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Design Your Flexispot Standing Desk: DIY Frames, Desktops, And Power Strips

24 May 2022

Flexispot makes the most creative ergonomic furniture. And it prides itself in having creative clients too. The company allows clients to build their furniture using the brand's materials from start to finish.

If you're a lover of DIY furniture or want to freestyle with your furniture, this piece might prove helpful. Here, you'll find a list of Flexispot frames, desktops, power strips, and control panels that you can put together to form your unique desk. So long as your chosen materials have proportionate dimensions, nothing can hold you back from building your custom-made Flexispot height adjustable standing desk.

But first, take a look at a majority of the frames, desktops, and other materials Flexispot has made available for you on the online store:

Home Office Bamboo Desktop

Home Office Bamboo Desktop

When customizing your Flexispot standing desk, you should consider the Home Office Bamboo Desktop. This table top is sourced from 100% eco-friendly bamboo. It's eco-friendly because Flexispot is diligent enough to replace naturally sourced building materials like bamboo as soon as they're cut down. Instead of one, the company plants a couple in its place. Thus environmentalists should have no issues using this desktop.

Still, on the brand's diligence regarding the bamboo desktop, it'd interest you to know that this desktop material is formaldehyde-free. For those who do not know, formaldehyde is a chemical compound often used to produce building materials. When exposed to the skin, it can irritate certain body parts like the nose, eyes, and throat. It could even result in cancer when the exposure is high.

Flexispot has advanced its manufacturing measures, such that tabletop components like bamboo can be made without formaldehyde. So you do not stand the risk of exposure of any kind.

Despite the absence of this chemical, the home office bamboo desktop is still as solid as ever. The 0.75" layered material can support the entire weight of your workstation setup. All you need to do is ensure that the desk is firmly attached to a suitable frame. Try as much as possible to stay within the full desk setup's carrying capacity for long-lasting use.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about molds or pests eating up your wood. The bamboo used in making this desktop was thoroughly designed and dried. Consequently, it eliminates the risk of the desk caking or caving in.

This solid, sturdy and durable desktop material comes in five different sizes: 48", 55", 60", 72" and 78". When placing an order for your tabletop, ensure its size is compatible with the frame you intend to merge it with.

Fiberboard Curved Desktop Only

Fiberboard Curved Desktop Only

The curved desktop only is made of 1" thick medium-density fiber. It's sourced from environmental-friendly fiberboards. And these boards meet the recommended standards set by CARB and EPA.

Unlike most desks' regular sharp edges, this one has a curved design with contoured edges. The curved design makes it easy to sit very close to your desk. The curved design often suits the body curve and gives the wrists some ergonomic relief. This, without a doubt, is true in every regard.

The edges have a smooth and rounded design. They reduce the possibility of sustaining injury or bruises from bumping into the desk. Also, they make the desk safe around children, aged people, and young, carefree persons.

At both upper ends of the desk, you'll find two holes. These are cable management holes that aid better organization of your gadget cords and cables. With these holes, your desk stays arranged, tidy, and neat.

This Fiberboard Curved Desk Only comes in different sizes that you can easily install on any of Flexispot's height adjustable standing desk frames. You'll find the desktop in any of these dimensions: 48"x24", 48"x30", 55"x28", 60"x24", 60"x30". There's also the option of getting the desk in White, Oak, Black, or Brown Wood Grain colors.

Chipboard Rectangular Desktop Only

Chipboard Rectangular Desktop Only

Flexispot always has something for every client. Thus, its tabletop materials extend to the Rectangular Chipboard Desktop.

As the name implies, the product is made from a 1" thick environmentally friendly chipboard. The desk is, as a result, strong, firm, and compatible with any of the company's height adjustable standing desk frames. The surface can hold a monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other personal items. But for additional room, the desk has edges that are a perfect fit for monitor arm attachment.

For safety and an elegant look, the edges of this desktop are rounded. You can order it in various colors, including White, Grey Wood Grain, Black, Special Walnut, Maple Grey, White Wood Grain, Mahogany, Maple, and Graphite.

E4L L-shaped Desk Frame Only

E4L L-shaped Desk Frame Only

The E4L desk frame only works for L-shaped desks. It's only compatible with a desktop that has a main desktop length of 47.2"-78.7", aside desktop length of 51.1"-70.1", and an overall width of 23.6"-31.5". You can build the highly coveted E4L L-shaped standing desk with these desktop dimensions and the frame.

The frame is designed to allow for a reversible panel. The desktops merged with the frame can be reversed to be suitable for both left-handed and right-handed persons. Industrial-grade steel was used in the making of this frame. Thus, the desk is solid enough to handle a 330lbs maximum weight capacity. The frame caters to all your workstation needs with ease at this maximum capacity.

The E4L L-shaped Desk Frame has three legs. And each of the legs is independently powered by a motor. This consequently makes for a triple motor system. The motor supports the frame and whichever desktop is placed on it by providing enhanced stability. It also allows for faster, easier and smoother adjustments.

H1 (Manual) Height Adjustable Desk Frame

H1 (Manual) Height Adjustable Desk Frame

H1 (Manual) Height Adjustable Desk Frame is not your regular height adjustable sit/stand desk. It's similar, but instead of a motor-powered lift and leveling, adjustments are made by a manual crank. The crank shouldn't bother you one bit as it takes very little effort to make the adjustments. It has a smooth foldable design that allows you to bend it under your desk when you're done making height adjustments.

Tall standing desk users will find this desk ideal. And this is due to the desk's wide height adjustment range. Adjustments can be made within 29" to about 48.6". The transitions are smooth across the height ranges, and maximum comfort is guaranteed.

Another feature this desk frame offers is a wide work surface. You can conveniently fit a desktop with a depth of 23.6" to 31.5" and a width of 39.4" to 63" on this frame. That is space wide enough to accommodate a monitor, laptop, and every gadget setup with accessories, documents, and other necessities.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frames: E3L Frame Option

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frames: E3L Frame Option

The E3L Height Adjustable Desk Frame Option gives you an L-shaped desk. But unlike the E4L frame, this frame does not allow for reversible panels. The desktop is fixed, and the only adjustments possible are the height adjustments within the fixed height range.

This frame is made from a stable and reliable construction process. The double steel tubing from which the desk legs are built gives the desk strength and rigidity even at its maximum height. It also has a durable powder coating which makes the desk resistant to stains, scratches, and water.

Like every other Flexispot height adjustable desk and desk frame, the E3L frame has vertical adjustment limits. Thus, this desk can go from as low as 23.6" to as high as 48.4". But that's not all. An additional horizontal adjustment feature allows the desktop to extend from 43.3" to 70.8. This feature creates more work surface area for your gadgets and office supplies.

Furthermore, a cable management system in the form of a space groove is attached to the inside of the frame. This space groove allows you to neatly organize your cables, cords, and power strips.

Power Strip With USB PS12S

Power Strip With USB PS12S

The role cable management plays in every workstation setup cannot be overemphasized. You need to factor in the PS12S Power Strip With USB when customizing your Flexispot standing desk.

Don't let the petite look fool you; this PS12S is a super-efficient power strip. It has a rated current of 15A, which is perfectly safe. Also, it's designed with a 125V rated voltage and a Max power rating of 1875W. The extension strip is powerful enough to charge three gadgets with its three different AC Outlets, a Type A mobile device, and a Type C mobile device.

For convenience's sake, the power strip is manufactured with a cord that's about 6ft long. This makes room for easy connections to far power outlets. In addition, the installation process comes with no hassles. You can attach this power strip to your desk in three (3) steps.

Note that Flexispot's PS12S Powerstrip will only fit into holes with a 2.36" diameter.

LCD Keypads: Premium & Advanced

LCD Keypads: Premium & Advanced

If you're not getting the height adjustable desk frame with the manual crank, then an LCD Keypad Panel is necessary. The latest Flexispot panels are of two types: Premium Keypad and Advanced Keypad.

The Premium Keypad has a LED display and a touch screen panel. There's a USB port embedded at the side of the panel that makes for convenient charging. On the right side of the panel, you'll see four height presets that help you customize height settings. Then on the left side are the up and down height adjustment buttons and child lock feature. This child lock feature keeps the desk safe around kids and pets.

Flexispot's Advanced Keypad, on the other hand, has a LED display and a push-button panel. Other functions include four memory height presets, up and down movement buttons, and a sit-stand alert. One feature that makes this panel different from the other panels is its Anti-collision function. The feature protects your desk from crashing into any object when height adjustments are made.

There's a basic keypad that is often used on standing controllers. While the panel functions nicely, it will not be ideal for a height-adjustable standing desk. The panel only has the up and down movement adjustment buttons. Thus, it's often not available for desks of this kind.


There's no better feeling than sitting at your workstation behind a custom-made desk that you designed yourself. That's the luxury you enjoy with these Flexispot materials. Fortunately, they are pocket-friendly and have the same structural integrity as all other products made by the ergonomic master furniture maker. So why not hurry to the Flexispot online store and start customizing your height adjustable standing desk!