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Creatives' Diary: Golden Ideas to Make Your Home Office Burst With Creativity

23 December 2021

Designing your home office is work; making the design creatively spicy is more work. An excellent home office should be cozy enough to spend the entire day in an exciting enough to spark your imagination. Therefore, it is important to know how to spark ideas to make your home office burst with creativity. Here are 12 ideas we have painstakingly created to get you started.

Let's begin!

Express Creativity in Organization

Creativity is the key to the door of expression, and you need it everywhere, even in setting up your home office. The way you place every single thing in your home office matters.

How about going for something that's beyond the usual? The goal is to make sure that you're setting up your workspace the way you like it and not necessarily the way convention has made it to be.

Green Brightens Your Horizon

Green Brightens Your Horizon

Greenery-draped walls, succulents on window sills, and potted plants on desks - Imagine this perfect home office scenario! We've also heard much about how beneficial plants are to the air quality in our homes. Still, did you know that they are also beneficial to our brains?

Plants are natural air filters that can add life to your home office the way other items can't. If you don't have enough light for a potted plant, try a few stems of fresh flowers instead. If all else fails, some artificial plants may still create a pleasant and bright environment to behold.

Having some element of green in your home office can greatly help boost productivity and retain attention. People spend more time in biophilic workplaces, and workplace satisfaction increases when natural components are included.

Borrow a Leaf From Your Home Design

Borrow a Leaf From Your Home Design

You'll agree with us that "home" and "home office" have a similarity, and it's the word "home." If the home is a place to be, why don't you borrow what has been set up at home and bring it into your home office?

Is there any design you're in love with at home, a space, color, design, and concept you can't but keep thinking about? Feel free to steal your home and bring it into your office.

Natural Light Kills It Always

Natural Light Kills It Always

Access to natural light is one feature you should always seek in your work environment home. According to a poll published in the Harvard Business Review by an HR advice business, natural illumination has advantages that transcend beyond the tastes of office workers.

Why? It is proven to be beneficial scientifically.

Natural light boosts productivity and happiness. Natural sunshine also aids attention by assisting our bodies in establishing a healthy sleeping routine.

So, endeavor to place your home office as close to a window as possible, ideally one with more light.

Play With Designs

Play With Designs

Play is the chief support of what designers do. Giving space for flexibility is how design problems are solved in fresh ways.

Therefore, playing with designs is the best way to call out the creative designer to proffer a solution to what you have at hand. Amid multiple colors, setup, and design ideas, you'll find something innovative to run with.

It would help if you didn't hesitate to put one and two together and break traditions; run away from generic as much as you can.

Have you fixed your eyes on a particular mixture of color? It's fine; however, don't throw inspiration out the window when it comes to you. You never know. The results could be better than what you have envisioned in your mind.

Be Extra Functional

Be Extra Functional

Anytime any day, functionality beats form. You shouldn't favor form over usefulness when choosing furniture for your home office. Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you well and not the other way around; all these things should all have a purpose.

Consider your work requirements: what information must be at your fingertips, and what technology do you require regularly?

Here are some tips for easier application of functionality:

Choose a desk and storage solution that can accommodate your computer, accessories, filing, books, stationery, and everything else your office wants.
The furniture and style in your room should match the rest of the house's decor.
Before purchasing furniture, think about your workflow and the materials you require at your fingertips, then look for attractive and functional pieces.
Filter off tools that appear to be stylish but have less use and focus on those that carry elements of functionality, relevance, and style.

All Things Bright and colorful

All Things Bright and colorful

Let no one tell you otherwise; you should use colors! Your colors have to be carefully chosen and handpicked. Why? Colors have the power to influence your brain and affect your attitude in your home office. The color you select to liven up your walls will impact your mood and job performance later on.

Research by PubMed revealed that colorful accent lighting is more creative than white accent lighting. Colors that evoke a sense of calm, peace, focus, and nature are highly recommended.

Employees, particularly women, reported feeling unhappy and depressed in plain gray, beige, and white workspaces, according to a University of Texas research. Men were affected similarly, although more so in purple and orange workspaces.

So now you agree, infusing color - the right one, into your environment is a powerful tool for fostering creativity and productivity.

It doesn't have to be a lot; just a little color in your area can excite your brain differently and spark new ideas.

Try it, you'll see!

All Work and No Play Hampers Creativity

All Work and No Play Hampers Creativity

What does play have to do with your creativity and productivity? Might as well say a lot. According to a new study, having fun at work might increase productivity and decrease sick days. Employees may get up and play when they're weary of working on a project or answering emails. These engaging activities aren't just for lunch.

Here are the benefits of including some playtime in your office:

Having some time for play results in a healthier brain function enhances your creativity by giving a chance for proper flow of creative juices.
Getting a little tensed up? You can let out tension and replenish your emotional wells by having fun. The release of endorphins or feel-good neurotransmitters can help decrease anxiety, depression symptoms and also boost positive effects.
Play boosts your productivity. As much as this may sound paradoxical, taking a break from work can help you be more productive. Failure to take these unstructured breaks, on the other hand, could lead to a reduction in your work productivity.

Deal in Mega Post-its

Deal in Mega Post-its

Sticky notes are a vital tool for anyone, whether a student, an entrepreneur or just anyone. It makes our lives easier, more productive, organized, and colorful. Little post-its give you a chance to pen down your thoughts in detail and gather them in a place.

If little notes could do this, how much more mega post-its? These post-it notes might help us remember the vital details we often overlook in our daily routines. A big note nicely covering up a portion of your wall is not just a tool for aesthetics; it also helps to understand the big picture clearly.

It's your go-to log board for putting down ideas, thoughts, and solutions that will move your business forward. Decorate your room, cabinet, or other space with inspirational graphics and miniature art to get your mind working creatively.

Besides, Neon's brilliant hue can create the desired look for a more wacky and imaginative place. All those bright, sparkling colors aren't just for stationery junkies; they are also a great way to categorize and organize your thoughts and plans.

Adequate Space Heals Unproductivity

Adequate Space Heals Unproductivity

Do you know that physical space is just as important as mental space? We yearn for a space to think, process our thoughts and actions, and bring out the best from within. It is, therefore, nothing different from our physical space.

A report on Research Gate from the Journal of Consumer Research says that ceiling height affects how our brains interpret information. It means that higher ceilings equal more space, promoting ideas of freedom and allowing the brain to explore creativity more easily.

Also, as height in terms of ceiling is essential, there's the need to see a free ground space because nobody wants a cluttered home office. Therefore, plan your layout well and keep freedom in mind to allow yourself space to move about.

Adjustable Standing Desk

An Adjustable Standing Desk Is Essential

What's a workplace without a desk for work? Since your home office's center point is your desk, don't neglect the place of aesthetics when choosing one; go for a desk that's large enough to be comfortable working on too.

They are loaded with health benefits: An adjustable standing desk comes with a slew of benefits that can help you succeed at your work faster.

Standing desks are good for your posture, and many people feel that they help them focus better. WebMD highlights some facts in this regard:

Standing burns 88 calories per hour compared to 80 calories when sitting. Walking burns a lot more calories: 210 each hour.
Staff using standing workstations were 45 percent more productive in a survey of contact center employees.

The truth is, sitting for lengthy periods restricts muscles and can cause lower back pain, particularly if you have poor posture; making use of a standing desk helps reduce back pain and improve productivity.

Don't Forget Ergo Chair.

Don't Forget Ergo Chair.

An ergonomic chair provides the best possible support for our human body. It considers important factors such as posture, comfort, support, and health.

Ergonomic office equipment like standing workstations, and supported keyboards, is meant to help employees work more comfortably; an ergonomic chair is not excluded. It would help if you had this ally by your side.

Here are some benefits of having an ergo chair in your home office:

An ergonomic chair can be adjusted to fit your physical needs, regardless of your size, torso length, or natural spine arch.
Ergonomic seats enhance a greater sense of physical and emotional relaxation by making your body type adapt, encouraging better posture, and aiding your focusing ability.
Ergonomic chairs are sculpted to be durable and long-lasting because they are built for lengthy office hours. So you can rest assured that if you invest in an ergonomic chair once, it will save you money for years to come.

Ergonomic chairs are the finest alternative for upgrading your workstation since they combine durability, flexibility, and style.

If you're ready for it, you should know that ergonomic chairs come in several styles and colors to meet your office's interior design and budget.

We're Here

Golden ideas to give you amazing home office design results! We're sure that you now know where to begin your creative setup from. Your home office deserves to reflect you and your genius; we hope this article helped you bring out that genius in you.