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Comparing the Fully Jarvis Desk and the FlexiSpot E5 Desk

01 March 2019

One of the most popular standing desks on the market today is the Jarvis desk by Fully, so it would be easy to simply select it because “everybody else does.” But if you dig a little deeper, you might find another that can meet your needs just as well as – or even better than – the Jarvis. Today we’ll aim to help you decide between the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk and the FlexiSpot E5. Let’s compare the two on each attribute you might consider when selecting the perfect standing desk for you.


The E5 desk is one option in the highly customizable line of FlexiSpot electric height adjustable desks. The rectangular desktop (mahogany, black, grey or maple) with grey frame is currently available for a discounted price of $359.99, while the rectangular desktop with black frame is available for $409.99.

The Jarvis desk starts at $399 for the rectangular bamboo desktop with black, silver or white frame (alloy is an extra $20) and bumps up to a $499 base price to add the contour desktop.

Advantage: FlexiSpot

Desktop Size and Shape

The FlexiSpot E5 offers rectangular desktops in sizes 48” x 30”, 55” x 28” (adds $40) and 60” x 30” (adds $50).

The Jarvis desk offers a wider variety of rectangular desktop sizes; however, their standard top size is much smaller at 30” x 27”. Size increase options range from $30 for a 36” x 27” top to $310 for a 78” x 30” top. There is also a contour top option (again, for an extra $100) ranging from a standard 48” x 30” to 72” x 30” for an additional $180.

Advantage: We’ll call it even – the Jarvis offers more options, but there is a cost – while the E5 offers a larger desktop included in the base price.


In our thorough product testing, the E5 started to wobble slightly when it reached 47.5”. But for standing desks without cross support between the two legs (to allow for more human leg room), wobbling generally starts above 43.5” – so FlexiSpot’s E5 offers stability at heights above the industry average.

A product test for the Jarvis desk demonstrated front to back stability up to 45”; however, when testing movement left to right, it started to wobble at only 36”.

Advantage: FlexiSpot

Height Adjustment Range (Without Top)

The E5 adjusts from 24.4” to 49.2”. The Jarvis adjusts from 26.5” to 45.75” for the mid range frame and from 23.75” to 49.25” with the extended range frame.

Advantage: Fully, but barely – and only if you add an extra $20 for the extended range frame.

Sit-Stand Transition Speed

The E5 adjusts at 1.5” per second. The Jarvis adjusts at 1.3” per second with the mid range frame and 1.5” per second with the extended range frame.

Advantage: FlexiSpot, because the speed is included without adding the extended frame.

Ease of Sit-Stand Transition

The E5 comes equipped with an advanced all-in-one keypad with memory function and a reminder alert, while a keypad is not included with the Jarvis.

Advantage: FlexiSpot

Ease of Assembly

The E5 takes about 15 minutes to assemble.

The Jarvis takes about 30 to 90 minutes depending on your level of experience and skill with assembly, with a bit of complication attaching the upper frame to the column.

Advantage: FlexiSpot

Weight Capacity (Inclusive of Top Weights)

The E5 has a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs – measured at every single point on the desktop.

The Jarvis states a 350lb lifting capacity, though this is calculated when items on the desktop are evenly placed.

Advantage: This depends on your set-up. Note whether your desktop load is concentrated or spread out, as this may affect desk function.

Noise Level

The E5 motor noise is listed at 50dBs, which is well within the average range for electric standing desks. The Jarvis motor noise tested higher than average.

Advantage: FlexiSpot

The decision between the Fully Jarvis and the FlexiSpot E5 might depend on your exact desk shape, height and surface organization requirements. But upon objective comparison, the E5 certainly holds its own and offers lots of bang for the buck with all of its included features. For affordability, stability and size, FlexiSpot is tough to beat!