same surface more than once

  • you shower more than twice a day in week

  • you don’t let yourself exposed to certain microbes

  • stringently washing your hands which may disrupt the normal flora which makes you healthy

In the current situation, we cannot simply expose ourselves too much to environment that may contain germs and disease-carrying viruses. However, a plenty of beneficial microbes that our bodies need in order not to acquire bowel diseases and even some types of anxiety and depression. Without the exposure to beneficial microbes we lose the chance to build a stronger immune system.

Dr. Thom McDade said that microbial exposure is important because it can strengthen the effective regulatory pathways in the body which controls the inflammation. If we’d like to acquire a healthy lifestyle, we must be exposed to the vital microorganism.   

Another article written by Dr. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello states that being extra clean could have negative implication to our bodies. Once we seal the house because of the fear from the disease-carrying germs, we deprive ourselves of the natural microbes because we minimize the quantity of these (microbes). She added that in a highly-urbanized area, people get less exposed to bacteria from the soil and plant.

Since birth, humans are exposed to good microbes however once a baby for an instance is confined in a walled area where an abundant of synthetic materials are found such as plastic coupled with obsessive cleanliness using cleaning agents that have a lot suffocating chemicals instead of exposing the child in a natural environment that exposes him to the good microbes, there’s a big chance for the baby to build a strong body defense. The same goes to adults. Once an adult is confined in a surrounding in which chemicals are beings used to over clean the whole house including the equipment and furniture, the more possible it would be for an adult to have a weaker immune system and body defense.

With these given facts above, when and how could we be safe from the illness-causing bacteria while we retain the good microbes which strengthen our whole bodies? On the next part of the article, 

III. The Timely Cleaning of Furniture such as the Standing Desk

As what experts say, the solution to fight these disease-carrying bacteria is not excessive cleaning but timely cleaning. In order to have a good hygiene, one must not need to scrub away all the germs from his hands and body to a point that he sheds the good microbes. Same goes with the things around our house- from the furniture to the equipment that we have. It is indeed ideal to scrub off even the tiniest speck of dust but we must be aware of the following:

When cleaning a Standing Desk such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

This product is moisture-proof, insect proof, and scratch-proof and is made from materials which makes it safe for people to use it however if we’re obsessively clean and would keep spraying disinfectant or bleach diluted in water it would probably not be damaging for the product but it could create a negative impact to your health because constant exposure to chemicals can damage vital organs in the long run. In Jan-Mar of 2020, it was reported that the calls to the US Poison Center about the exposure to disinfectants increased by 20%. If we would notice more people even tried mixing chemicals in the belief of achieving the absolute cleaning effectivity of disinfectants that they use in such furniture and equipment at home. In most cases, individuals try mixing alcohol with bleach and vinegar as disinfectants. As a result, poisoning from too much exposure to these stuff takes place –from difficulty in breathing to wheezing. So, imagine continuing this in cleaning other equipment. Let’ssay the Flexispot’s desk bike, we might not know that we accidentally leave a chemical residue on the equipment wouldn’t it be dangerous because we don’t know the long-term effects of the mixture of bleach and vinegar to the product and your body. At times, we don’t immediately see these effects to the body but in the long run, these chemicals may create havoc to our health.

The Right Time Disinfect House including the Furniture and Equipment:

The usual frequency of cleaning the furniture is once or twice a year, depending on your preference still but in order to know if your equipment and furniture might be needing a thorough cleaning is through these tests:

White Cotton Towel Test:  

Rub a white cotton towel around the sides of the furniture and all over the surface and sides. Once you see that it’s gray and smudged it’s time to call the maintenance for a check.

Black Fabric Test

Rubber band a black fabric around the vacuum cleaner hose and run it over the upholstery, if it there’s white debris, there’s too much dust on it.

IV. Final Thoughts:

In these times of the pandemic, it’s normal to get extremely worried even with the tiniest dust that would get into your house but it’s still important to know if there’s really a need for dusting and cleaning in order for us to avoid bigger problems in the future.