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Designing a Workstation for an Aquarius in Mind

15 February 2022

Aquarius season is here and it is that time of the year for the humanitarians of the zodiac!

It starts every January 20 and ends on February 18. An air sign, Aquarians are known to be cold, distant, and detached. They are not interested in all kinds of gossip; in fact, they hate small talk and having to please other people. What makes them happy is being able to serve a community and push advocacy that will be for the greater good. They are very independent but also love collaborating with others for the benefit of a cause they believe in.

Since they are very big thinkers, it is usual for an Aquarius to focus on a project and forget about their environment. They probably would spend several hours working on their mission because they would be seeking to contribute to the betterment of their community. Since they tend to become distant in relationships, Aquarians must learn to strike a balance between showing empathy for others and spending time with their loved ones. There are plenty of opportunities for them to grow anywhere—learning, exploring, and discovering new things whether it be at home, in the office, or in a tourist destination.

We designed a workstation with some FlexiSpot products that have the Air sign, human-loving, and independent Aquarius in mind.

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Imagine living in the mind of an Aquarius who always has larger-than-life concepts in mind. They are almost always in overdrive, thinking about the change they could bring about to others with the ideas they have in their heads.

This height-adjustable whiteboard standing desk might just help Aquarians remember all their ideas as they come and go. In between work, they could easily jot down something that’s troubling their minds or an idea that they themselves felt mind-blown about.

With this standing desk, you will have a whole whiteboard desktop surface to write on. It’s 0.7” thick that features a PET high-gloss film, making it easy to remove something written five seconds ago or more. It’s also flippable with five flexible angles: 0/60/70/80/90°, which can be locked into place once the activity for the day is decided. It has an advanced all-in-one keypad with up and down buttons, three memory presets, a sit-stand reminder, and the desired height set-up. Lastly, this desk has four easy-rolling caster wheels that can be moved to any location in the room.

Gaming Chair GC02

Gaming Chair GC02

Aquarians are very independent and need time and space for themselves. They would probably work quietly in a corner all to themselves and focus on their goal for the community they want to help. Their brilliant ideas will most likely be born in a chair tucked in a corner. We want to treat these humanitarians with a gaming chair. This has a high seat that will support the back of its user. Moreover, the backrest is adjustable and can be adjusted between 90 and 135 degrees. It also supports the neck for more comfort. This chair is made of high-quality PU leather that is guaranteed to be durable and comfortable. Its thick seat cushion is something that will sell this chair for Aquarians, for sure!

Galaxy Light Projector 001

Galaxy Light Projector 001

The curious mind of an Aquarian is probably as big as the galaxy. They would most likely entertain big ideas while having a ceiling or wall filled with fluorescent stars, clouds, moons, and ocean waves.

FlexiSpot has a 3-in-1 galaxy projector that is integrated with a nebula moon. The lights will be projected on any area of the room that gives this atmosphere experience. What’s interesting is that the night’s color will always change with this projector. It covers a wide area of the room even though it’s small and portable. It can rotate up to 360 degrees and could be adjusted to 120 degrees. Moreover, this comes with a built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker that will make it a more pleasurable experience for an Aquarian.

We like to add this to the workstation of an Aquarian to encourage them to think bigger and go as far as the galaxy could take them. They could use this as a breather when projects get overwhelming and they need a break.

Under Desk Treadmill 08, 2.5HP

Under Desk Treadmill 08, 2.5HP

It would help if an Aquarius can get some workouts done while thinking about big ideas and updates on her movements worldwide.

An under desk exercise equipment might just do the trick to help them focus at work while also having the time for their colleagues. FlexiSpot has multiple desk bikes and folding treadmills as options including the Under Desk Treadmill 08, 2.5HP. We think it’s a great choice for Aquarians to stay active and work on their health while they develop plans for communities they want to help.

They would also love this treadmill as you get connected to others using the app, giving Aquarians a sense of community. The fitness data can be monitored by others, maybe a workout buddy or a fellow fitness enthusiast met, and everyone could have fun hyping one another up. The phone can act as a remote control too to adjust the running speed, mode, and program. What’s more, is that it’s portable and thin—its 15” x 41.3” large-area rubber running belt is shock-absorbing, non-slip, and foldable. The motor boasts a 2.5HP low noise performance that won’t have an Aquarian being disturbed by people-pleasers in a room. Lastly, its SLIM or multifunctional display screen would track time, calorie, speed, distance, and steps for an Aquarius to monitor progress and see growth. For an extra challenge, the speed can be played from 0.5 to 4 mph.

We chose this product as well for an Aquarian who tends to forget about their environment. When you work out while working, you stay alert and more aware of your surroundings even though you are also hyperfocused on your task.