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Clutter-Free; Keeping the Clutter Away's the Key

09 July 2021

Fiddling the Fuddle - A Laborious Task:

This is the most confusing thing to happen when you walk straight to your workstation first thing in the morning. To see a multitude of office things that you would not use. There are moments that you tend to organize well your desk but it becomes a laborious thing to accomplish. You either end up creating a more chaotic scene in your work area or swipe the clutters away in a second. 

So, what happens when you have a pile of junk and files on your table? Does it affect you at all? The the answer to this is a solid yes. Being too disorganized at your workstation could bring you:

  • Confusion:

Do you sometimes experience like you are walking on a maze and you don't even know why you're there? Or, you know you got a big plan ahead of you but you suddenly freeze and don't even know what to do next. That's actually what happens when there is a lot of clutters on your table. You tend to forget some important tasks on your list. 

  • Disorganized Thoughts:

This is indeed true. When confusion begins to crawl along with your system, you might have disorganized thoughts. There might be a possibility that you would do tasks that are not in proper order. Disorganized thoughts could also make you certain activities that are part of your daily goals. 

  • Miscommunication:

This is rare but it happens. When you start getting confused and have disorganized thoughts, you might be misled or you might misunderstand instructions. It might not just affect your plans but affect others as well. 

  • Stress and Fatigue:

Believe it or not, a space full of clutters would give you stress and fatigue like you have never experienced before. At times, the stress level that it would give could be something that might deplete your precious energy. 

These things would have physical effects that you would not immediately recognize at first. 

  • Ergonomic Pain:

As mentioned above, stress and fatigue could bring severe physical pain. What's bad about it is you might not notice these effects at first but in the long run, you would feel that your head is aching and your back is getting numb. There are moments that even the shoulder area would get totally in pain as well. Hence, you might feel like a workday is equivalent to a one-week in pain. 

All these problems happen to an office worker who does a lot of things in the office. What's worse is when he does not use an ergonomically-friendly desk in his workstation. This could be a huge problem because it would not just give him stress and ergonomic pain but might cause him an accident or injury. Thus, in the second part of our activity, we will discuss the proper ways to maintain an organized desk and the qualities of an ergonomic desk. 

Finding Ergo on the Desk

When organizing your table and checking if it's ergonomic or not, there are things that you need to consider and take action with. 

First, you need to make sure that all the important files, documents, and office tools are on one side of your table. Try to use a desk organizer fot this. The best recommendations: 

The Flexispot Mesh Desk Organizer and ergonomic file cabinets. With these organizers, you may be able to keep the files and documents and you may access them quickly especially if you need them every workday. 

For the things and tools that you don't always use during operations, you may allow space for that stuff. For example, you got documents that would be needed for the annual report or stacks of paper clips and stocks of pen and paper. Storing them in a place that would not disturb you during operations would be helpful. 

Second, you must clear at least more than half of your workspace. Make it clutter-free as much as possible. Make sure that only your device and writing tools would be visible on that part. This is important during operations because it could prevent you from getting confused and doing extra stuff like fixing the calendar stand or compiling some paper. 

On the other hand, it is also true that there are people who could concentrate more on a chaotic work area (a proof of that is Sir Albert Einstein's work area which had a photo taken and displayed on an archive; it now circulates online) but not everyone has that gift. Most of the people are getting more confused. There are a lot of clutters on the table blocking a clear space or area.

Furthermore, this kind of workspace is dangerous if you are not using the right kind of desk-an an ergonomic desk. An ergonomic desk could have an anti-collision feature. This is very helpful because it would prevent you from injury and 

danger. Hence, if you are not using that kind of equipment, then you must consider bringing up your concern to your immediate officer. 

Third, must also make sure that there would be no clutter in the middle of near your device. This is because the position of your device and hands should complement each other. The distance of the desk from your upper body should be approximately 90 degrees. This could give more space and distance from the computer monitor. 

Your wrist should be in a neutral position too and must give you the smooth movement of the fingers. With the smooth transition, you may be able to avoid pain and numbness along with your fingers and hands. 

Now that we know what to consider with the ergonomics on your desk, we will talk more about the ergonomic standing desks from Flexispot and why this brand should be your choice. 

The Ergonomic-Friendly Equipment from Flexispot

So, you might be looking for the best standing desks in the market. With that, you may consider the ergo-friendly products from Flexispot. Each of these standing desks has the qualities that you would like to see with the ideal desks for you. First, the standing desk could give you the right distance from the desktop to your chest. Second, the Flexispot standing desks are not wobbly and have anti-collision features. So, even with the desktop on it, you would not worry that those objects would tumble and fall. 

Third, Flexispot standing desks also have spacious and embedded drawers so aside from the desk organizers and cabinets from Flexispot, you may also store some files on the drawers of the standing desk. 

With all these features, you may ensure that spending every dollar would be worthy with the Flexispot standing desks. 

Final Thoughts

When you have a lot of things to accomplish in a day, organizing your desk well is sometimes the lowest priority. However, after discussing these things, you might consider checking your workstation for potential ergo problems. In being proactive, you may be able to declutter and organize your workstation better.