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Debunking Myths About Caffeine

07 June 2021

Do you love coffee? I am also one of those coffee lovers and I usually take a cup of coffee even during the intense heat of summer. I do not know what it is in a cup of coffee that I miss drinking it every morning. For me, it is habit-forming, and already part of my lifestyle.

In the past I drank as much as four (4) cups a day; one in the morning, two times in the office, and one last during my midnight snack. Although I admit that drinking coffee makes me sleepless most of the time, I still have it regularly because it really makes my day. Just one cup of coffee in the morning as my breakfast makes my day active the whole day.

The reason that I drink coffee in the morning is to make me more awake and to make me move actively because I have to prepare for work and I do not want to be late. I think this is also the reason for most workers trying to prepare everything in the morning so as not to be late for work.

There are many coffee lovers in the world. According to an online article, the top five coffee consuming countries are: 

1. Finland

2. Norway

3. Iceland

4. Denmark

5. Netherlands

It is not surprising because these countries are in Europe and they have a really cold climate. So, they drink a lot of coffee most of the time. In tropical countries, there are also a lot of coffee lovers that coffee shops like Starbucks, which has several branches all over the world, are popular because they already have captive consumers in every country where they have branches. They have also created a coffee culture. Coffee is a part of most people’s lifestyle.

Regarding the ingredients of coffee, some of them are tannin, thiamin, xanthine citric acid, spermine, and caffeine. among others. The most common ingredient of coffee which most of us know is caffeine. Caffeine is usually found in beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolates, energy drinks, and soft drinks. It is a natural stimulant that helps the coffee drinker stay alert and avoids exhaustion.

The more you drink coffee, the more you stay awake but the trouble is when the time comes that you want to sleep already, you just remain awake and can't sleep anymore. I usually stay awake late after work and even if I am very tired, I still can’t sleep. That is the main problem with drinking coffee especially when you drink more than four cups a day.  

Surprisingly, even decaffeinated coffee has 3-12 milligrams of caffeine in it. There are also myths surrounding caffeine that it seems drinking coffee is really bad for you. On the contrary, some of those negative impression about caffeine are just myths such as:

  • Caffeine induces addiction- having caffeine in our coffee may be habitual forming but we can actually control being drawn to it so intensely. Actually, we can snap out of it any time we want to. Although there are some side effects of being cold turkey, we can still manage to reduce our coffee intake until we totally stop consuming it.
  • Caffeine is not good for your heart - There was no relationship between moderate coffee intake and cardiovascular disease as reported based on the study of coffee drinkers (with 10 cups per day). Another study taken by Harvard University found no relationship between drinking coffee and coronary heart disease (retrieved from https://www.bodybuilding.com/).
  • Caffeine produces dehydration - it was found in a study that a 155-pound person can consume 7 cups of coffee a day without having an increase in fluid loss

Decaffeinated coffee has no caffeine in it - it was found that it has caffeine but the amount is close to none.

Looking at the benefits of caffeine in our coffee, it is good to know that it also has some benefits that we could reap from consuming it. There was a report that there was a 13% lower risk of depression among caffeine consumers.  

Another benefit is that when you drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee or more than 3 cups of tea each day may lessen the danger of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.  

In addition, a study was also made that associated drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee that is caffeinated, per day to a 45% if lower danger of suicidal tendencies.

It was also found that consuming caffeine may boost metabolism and also burning fat.

In other words, we can drink coffee as long as it is in moderation, and 4 cups a day is not bad at all. There are different coffee variants that we could choose from to enjoy and savor the taste of a not, steaming coffee. Some people like just black coffee, some want to have sugar and creamer. For me, I prefer my coffee with some sugar and fresh milk combined with some cookies to complement my pleasurable coffee drinking experience.

It is nice to have a tete-a-tete with friends over a cup of coffee. It is fun to have our close friends around and have some good conversations especially with those we do not see most of the time. Having coffee with them is such an exhilarating experience because you miss them and they have many things to share from a sad story to the funniest or awkward experience.  

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