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Comparing Standing Desks and Sitting Desks: Which is Better?

11 February 2022

In recent years, many people have switched to using standing desks. They rave about the benefits of having one in the workstation; so much so that critics have stepped up as well. Since we are more used to sitting down throughout the day, standing up while working is a big change for most. The debate between a standing desk versus a regular desk center around what health benefits could one get from using standing desks anyway.

But first, what is a standing desk? The name itself implies that you could work on the desk while you are standing up. There are units that have fixed legs and there’s another type that is height adjustable and allows the user to switch from sitting to standing at any time of the day.

In short, standing desks can be tailored to your height. You could experiment with the height and angle of your desk by adding accessories or modifying the units.

Pros of Using a Standing Desk

Pros of Using a Standing Desk

A lot of people ask why they should make the switch when their current desk is working perfectly fine. But if you’re already in that phase of comparing the two, then you should know that sitting desks don’t have any advantages over using standing desks. Research has found that prolonged sitting could lead to the development of chronic diseases, a problem that standing desks provide a solution for.

One advantage of using a standing desk is that it will help improve your posture. People often neglect their posture when working for long enough that they don’t notice its effects on straining the body and causing physical tension. It is easier to do long stretches for your tensed body when you’re standing up.

Many customers have attested to reduced back pain when they started using standing desks. When you use standing desks while working, your back and stomach muscles are at work which will strengthen and support your body.

Standing desks can also help improve your productivity as compared to when you are using a regular desk. With a standing desk, you can work faster and perform tasks more efficiently.

Others also report weight loss when they start using standing desks. As opposed to sitting the whole day, when you stand up more, you’ll tend to burn more calories and lose weight. Most people say they don’t have the time to exercise so if you want to passively shed some pounds, working on a standing desk could also help in your weight loss journey.

Cons of Using a Standing Desk

It takes some time to adjust using a standing desk. If you are not used to prolonged standing, you have to take it day by day to get accustomed to shifting between standing and sitting positions while working. Some people may find this change as taking too much effort on their part.

Even though standing desks have become quite a trend, there are still more accessories and repairs available for a regular desk. For some, this may present standing desks as an impractical purchase.

Pros of Using a Sitting Desk

Pros of Using a Sitting Desk

Sitting desks also have benefits if you want to stick to this option. If for example, you have an existing injury, it may not be the best idea to use a standing desk, and going for a sitting desk is what your health can accommodate at the moment.

It’s also comfortable for some people to sit more than stand if we’re talking about working for long hours. It’s an additional challenge for someone overweight to work on a standing desk vs a regular sitting desk.

Since there are more options available, sitting desks are more affordable. Sitting desks are more ubiquitous and easier to find than standing desks. In terms of design and color, there are also more options for sitting desks if you’re going for a particular look.

For some people who are suffering from certain diseases such as an unhealthy blood pressure, it’s much better if you stick with a sitting desk.

Cons of Using a Sitting Desk

It’s unhealthy to choose a sitting desk because it might lead to you sitting all throughout the day for your desk job. As mentioned above, prolonged sitting may lead to serious health concerns in the long run.

If you want to customize a desk for your personal usage, it’s difficult to do so with a sitting desk. It’s hard to maintain your posture when you can’t customize a desk to one that particularly supports your body. Sitting desks are generally not made to be adjustable or customizable.

The Ideal Working Position

The Ideal Working Position

If you are considering buying a standing desk, you have to be prepared that it might be uncomfortable to use at first. It will take some time for your core muscles to get used to standing longer so the best way to go about it is shifting from sitting to standing positions. You could split the day in half by sitting in the morning and standing up in the afternoon or vice versa.

Since standing up for longer hours could also cause some pain in your feet, you may invest in an anti-fatigue ergonomic mat. It will take care of massaging points in your feet that may be painful.

A Standing Desk You Might Want to Check Out

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Aside from personally improving your health, breathe more meaning into your purchase by choosing the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk from FlexiSpot. Under the One Tree Planted initiative, one tree will be planted on behalf of your name for your purchase. Not only that, the KANA standing desk boasts of a chemical-free production process. It even uses aldehyde-free glue which makes it more eco-friendly.

This desk boasts a carbonized 2H lacquer coating and resists scratches, water, and insects. It has a bamboo desktop that is highly durable, natural, and resistant to daily wear and tear. It offers three Pro desk frame options with a wide adjustable range. The following options are Pro 2-stage, Pro 3-stage (inverted), and Pro 3-stage. It has 2, 3, and 3 leg sections respectively. The pro-2-stage and Pro 3-stage (inverted) both have a weight capacity of 220 pounds while the Pro 3-stage could hold 275 pounds. Its lifting speed is 1.26 inches per second, 1.38, and 1.5 respectively. The height range goes from 22.8” to 50”. It has an advanced dual-motor lifting system that ensures maximum stability at high settings. Improve your work dynamics when you invest in this standing desk.