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Comparing the SHW Desk and the FlexiSpot EN1 Desk

13 April 2020

Every day, Google is flooded with such questions as "SHW Desk or FlexiSpot EN1 Desk"?

Why should I choose FlexiSpot EN1 Desk over SHW Desk?

People want to know the best height adjustable desk that meets their professional and personal needs. They want a desk that doesn't only offer a comfortable and smooth transition but also stability. Like you, these people are trying to avoid biting their fingers when considering their desk-buying options.

Chances are, you probably have these types of questions. And you've probably even spent some time on forums, Amazon, and other furniture-shopping websites trying to get answers. The problem is, you keep getting conflicting answers, right?


For example, just pop onto any workplace furniture forum and type this question: comparing the SHW Desk and the FlexiSpot EN1 Desk.

I guarantee that you'll get mixed opinions. Some people will tell you to choose FlexiSpot EN1 Desk because of its Desk top size while others prefer it over SHW Desk because of its different color options. And to make it extra confusing, you might even get a few people telling you SHW Desk is cheaper, even when thesepeople do not consider the extra features of FlexiSpot EN1 Desk.


So you are left to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you are new to buying workstation items online, it's even harder because you don't know who to trust. The truth is, many wannabe workstation reviewers want you to think they know what they are talking about- but they are just as clueless as everyone else. And in some cases, these people are offering downright dangerous advice.

To ensure your satisfaction and perfect buying decision, this article will focus on an objective comparison between two of the most popular height adjustable desks in the industry. As might be expected, our comparison will be based on such factors as height range, weight capacity, color, price, and Desk top size.


Height Adjustment Range (Without Top)

While you worry about adjusting to your desired height, the FlexiSpot EN1 offers new specs for customers as it adjusts from 29" to 48.6". People who bought this Desk expressed their satisfaction as it's a perfect buy for most people in U.S. Unsurprisingly, it also works well for studious and growing children , and its easy adjustment makes it a great catch. The SHW Desk, on the other hand, is one of the smallest height ranges in the industry as it adjusts from 28" to 46" and provides limited adjustment options for buyers. 

Our verdict: FlexiSpot clearly wins in this category.


Weight capacity

Most buyers feel the Desk is sturdy and stable, but SHW desk has a relatively small load capacity of 110 lbs. I recommend weighing your monitors and other sets before using this Desk. With a robust single motor 2-stage frame, FlexiSpot desk allows you to conveniently lower and lift your Desk to support items or load up to 154 lbs.

Our verdict: Since many users prefer to put more items and accessories on their Desk, FlexiSpot wins this category.



If you are looking for an electric height adjustable Desk with competitive cost with additional features and color options, you need to consider FlexiSpot EN1. With fantastic height adjustment, desk top size, and weight capacity, the FlexiSpot EN1 desk ticks many boxes for buyers with various buying factors. These features justify the $329.99 price tag. When you can combine some great features with a beautiful workstation desk, you will also join the league of many satisfied buyers.

If you want an electric desk with a price tag below $300, SHW electric height adjustable desk is your pick. You are getting tremendous value with good memory controller but relatively small desktop size (compared to FlexiSpot EN1).

Winner: For a desk with such amazing features, FlexiSpot EN1 wins. Obviously, with less than $300 price tag, you won't get as many premium features as FlexiSpot's.


Wire management

The grommet holes, which are one of the features of the SHW desk, enable its users to have a clean and organized workstation desk. The pre-installed control box and zip ties add to its competitive advantage over FlexiSpot's lack of wire management.

Our verdict: SHW tops this category.


Color choice

With colors ranging from White and Black to Maple and Mahogany, you can select varieties of futuristic and elegant colors that match your office or home. Conversely, SHW desk only comes in Black and Walnut.


Winner: According to the reviews by users, they choose FlexiSpot EN1 over SHW because of the various colors to choose from. You already know the winner. Yes, FlexiSpot wins the color contest.


Desk top size

Well below $500 and sometimes discounted further, the FlexiSpot EN1 is one of the best value electric height adjustment desks in the market, mainly because of its over-size width of 48" x 30". An additional $30 gives you more choice and allows you to use the 55" x 28" desk top size with any size keyboard, multiple monitors paired with a laptop stand, and extra space for mouse setup and phones. The combination of this feature isn't seen in any product in the market. It is definitely worth buying. The SHW desk, which is available in 47.25" x 24", offers limited desk top size for users. This is one of its compromises.

Winner: FlexiSpot, since you have more options with an additional cost which is well worth it.


No. of Leg Stage

With the two-leg stage, you will experience more excellent stability without adding a crossbar for both SHW desk and FlexiSpot EN1.

Our verdict: We'll call it even