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Creative Ideas for Console Gaming Setup for X-box and PS5

25 April 2022

Considering the long hours gamers spend indoors playing their favorite games or watching game videos, you might think they all have the best gaming stations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Many gamers do not invest in creating a better gaming station because it feels like an unnecessary expense. However, a better gaming setup will significantly improve your gaming experience and keep you playing at your best.

There are several ways of creating a console gaming setup. Ideally, it would help if you went for the setup that best suits your gaming style and gives you the right feel. You’ll still need to get the right furniture and products irrespective of your style.

The first step in creating your new console gaming setup is knowing where to start. And that’s why we’ve put together this article to help you. You’ll learn some creative ideas for your gaming setup as you keep reading.

Best Console Gaming Setup

Choosing the Best Console Gaming Setup

You have first to own a console before creating the perfect console setup. However, there are so many options available -each different offering games- that it becomes somewhat difficult to choose. While some people will decide to buy multiple consoles, not everyone can afford to do that.

When choosing between PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC games, there are several factors to consider. Some of the most important factors are given below:


Let’s face it: gaming consoles are expensive. Although consoles become more affordable as they get older, it is nearly impossible for someone on a budget to find a deal if the console just got released.

And remember that it doesn’t stop at buying a console. You’ll still have to spend on games, controllers, and other gaming accessories. Some consoles come with pre-installed games, but naturally, you will want more games in the future.

Pricewise, an Xbox desk set up and PS5 cost almost the same. Their games also cost the same, except the PS5 digital edition is more expensive than the Xbox series digital edition.

If Xbox and PS5 consoles are way above your budget, you can go for a Nintendo switch which is more affordable. You could even go for the less expensive Nintendo Switch Lite. The games cost almost the same as those of PS5, though.

Gaming PCs cost far less than consoles. Many people prefer to get the components and assemble them themselves, which is also not expensive. You can, however, save money from games by getting a prebuilt gaming PC because it comes with free games and special deals.


The functionality here refers to the features and additional offers a console provides. Features like Bluetooth support and online support make a console more valuable than others.

For example, you get games every month if you pay for PlayStation’s online services. This is one of the reasons most people prefer PlayStation consoles.

But when it comes to functionality, gaming PCs are simply the best. Although they are made for playing games, they also function as regular PC. You can use them for every other purpose like watching videos, working, reading, and downloading programs. You can also customize them and change their components as often as possible.


Like almost every other gadget, consoles don't last forever. You'll enjoy your favorite games for some years, but that often changes once the company releases a new console. They’ll stop making games for the older consoles after a while.

Nintendo Switch is considered the weakest console because it is older than PS5 and Xbox. It will, however, still be around for about four to five years, so you can get it and enjoy the games for the time being. Xbox and PS5 are newer and have a much longer lifespan.

Although PCs are not discontinued, they will have to be regularly updated if you want to keep using them to play new generation games. So, you can go for it as long as you’re willing to get new components from time to time.


This is one factor that cannot be ignored when buying a gaming console. How much you enjoy your console is determined largely by the types and amounts of games it offers. It is natural to want a console with your favorite games, but every console offers you different options.

PlayStation offers some exclusive releases that are not available on Xbox. Therefore, the choice between Xbox and PS5 depends on the exclusive releases you absolutely can’t do without and the ones you can forfeit.

Things are quite different with Nintendo, however. The company has a line-up of unique exclusive releases that gained huge popularity. You can only play games like Pokémon, Zelda, and Mario on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo is also great for multiplayer games that you'll want to enjoy with friends and family.

Here also, gaming PCs stand out. Many people consider all-in-one consoles because they enable you to play games from all companies. You cannot play exclusive games on PCs, but because PCs are not consoles, some companies make their games accessible to PC gamers after some time.

Top Ideas for Gaming Setup

Once you've chosen a gaming console, the next thing is to set up your gaming station. You'll start by getting everything you need for setting up your gaming desk layout. We’ve made a list of some setup ideas and items you can add to create a beautiful and comfortable gaming setup.

Gaming Desk ED01

Ergonomic Products

When most people hear ergonomic products, office workers come to mind first, but ergonomic furniture is not reserved for office workers. Gamers need ergonomic products as much as office workers because they spend most of the day sitting. And prolonged sitting can cause backaches and other physical health problems.

You can avoid these problems by including ergonomic products such as a standing desk and ergonomic chairs in your gaming station set up. There are even ergonomic products specifically designed for gamers.

These products are optimized with features that give maximum support and comfort to gamers. Products such as FlexiSpot’s Ergonomic Gaming Desk GD9E, Gaming Desk ED01, GC02 Gaming Chair, are designed to provide the most comfortable gaming experience.

The Gaming Desk ED01, for example, features a fully covered mouse pad that allows for limitless movement of your mouse while gaming. It is also a sit/stand desk which means you can switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button without pausing your game. This option is ideal for eliminating back problems associated with prolonged sitting.

Ergonomics does not stop at desks and chairs, though. You can also get an ergonomic monitor. This refers to monitors with a high refresh rate and eye saver mode that allows you to play for as long as possible without affecting your eyes.

Cable Trays

Cable Trays

It’s easy to have a mess of tangled wires in your gaming desk set up if you’re not very careful. This is because of the number of cables you have to connect to your console in setting up your gaming station. Cables for your monitor, computer, speakers, console, and every other accessory you use in gaming. This is why you need cable trays.

Cable trays make it easy to keep your gaming desk set up organized. In addition to keeping your setup free from tangled cables, they help prevent accidents when you step on cables or your foot get caught in them.

Cable trays also ensure that you don't lose or confuse your cables. They are a common component of the modern office setup and gaming room setups. Some of them are even specifically designed for gamers.

Mini Freezers

Mini Freezers

What happens when you’re thirsty or hungry in the middle of a game and stop playing to grab water or a snack? Most gamers find this very frustrating. No gamer wants to be interrupted in the middle of a game, not even by natural forces. And this is why a mini-freezer is an essential and functional part of a gaming station setup.

Mini-freezers ensure you enjoy your gaming session uninterrupted by keeping everything you might need within your reach. It gets even better if your setup includes an ergonomic gaming desk with casters, allowing you to move quickly and grab what you need from the freezer without pausing your game.

RGB Lights

RGB Lights

RGB lights are not an essential part of a gaming station setup because you do not need them to play; they, however, give your gaming room a different and more immersive vibe than regular light bulbs. It helps get you into the game.

You have the option of changing colors when you buy smart light bulbs. These bulbs enable you to control the lighting of your game room to create the kind of atmosphere you want per time. These lights optimize your gaming room feel and give you a more immersive gaming experience.

Speakers and Headphones

Speakers and Headphones

When creating an immersive gaming experience, speakers and headphones take the lead. Although monitors provide a decent sound, the gaming experience is nothing compared to what you get while gaming with headphones or speakers.

Whether you're playing an adventure game or horror game, speakers and headphones immerse you in your game's sounds and make it more real and enjoyable. You can even use noise-canceling headphones for a more immersive experience. If you live alone or in an area where you can get away with making all the noise you want, speakers are a great option.

Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors

PC gamers generally prefer dual monitors for their gaming console desk setup because of the many benefits that come with the setup. For example, you can be playing a game on one monitor and watching a video or reading on the other monitor. You’ll find this very useful when you get stuck in one part of the game and need to read a guide or watch a tutorial to get out of it.

Gamers who like to easily switch from one game to another often connect their PC to one monitor and another console. This makes it easy and comfortable for them to switch games when they want to.

Remember that you might need a monitor arm to use a dual monitor effectively. A monitor arm allows you to change the angles of your monitors conveniently and prevents falling.

Final Words

Ideally, gaming should be a fun activity that helps you forget about other things and relax. You must creatively set up your gaming station to provide a comfortable and healthy gaming experience. And although many people don't know it, gamers benefit a lot when they invest in products that create a healthier and more immersive gaming environment.

All of the ideas given above for setting up your console gaming station may not be very useful if you do not have the right products to do the setup. You can find some of these products like ergonomic gaming desks, chairs, and cable trays in Flexispot store.