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Debunking Myths: Reclining Ergonomic Office Chairs

19 July 2021

Busting the Myth About Reclining Chairs with Revolutionary Ergo Chairs

Contrary to the belief that all reclining chairs are upholstery products that are way too sensitive and could be easily damaged, there are reclining office chairs made to provide utmost comfort and flexibility without posing many risks of product damage to the chairs. There is a brand that offers ergonomic benefits with its reclining office chairs. Hence, the name Flexispot. 

Flexispot busts the myth on recliners. Most people believe that reclining chairs are made with materials such as polyester fibers that easily get tattered or are too sensitive to temperature changes. At Flexispot, you would benefit from recliners that have top-caliber materials like fine leather which could provide great convenience and would not increase the body temperature.   

These products are revolutionary because when you sit on these chairs, you could enjoy the rocking function at certain angles. At Flexispot, you could lean on a wide backrest of their ergo recliners on angles starting from 90 degrees to 120 degrees.

In particular, these angles are the ones that the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 has. This office ergo chair is considered a big and tall office chair that you could use with a standing desk such as the Modish Standing Desk which is also offered at Flexispot. So, what's the catch with this particular chair? It means, when you adjust on that angle and you need a wider backrest, you could ensure absolute comfort especially when you feel so exhausted. 

This is also beneficial to tall workers who stand around 170cm and above. This is incredibly sturdy as well. It's because the weight capacity of this ergonomic office chair is 400lbs. So, if you're the type of heavy sleeper or the one who likes to lay his back very flat, then the Office Chair 9051 is the best product for you.

They also think that recliners easily get damaged because most have limited weight capacity but with the 400lb-weight limit, the ergo office chair from Flexispot could ensure that even you rock back and forth or do the Lotus sitting position, the metal base would not get damaged. One of the significant parts of the ergo reclining office chair from Flexispot is the rocking pressure adjustor. This is a cylindrical knob that you could tighten or loosen with ease to ensure flexibility and security as you lay your hips flat on the seating area. So, looking at this, one of the myths about recliners is debunked. 

Some claim that recliners are way too heavy to move from one corner of the room to another. The Flexispot ergo recliners could prove it otherwise. This is because the reclining office chair from Flexispot has easy rolling casters that could ensure smooth rolling and moving in the work area. So, if you worry that you would not be able to transfer the big ergo recliner to your workstation, you must not worry at all because the mechanism of the Flexispot recliner offers easy transition. 

There are power recliners that need a certain power source to operate. Yes, it means that using this kind of office chair would limit your space. However, when you choose Flexispot ergo office chair, you would not need an additional power source because the power (figuratively speaking) itself comes within the product. The design and space-saving capacity of this chair could prove that an effective ergo chair does not need to consume extra space or power source. With just the ergonomic energy, Flexispot office chairs could offer you multi-dimensional comfort. This is because, in this company, they ensure that from sit-stand desks to ergonomic chairs, the customer could be protected against potential physical illnesses.

Flexispot revolutionizes the use of ergonomic office chairs with the reclining mechanism. Just like with their stand-up desks, ergonomic office chairs with this feature gives a new face to recliners. At Flexispot, you could save space but experience the best ergonomic solutions in ergo office chairs that have a flexible reclining mechanism. 

On the other hand, most people think that buying reclining office chairs would be a waste of money because they could cost an arm and a leg. They even suggest that instead of buying this piece of equipment, you might as well spend on reclining sofas to save money. With Flexispot ergonomic office chairs, you could spend on high-quality equipment for just less than $100. Yes, there is an available ergonomic office chair that would not break your bank. This is the High Back Office Chair

2191E is flexible because of the angles that you could adjust the chair on and that has reliable lumbar support. So, this is proof that the best reclining mechanisms do not need to break your budget. You could avail of this ergonomic product on a flexible payment term; through Affirm, you could pay this piece of equipment for $17 a month. That's around 8.5% of a $200 saving. With just an affordable budget, you could use a piece of equipment that could give you above and beyond ergonomic protection. The same goes with Flexispot sit-stand desks and office organizers. 

Next, people also think that having an office chair with a reclining mechanism could be a pain in the neck especially once this product is broken. This is because the parts of the products are difficult to find. For products that do not have sturdy and robust parts like the adjustors and tilt tension knob, the case would be like that but if you consider Flexispot ergo office chairs, you could ensure that the parts of the reclining chair would be durable and would not easily get broken unless it's caused by misuse, improper installations or causes that have nothing to do with the workmanship. 

At Flexispot, you can experience absolute customer satisfaction especially when it comes to the product warranty. So, if you would experience a faulty product due to improper workmanship or material, Flexispot can vouch to replace the product at no charge. However, if under circumstances like damages caused by improper use of these products then it would not be covered by the warranty policy of the company. 

So, with all the amazing features of the Flexispot ergo office chairs with reclining mechanism, you could ensure that purchasing a product like these is a practical choice because having a Flexispot ergo product in the office could protect you against further and unexpected expenses.