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Home Décor Tips for a Virgo (AKA an Organized Freak)

30 August 2021

The ber months are here! Aside from Christmas just around the corner, the month of September also makes up most of the Virgo season. 

Virgos are often referred to as the control freaks among all the Zodiac signs. Their attention to detail is impeccable as they are obsessed with making everything organized, cleaner, and close to perfection. They are the types who want to have an answer to everything, already thinking of every possible scenario that might happen on their day. 

Virgos are visionaries and hard workers who are overly critical of themselves and always questioning what they could do better to be of help to others. 

Just imagine what a messy space would do with Virgo’s mind. With the help of Flexispot products, we tried to design a workstation that will put every Virgo’s mind at peace—hopefully, even just for a day. We’ll let them do the tweaking if we miss out on anything! 

Designing a Space for Every Virgo aka Organized Freak


UD5M (Esben Standing Desk UD5) 

This height adjustable standing desk can go from 29.5 inches to 49.2 inches high. It comes with a pro-6-button with up and down buttons and four programmable memory presets to easily adjust the height. The desktop size is spacious at 47.2” x 23.6” x 0.7” and comes with four storage shelves, perfect for all Virgos out there always looking for a space to compartmentalize their belongings. It can carry up to 99 pounds of weight and has an anti-collision feature that putting a storage unit under the desktop won’t be a problem. It can also fit two monitors on its upper layer with the keyboard and mouse space just under it. 


EM6M (Motorized Aesthetic Sit-Stand Workstation) 

If the standing desk available doesn’t have shelves like the UD5M, this standing desk converter can quickly upgrade the workstation to Virgo’s liking. First, it has a US-crafted multifunctional design that is sleek and versatile. Comes in white and grey, it can blend with any decor and fit any space. It has a touchscreen control panel to lower or raise the converter according to the user’s height. The X-shaped base and smooth gas spring hovering system ensure its stability at any height. Virgos will definitely delight with the EM6M’s three USB Charging ports and a wireless charging pad. Goodbye to wall outlets and tangled cords that are included in every Virgo’s nightmare. 

The EM6M also has pre-drilled monitor mounting holes if the user wants to install a dual-monitor mount. And that’s not all. This unit may either be used with two storage boxes on both sides, one extended panel pad and one storage box, or two extended panel pads. 


OC3B (Ergonomic Office Chair) 

Stains will most probably freak out every Virgo so this chair made of breathable mesh might be the best solution. It’s easy to clean if any liquid gets spilled over it plus if there’s a dog or a cat in the space, this chair is bite and scratch-free. 

When it comes to features, the OC3B offers reliable ergonomic support and passive lumbar support that releases body pressure. It comes with an adjustable lifting armrest and headrest. It can also be tilted and locked in with its 2-position tiltation locking mechanism. 

*Additional Option: Under Desk Bike V9U

This standing deskmate will help keep every Virgo awake because it encourages exercise while working. It has a whisper-quiet operation so no other person will be disturbed if used in a shared workspace. It also has a height-adjustable seat that has comfortable cushioning. 

Designing a Space for Every Virgo aka Organized Freak


Three-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet 003

A storage unit is probably every Virgo’s best friend. It won’t be a space suitable for a Virgo if every office item is out in the open and not organized in a drawer or cabinet. The 003 from Flexispot has three spacious, pull-out shelves. The file drawers come with an adjustable hanging bar that can hang A4 size, letter size, or legal-size folders. To secure the documents, this unit has three management locks including a master key and a change barrel key. 

Mobile File Cabinet 025 

A Virgo can never have too many storage units in space. This mobile file cabinet has three pull-out layers with a large file drawer and an adjustable pencil tray inside. It accommodates A4 size, letter size, and legal-size documents. It has two front casters with a braking function and one center caster with a preventable tipping feature. The Virgo can easily move this around the office space and reach for anything he or she needs. 

CMP502 (Cable Management Tray)

Tangled cords are not a welcomed visitor in a Virgo space. This cable management tray will store all those cords in one place for an orderly-looking desk. This also comes in handy when protecting cords from pets chewing on them. Pets can now safely play around the desk or under it without cords being within their reach. 

Designing a Space for Every Virgo aka Organized Freak


PS12S (Power Strip with USB)

A Virgo hates not having a solution for every situation so having a power strip ready for extra devices in case anyone needs it would be a perfect office accessory. The PS12S comes with three AC outlets, one USB port, and one Type C-port. The Virgo wouldn’t have to deal with misplaced and mismatched cords with this power strip readily available in the space. 

Lockways Cork Board and Magnetic Dry Erase Board 

Without a doubt, a true Virgo will look for somewhere to write a to-do list. To keep Virgo’s mind at peace, a magnetic dry erase board and cork board may be mounted on the wall so that it’s seen throughout the day. Using the dry erase board, every task in the to-do list can be ticked off right when it’s done. Using the corkboard, every new reminder can be written in a post-it and pinned so that it won’t be forgotten. It helps that Flexispot offers both of these boards with a dimension of 36 by 24 inches that is just the right size for a frantic, organized Virgo. 

Final Thoughts 

We’ll keep this short and simple. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, the bottom line is that the catalog of Flexispot ensures a clean and organized workspace for better work productivity and efficiency.