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Decluttering 101: The Power of Mesh Desk Organizer DO01

15 April 2021

“A place free of slabs and scraps is a place free of scabs”

-Dimitri Freedom

You work the 9-5 job every day. You wake up in the morning feeling dizzy not because of the whiskey you have drunken the last night but with how disorganized your place is. You jumped out of bed 20 minutes before your Zoom meeting. You suddenly realize that the cigarette butts were on the ashtray flowing and you forgot to throw away the paper plate of Tacos you ate last night. It’s a bachelor’s life you thought. You took a quick hot shower and off you go to your workplace at the side of your couch. You still feel uneasy; a little more irritated. Then the Zoom meeting started and ended an hour after yet still you feel the discomfort. You look around your place and the answer to the question that bugs you suddenly pops in to your mind: you got a place so disorganized. Another questions pops in: how could this be a better workplace?

In article ( posted online theymentioned various disadvantages of being disorganized. It was mentioned the following the things that may be an effect of being disorganized. According to the author, having a lot of clutters on your workplace does can mean a sloppy work. Have you observed a fast food crew member? Whenever he makes a burger, what is the first thing that you notice? He carefully places all the ingredients in order. First is the other bun then he puts the juicy patty. He carefully lays the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sometimes pickles, and other fried foods dressed with garlic cheese sauce and ends with the other half bun. Now, imagine the fellow crew member beside him. He hurries up to put the dressing right after the first bun. Then, he adds the other ingredients in a manner that you would lose your appetite. They say burgers are eaten in a messy way, but who would like to eat something that would make you think if the crew member was given a knuckle sandwich by Flor Mayweather the other night that he couldn’t even put the ingredients in an organized manner? The same goes when you move around the workplace. Being messy has severe implications not just on how the place looks like but it also shows effects on how you think and decide.

In the article: The Disadvantages of Being Messy (,the author pointed out the things that may be caused by being messy. First, it could really make your room or place a dumpsite in a house. A lot of hoarders tend to be like that. If you take a closer look on how extreme hoarders act, you’d notice that they keep all the pieces of receipts, paper, old baggy clothes, shoes from multiple thrift shops they have visited thinking that these things might be valuable in the future not knowing that they are harboring a nest for fleas and mites that attract rodents or mice. This is a practice that even in workplace is being done, unintentionally. Look around your work area. How much pile of paper is stacked on the nearest organizer? Are these pieces still needed in your daily operation or should you keep them in a file cabinet? If your answer is no but you keep them near your desk then chances are you’re accumulating garbage, Thus, it’s time to dust off your place and get rid of the pieces of paper. The next thing mentioned was: a messy place equates a messy life. Whenever you work in a place full of folders, small pieces of notes, the donut with a bite and the cup of espresso you forgot to finish drinking that morning, chances are you might resort to a disorganized decision. It affects the mood and the thing is it could make you feel overwhelmed. In an article posted on Jan 13, 2015 (

it talked about a survey which showed that statistically speaking, 54% of Americans were overwhelmed with their clutter and 78% of them had no idea what to do with their clutters. As a result, non-government organizations from Atlanta teamed up to help the citizens turn their trash into cash on the same year. It implied that more people were finding it difficult to get rid of the trash. Looking at what the statistics said, people were overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do with their trash because most probably that affected how they worked around home. And given the situation that most people these days are working from home, chances are more clutters are found in the work area in some houses. Thus, office equipment is being modified and modernized. Such as the ones offered by Flexispot your one-stop shop for all office tools and equipment. With a line of products that will surely help you sort things out in WFH setting. Thus, Mesh Desk Organizer is one of the great offers of Flexispot. A product that is well-rounded because you can easily place it anywhere in the house plus its features really cover all the spaces you need for organizing- from notes to the latest printed copy of your report. You can simply stash these all in the desk organizer without much worries on how to make your nook place and tidy. In fact, in just one product you’ll have a drawer organizer rack and a desktop organizer rack. You’ll really not just save space,

you’ll also be able to save money in having a product for a very reasonable price.

With this product, you don’t have to worry for the clutters blocking your work desk. You just have to put all your necessary files in the racks, dust off the desk a little and off you go with a very organized workplace. Contemplating on the next projects will be more conducive for you and more bright ideas will be created with a clean and tidy work area.