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Cycling vs. Vibrating: The Best 15 Minute Fitness Routine

25 July 2021

Stop Doubting; A 15-Minute Routine is a Sure Fat-Burner

Some health advocates would disagree that burning calories and losing excess fat are unachievable in 15 minutes. This is because there are people who need more time to burn fats and calories. Some have higher endurance in keeping their fitness routines longer for 30 minutes and beyond. 

Some might have more time to spend at the gym. On the other hand, how about you that could not squeeze in because of the busy schedule at work. The one who easily gets tired once the exercise exceeds 20 minutes but the one who also needs more time to lose fats and calories. It's pretty difficult to make all ends meet because of these constraints. Thus, Flexispot is here to assist you. 

Flexispot-the home of the best standing desks and ergonomic chairs in the market. You might have seen the cutting-edge sit-stand desks of your colleague, the stand-up desk that your mom purchased, or the ergonomic chair that your friend has ordered online. All these superb quality products are like the fitness equipment that the company creates. 

At Flexispot, all your doubts would be erased and you could prove how your 15-minute fitness routine would be successful (especially once you do this daily) even if you are under pressure. 

Now, the question will be: which of the two Flexispot fitness equipment would you like to have? Is it a desk bike that could let you multitask while working on your report or a Vibration plate that you could stand on and provide you with the whole body vibration but somehow cannot be used during work? When you finally get to the conclusion, you may be able to appreciate the 15-minute fitness routine more and you may believe that even for a short period, you could lose the unwanted fats. So, let us help you get you through that now. 

A Closer Look at the Desk Bikes and Vibration Plate

At Flexispot, all the pieces of equipment they offer to the market are above and beyond the competition. They ensure originality in the concepts and features of the products. As a result, they can provide you with the best ergonomic solutions that you deserve hence the creation of the desk bike and vibration plate. 

At Flexispot, the Desk Bike V9U is an example of equipment that you can use with a standing desk that is height adjustable. Desk bikes like this could serve both as an ergonomic chair (It uses an amazing lifting system that helps you adjust it to the height you desire) and fitness equipment. With its amazing feature, you could do your work and cycle at the same time without losing focus on the project that you need to finish. 

So, the difference of this from the vibration plate is it could let you multitask. However, you could only optimize mostly the leg part unlike with the Vibration Plate. The amazing thing about this is you could still stay active and you could avoid the sedentary activities that tend to put most workers at high health risk these days. 

Second, Desk Bike V9U has an 8-level resistance only. If you compare it to the Vibration plate that could be adjusted up to level 99, we may say that when it comes to the calorie-burning function, we could see a huge difference. However, Desk Bike V9U could still ensure your weight loss because as you continue cycling on a 15-minute basis daily, you can lose calories and could still optimize your upper body. This is because when you bike moderately and at a steady speed, you can use what we call the aerobic metabolism system or the process of accumulating energy from fatty acids or other carb sources. 

What's good about the 8-level resistance of the Desk Bike V9U is you could go at a moderate speed which can help you use glucose in the body efficiently. Remember that once you don't use glucose properly, you might increase the probability of pre-diabetes. Hence, your choice between cycling or whole-body vibration would depend as well on your condition. This is because some individuals need slow and steady pacing during a fitness routine. After all, their blood sugar might spike up. Thus, if this is your case then it's better to choose pieces of equipment like Desk Bike V9U. 

On the other hand, we could also see a lot of advantages in choosing the Vibration Plate. At Flexispot, you may find the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1. This could offer a whole-body vibration that could stimulate blood circulation and enhance metabolism. So, if you look for total stimulation from head to foot then the vibration plate is more effective for you. With this, you may ensure that even for 15 minutes, you can energize yourself and could help you gain strength and flexibility because you just need to stand on this plate, turn on your desired speed level and there goes your total fat burning. On the other hand, what you need to be careful of is if your blood sugar tends to spike up once you do the full-body vibration. This is because when you have conditions such as this, Desk Bike V9U is better for you. However, if you still choose the Exercise Machine VB1 you may do so as long as would be approved by your physician. 

So, now that you know the differences between the Flexispot Desk Bike V9U and Exercise Machine VB1, choosing the right product for your 15-minute workout is easier and could help you healthily lose weight. 

Final Thoughts

Losing weight becomes very challenging these days because of the demands at work and the time that you need to manage well. Hence, the duration of your fitness routine might also be limited. That's why it’s better to choose products that would fit not just your workout needs but would also be suitable for your time availability. So, whatever your choice between the two pieces of equipment would be, they could both be very effective because they are some of the prime products of Flexispot just like the ergonomic chair, standing desk, and stand-up desks.