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Difference in Strength Training Between Men and Women

27 April 2021

The general consensus is that men are stronger than women. Hence, strength training is easier for men than women. However, study has shown that there are major biological differences in the genders that one of each has an edge over the other. Let's start with men. Men in general have a higher mass and weight hence they would generate more strength quickly. They also have bigger muscle fibers and some through training or genetics, just have slightly more muscle fibers than average. Men are also shown to have a smaller window in the relaxation period after muscle contractions. This is important because during this time the contractile proteins break bonds and rebond at another point thus shortening the muscle fiber.  So when this period is shorter, the generation of strength from the muscles is also as quick. 

The distinctive difference in the performance between male and female in strength training between the two genders are mostly  found in the size and body composition, but not the biological sex itself. If men are generally more inclined to perform better at training that makes use of speed and strength, women outperform men in endurance exercises. This is because the female body is highly reliant on aerobic metabolism that enables them to burn more fat for body fuel and perform better in endurance sports. 

Our body is reliant on two types of metabolism during bouts of exercise and training. It does this to fuel the muscles. One of which is Aerobic metabolism wherein the body breaks down carbohydrates, amino acids and fats in the presence of oxygen. Its general function is to be used in activities where sustained effort is required. Examples of this type of exercise are walking, running, rowing and even cycling. The other type of metabolism is Anaerobic, wherein fuel for the body is created in the absence of oxygen. This occurs in exercises or activities that need spurts of activity like sprinting when running or cycling and weightlifting.  

As for the time difference spent for recovery in training between the two genders, there is no conclusive evidence that suggests a high disparity between the two. However, there are variables in the study that emphasize their differences and both have an edge over the other. According to a study, men tend to recover better in moderate volume of repetitions and moderate to high intensity workouts. While women tend to recover better in both high volume and high intensity. However, the study has yet to find a conclusive reason for these observations. One reason that the researchers suggest is the amount of estrogen in the female body. Estrogen helps in repairing injuries to the muscles, thus any activities that induces a huge amount of damage to muscles might be in favor for women. Another theory is that men also are more apt to inflammation and muscle damage that causes that inflammation during strength training.

The kind of muscle fibers in our body is the same for both genders, so there is no need to train differently. One has the edge of the other in some ways, but it is a good idea to train where you can still improve. Both genders are naturally inclined to lose five pounds of muscle every decade. However, since men have more muscle mass this loss is more prominent in women. They also have thicker and larger skeletal systems that make the decline in muscles slower in men. Strength training then, would be a great recommendation for women as they age more so than men. Not only will strength training prevent decline in muscles, it also acts as a support for stronger bones and quicker metabolism, a great physique, improved balance and better immunity against certain diseases. 

The most convenient and more popular form of strength training is the use of dumbbells. However, correct form is needed to maximize the positive effects of the exercise and also to prevent injuries. You can start with a 5 pound one and work up your way to 15 pounds or more. After warming up, here are some ways you can train by the use of dumbbells:

1. Lateral raise. Stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent. After that, bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle with your dumbbell adjacent your waist. This is the starting position of the lateral raise. Next, use your shoulders to pull your arms up and out to the sides. Repeat this 10 to 12 times, rest for about 30 seconds then repeat. This exercise will strengthen your shoulders.

2. Side lunge. With your feet together with dumbbells on your sides, step to your left with your toes outward and tip your hips back while bending your left knee. Lower your hips to the floor, with your knees in alignment with your toes. You can reverse the movement and pull yourself back to standing position. You may do 12 repetitions of this, rest for 30 seconds and repeat. This exercise will improve your glutes and the rest of your lower body.

3. Reverse fly. Push your hips backward, knees bent and lower your chest to the floor. With the torso parallel to the ground, squeeze your shoulder blades together and bend your elbows in a bowed position as you lift your arms with the dumbbells on your hand. When the dumbbells are of chest height, go back to the starting position. You may repeat this 10-12 times, rest 30 seconds then do another set. This exercise will strengthen your back and shoulders.

You can do this anywhere, while you are on vacation, at the office or at home. It's not even necessary to go to the gym just to strength train, but it does help with a fitness coach to guide you with proper posture. If you opt to just stay at home and do it anytime on your convenience, you can choose to use the Flexispot Adjustable Dumbbell LCL. You can opt to adjust the weight of your dumbbells as you work your way up to higher weights. This wonderful workout system is adjustable , non-slip and ergonomic.So it is safe and comfortable to use. The sturdy cast iron material ensures a lifetime performance  while it makes your body physically fit and well.